Posted: July 27, 2011 by LBC in NFL
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Congratulations, NFL. You got your stuff together. You finally had a light go off in your head that 9 billion dollars and a massive, savagely addictive fanbase was something your pride shouldnt get in the way of. Thank you. You almost had people considering *gasp*……going to church on Sundays. (SN: Im doing Saturday Night Service. Shoutout to First Baptist Church of Glenarden for understanding the gridiron struggle)

But now that football is here, lets get down to the Super Bowl picks. My comrade LeBron believes the Packers are going to repeat this year. The fact is, the Super Bowl champ will come from the NFC North. Except the team will be the Chicago Bears.

Thats right. The Jay Cutler-led Chicago Bears.

“But its a quarterback league, how can Cutler lead any team to the promised land?”

Well, two things about that. Its ALWAYS been a quarterbacks league since they invented the forward pass, and the Bears arent necessarily led by Cutler, they’re led by their defense. We’ve also seen far more inferior quarterbacks in the past ten years than Jay Cutler (Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson,Eli Manning, Jake Delhomme)  get to the Super Bowl. I mean, seriously, this is the same Bears team that got to the Super Bowl with REX GROSSMAN. I think my man Cutler will rebound this year and make a much needed difference in the passing game. He has a very underrated running back combo with Matt Forte and Chester Taylor, and Greg Olsen is a playmaker at TE. That, and there aint no WAY the Bears will not address their wide reciever woes in free agency. Santonio Holmes, Sidney Rice, Braylon Edwards, Randy Moss, SOMEBODY. I just need to make sure that “Devin Hester”, “Johnny Knox” and “no. 1 Receiver” are never seen in the same sentence again for eternity.

The Bears addressed their offensive lines woes in the draft this year, and Stephen Paea should be a good fit to fill Tommie Harris’ vacated DT position. Thats a big body up front that’ll free up Brian Urlacher to have another big year.

Biggest reason I think they can make to Indianapolis this year? They on 3 separate occasions made the league’s most explosive offense look common. Yes, im talking about the Packers, and while I do understand they’re division rivals, that shouldnt take away from what the Bears did.  17,10,21. These are the amount of points the Green Bay Packers scored each time they played the Bears last year. As crazy as it may seem, the Bears are the only team to have figured them out, and that bodes well on a confidence standpoint.

Plus, I think Chicago is due a ‘chip, since the city was let down by that basketball team up there.



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