Football Back!!! Football Back!!!!!!! Who Will Dance in 2012?

Posted: July 27, 2011 by LBC in NFL
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The NFC is very open this year with only one clear front runner being the Packers. The Packers will be this year’s Champs again.

1. The Packers were a team last year that was plagued by key injuries to their starters but still won the superbowl. You need a versatile talented offense, and a defense that that tackles and ball hawks creating turnovers like no other. The Packers last year produced 32 turnovers, and was  #2 in what is the most important stat points given up per game. They only gave up 15pts a game behind the Steelers who gave up 14.5, but we saw Packers can put up points on that so called “Steel-Curtain” defense. The packers have arguably one of the best secondaries in the league which is led by future HOF Charles Woodson. Then with that Psycho 3-4 defense they run led by the phenom, Clay Matthews, and with Raji at the nose that defense will be sure to be in the top 3 this year again.

2. The Packers will be HEALTHY!!!!! A number of key players will be back this season. They are bringing back a running game so Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need to be the leading rusher for a few weeks anymore lol.

3. The packers are being led by Aaron Rodgers top 3 QB’s in the league right now. Congrats Pack you will need to get past my Cowboys to get to the dance but you are my NFC Superbowl pick.

Now for my AFC pick which to me isn’t as clear as the NFC. With teams like the Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, which could possibly be winners let’s not forget about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots. These guys always find a way to win with what they have, but in addition to have one of the best coaches and the best QB. They definitely upgraded their team with this years’ draft. Especially with their top picks Nate Solder (OT) from Colorado, and Dowling (CB) from Virginia. The Patriots also made additions to their running game, and good additions to their defense as well. With Belichick coaching these players they have the potential to be great. The Patriots last season led the AFC with 32.4 pts per game and had the 4Th overall defense in pts given up per game in the AFC. With the lockout ending late and not much time before the season begins have the veteran Tom Brady leading your offense always puts you at an advantage. Belichick and his defensive background can easily get his defensive into position where they can succeed. So I expect to see the New Patriots hold the trophy as AFC Champs.

SuperBowl pick for the 2012 The Green Bay Packers will repeat.


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