Where Did We Go Wrong

Posted: July 28, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL
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I bleed burgundy and gold y’all. I’m the one that gets laughed at when Albert Haynesworthless, cardiovascular endurance, and bingo calling gets brought up in conversation. I sit there and take it, because I believe the glory days of the 1980’s will come back again some day and I want to say I was there for the bad times to enjoy the good. But I can’t help but look back on what has happened to my beloved franchise from January 26, 1992 to the present day. On my trip through these past 20 years of mediocrity, I can’t help but place all of my frustration on one man who has murdered other franchises with his self-centeredness, lack of leadership, piss-poor preparation and general lack of caring…

Jeff George.

I know that there are others that can hold a lionshare of the blame, but I feel Jeff George is the representation of all that is terrible with the Redskins.  Bear with me as I go through this awful tale. In 1993, Joe Gibbs retired, the first time. The Skins struggled to rebuild their franchise with awful coaches (Richie Petitbon) and awful draft picks (Heath Shuler, Desmond Howard) which set our franchise back for many years. But we trudged along to .500 records and missing the playoffs by a game or two. The fans could tolerate it; our trophies weren’t dusty yet, and you could see a team being built.

After suffering through Gus “Hang Banger Ball” Frerotte and other no-name QBs in the mid-90s, we finally brought in Brad Johnson for the 1999 season. Never a flashy QB, he was competent and could lead a team to the playoffs. We had Stephen Davis, a RB in the mold of the great John Riggins. Michael Westbrook and Albert Connell could go deep every play. We actually had a shot. Our defense was horrible; but they didn’t give up points. With our 2nd ranked offense, we scrapped our way to 10-6, won the division (the only division title in the era of Skins Sucktitude), mollywhopped the Lions in our only home playoff game, and IMO, would have beat the Bucs if it weren’t for a botched field goal.

Things were looking up. We had a good framework of players. We had the 2nd and 3rd pick in the NFL Draft and drafted two studs. But our biggest acquisition was getting Daniel Snyder to be our owner. We finally had some who would send money on players and equipment to get us over the top. Too bad that over the top meant over the cliff to the depths of irrelevancy hell for Skins fans.

Snyder spent away that offseason; too bad it was waste spending. He got Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Mark Carrier, and Adrian Murrell. All overpaid. All over-the-hill. But the one that grinds my gears and is the icon of this miserable era is the one Jeffery Scott George. If you don’t remember this turd, he was the #1 pick in the 1990 draft. He could make any throw with his cannon arm. But he pissed teammates off with his lack of…just being good. He bickered with coaches, teammates, and fans. He said leadership was overrated. He was pretty much a sorry quarterback. This was the guy the Skins brought in for the 2000 season, even though the starter the year before took you to the playoffs and he was only 31 years old!!! The only reason the Skins got him was to keep him away from the Bucs. Are you kidding me???

The tipping point of that god-awful season was the god-awful home game against the Giants in December. It was easily a game out of 1938…inept offense, terrible field conditions, terrible game. Brad Johnson, his confidence shaken all season looking over his shoulder at Furious George, was yanked in favor of the Redskins savior, even though we were only down 9-0. But of course, Mr. George could not lead our Skins to a comeback. The dominos fell from there. Snyder fired Coach Norv Turner (even though the team was only 7-6) and of course we didn’t make the playoffs. George went 1-5 as a starter and was cut the next season after the 2nd game of the season. He never played again. The Skins haven’t won a division title since, and have over-achieved to make the playoffs 2 times in 10 years. They had other terrible drafts and free agent signings in that time span as well. What is it that they say about the definition of insanity?

I was listening to L.T.D.’s “Where Did We Go Wrong” and was inspired to write this point about my beloved Washington Redskins. In one line, the lovers plead with each other to fix the problem they have. So Redskins, lets fix our problems. Let’s end the era of overpaying free agents, especially the one’s that are about to collect social security. Let’s get back to the 1980’s Skins; tough defense, hard-nosed runs, and precision passing. Let’s build our team with scouting and drafting. We definitely have gone real wrong these last two decades, maybe this year we can start to fix it.


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