Unproven QB Available: Bring all high bids!

Posted: July 28, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

Official news just broke of the Kevin Kolb trade to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for Dominique Rodger-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick in the 2012 draft.  First off, I have to applaud the Eagles management on how they have handled their QB situation over the past 3 years.

It all started 3 years ago when Michael Vick was released from jail and Donovan McNabb went out and invited another woman to cook in his kitchen (mistake #32352098).  Vick joins the team as their Wildcat option, all while Andy Reid sits on the sidelines evaluating his team from the sidelines while eating a subway cold cut (trying to be inspired by that Jerry dude to lose some weight) he realizes that McNabb is fat, sloppy, out-of-shape and throws the best grounders to receivers than Ryan Howard (1st baseman for Phillies) in between innings to warm up infielders.  But then, out of nowhere, Andy realizes he has a hidden gem in Kevin Kolb.

The following offseason Andy says, forget this, I’m going to trade McNabb and management supports his efforts and in return they get a 2nd rounder (and another mid-round pick the following year) from the Redskins.  To Redskins fans, this is a steal, to Eagles fans, they’re wondering what did we just do…all while Andy sits around smirking, realizing what he just did to his divisional rival-in giving them McNabb.

It all ended fast for Kolb as a starter though.  One concussion lead to Michael Vick running like he saw a ghost of one those dogs he killed running after him (SN: no disrespect Lassy, cause I love animals).  From that point on, all Kolb could do is sit on the sidelines and look less than the high-profile QB I personally never thought he would pan out to be.

So this off-season comes around and bam, the Eagles trade Kolb…wow, we never saw this come!…Not so the case!  So here we have it, 3 seasons, 4 starting QBs and in return the Eagles are left with 1 elite all-pro QB by the name of Michael Vick, a 2 rounder in 2010 (via McNabb trade), a 2 rounder in 2012 (via Kolb trade) and Rodger-Cromartie who is young and athletic ball hog.

As long as Vick’s return doesn’t lead him to being a 1 season wonder, which is highly unlikely, we can already tell who the winning organization in turning over QBs, now let’s just see if these efforts can translate to an appearance in a SB.


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