The Bit**a@@ness of Carson Palmer

Posted: July 28, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL
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Son…now those who know me know that I don’t use this kind of language, but seriously…I think Carson Palmer is being a “female dog” right now…Seriously!  Ok cool, we understand that you hate the Cincinnati Bengals management and the organization, but to say you will retire if you’re not traded!

Yes we know you have your millions in off shore accounts, but what about that joy and love for the game.  Take the business and political aspect out of it.  Just go out on that field and leave all the business and crap to your agent and let the fun of the game come out of you with your coaches and players out on the field. Granted you probably hate your coach and your star WR…

Maybe you’re thinking about risking your body again (relating back to Knee injury obtained years ago that hurt your team’s SB chances late in the playoffs) or you’re thinking about how purposely put Chad Johnson’s career in danger w/ your irate passes up the middle of the field.

Regardless, put on the pads, play the game you love and take your check at the end of the week.  That’s all I ask for!  Because many would love to be in your position with years left in your career.  Eventually, by going out on the field, management will hear your plea and it will even float down to your locker-room that you don’t want to be there…but just try their hand, cause right now your owner is calling you off by saying go eat dog poop and enjoy your retirement!

Unlike Skip Bayless, I’m not giving you the pass based on your team management.  I’m holding you accountable just as the media has held others in past accountable…so stop all your bit**a@@ness by demanding a trade and just turn in your retirement papers son!

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