Haynesworth…Need I Say More?!?!

Posted: July 28, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

This morning I was awaken to the news that the most unproductive $100 million cow was exported to the New England Patriots.  Of course, this cow I’m referring to is Albert Haynesworth, whom for years I have referred to as a big fat piece of steak, simply because that’s what he reminds me of.  But at this short but very long 2 years comes to a close, with the Redskins already giving (not earning) him over $25M of that deal in these 2 seasons with the Redskins.

But let’s take a step back, because I can’t be reluctant not to blame the Redskins organization in this matter.  In hindsight, please read Yannick’s post entitled “Where Did We Go Wrong” because once again, this organization hurt themselves.

In the summer of 2009, Albert Haynesworth was the biggest (literally) Free Agent on the market.  The Titans who was his previous team gave him super size value meal at McDonald’s compared to the all-you-can-eat buffet that was offered by the Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (offered nearly $120M), but Haynesworth told the waiter to hold the bread and salad, and went for the main course and took the Redskins lower deal to be part of a larger fan base and market (I personally think he realized that the Golden Corral is right down the street from FedEx Field).

But with all that said, Albert had one major demand during his Free Agency…he only wanted to play in a 4-3 base defense.  That was his only requirement and of course at the time, the Redskins ran the type of defense he was looking to play in.  Well, his first year was plagued by injuries, which slowed him for much of the season, in which was highly due to his weight.  He managed the play 12 games that season and we could see flashes of his dominance.  With all that considered, fan expected big things the following seasons from Albert as the team had a top ranked defense, but was poorly coached behind the bingo player calling coach we had at that time.

Although, Albert clashed with then Defensive Coordinator Greg Blatche, many thought with a new coaching team in place led by Mike Shannahan, he was going to make this team better and stronger, but one problem began to surface, Shannahan hired Jim Haslett as their new Defensive Coordinator, who ran a 3-4 base defense.  The defense that Albert felt would cut his career short and not all the pork he has been eating during the off-season.  This started the offseason frenzy of course.  The Redskins who were a top defense in the league drastically changed their defensive scheme and player personnel.  A scheme that really wasn’t broken in the previous years as the defense is what typically kept the team afloat in the league despite their team record.  But all the players brought into Haslett’s system…well, all of them except for Albert of course!

Then the circus of AlbertGate began at the start of training camp in 2010.  Albert missed all minicamps and off-season workouts and when he finally decided to report to training camp it looked as if he opened Golden Corral in his own home.  He reported to camp overweight and not in shape and was required to pass a fitness test before he could begin practicing.  If my memory serves me correct, it took nearly 2 weeks for Albert to pass the test and begin practicing, but by that time he was already behind and lost many reps at his position.  All of this training camp turmoil transferred to the regular season, where Albert was not effective in the scheme and up field rush.  He was typically used in 3rd down pass rush situations and looked uninterested in the game.

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After only appearing in 8 games for the season, Albert was suspended for the rest of the season in early December.  At this point we knew this was the final stop.  Albert had been a cancer to this organization and the locker-room. But the blame shouldn’t be placed be solely placed on Albert.  Management had their hand in on this situation.  Management had opportunities to trade him, but instead they decided to make him work for the money they had given to him and when that didn’t work they sat him out for the rest of the season, which in return hurt his pockets considering the financial situation he was in where he wasn’t able to afford the staff in his home based Golden Corral.

Despite his off field issues, Albert is in financial situations with creditors as well, but that’s not related to the sports aspect of this report.  This is about mis-management of players by an organization that has a history of destroying their team based on personnel decisions (i.e. Jeff George J).  At the end of the day, Albert has been traded to the New England Patriots and will play for Bill Belichick.  Belichick has been known to be a player’s coach and has had experience in the past with getting trouble players to play for him.  This is a good fit for Albert, because like Shannahan, Belichick will not allow Albert to run him down.  Only difference is, Belichick will cut you in a minute and leave Albert on the streets with a brown paper bag lunch with a Capri Sun and PB&J.

How Belichick plans to use Albert is not know right now, but the Patriots themselves run a 3-4 defense, so once again Albert is going to have to suck up his pride and earn the money he is getting paid.  At the same time, Albert is lucky to have been traded and not released because his contract is still guaranteed, whereas had he been released all that money would have been down the drain.  But with 4 years remaining on Albert’s deal, expect the Patriots to get the most out of Albert for the next 2 years and then expect him to get dumped like other former Patriots in years past.

Best of luck Albert and I did a little research for you…there is an Old Country Buffet 6 miles from Gillette Stadium!  Here is the link w/ directions!

  1. renzreport says:

    Upon further research, the Redskins paid over $35M over 2 the past years of the contract. They were smart about this payment schedule as they paid a bulk of the $100M contract upfront and pro-rated the signing bonus up into those 2 years. Furthermore, they were able to trade Albert AND avoid no cap penalties since the signing bonus was paid off (smart move).

    On the other hand, this is a low risk trade for the Patriots since Albert will be paid $5.4M this year and $6.7M next year with NONE of it being guaranteed. As expected, expect this union with the Patriots to last no longer than the next 2 years.

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