Posted: July 27, 2011 by LBC in NFL
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I know you all are excited about the upcoming football season. Let’s take the time to thank the NFL and NFLPA for the greatest thing to happen to football thus far, THE LOCKOUT!!!!!! That’s right folks “The Lockout” will do nothing but make the NFL more money, and make this the most watched sport this year. No I am not delirious; this lockout did everything it needed to do. You wonder why I say this? Here is why. As the old saying goes “You never know what you have until its gone”. Football was gone for 136 days, which in reality didn’t mean much because nothing would have been happening honestly over those days. The thought of no football had us scared, sad, and lost of what we would do without football. As the deadline approached when the players did not immediately ratify the CBA, and the Hall of Fame game was cancelled, reality struck. What would we do without Sunday NFL Countdown, C’mon Man, Chris Berman famous “and he could go all…..”, and all are beloved football shows? Let’s look at what the lockout has done so far. It has decreased everyone’s work productivity as we try to stay on top of every roster change that seems to happen every 15 minutes. It has the whole world especially with social media doing nothing but watching ESPN, NFL Network, and refreshing twitter every 5 seconds. Any true football fan is loving all this action right now. I for one have a renewed passion for my favorite game so much that I have Direct TV NFL Sunday Ticket and Verizon NFL Redzone in my house so I never miss anything. So to the NFL, NFLPA, NFL marketing team I want to congratulate you on the best marketing technique I have ever seen.


Shoutout to my boy Richan on his “Conspiracy Theory”


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