So How ‘Bout Them Jets

Posted: July 29, 2011 by LBC in NFL


Variations of this statement were exclaimed all through our great nation this week. From the streets of  Boston to the rolling hills of Kansas. From the rainy parking lots in Seattle to the sunshine and smooth sailing of South Beach. We can finally get back to talking about trades, signings, and training camp performances. This is in welcomed contrast to the previous months of Billionaires vs. Millionaires. One team that everyone has their eye on is the New York Jets. No longer operating as the shadow team in NY, they are going for it. As their coach says (every year) “Its Super Bowl or Bust”

The New York Jets, or the Screamin’ Rex Ryans’ as I like to call them, have been making very critical roster moves over the last 3 days. It all started with the re-signing of Santonio “Pop Bottles” Holmes putting his John Hancock on brand spanking new five years $50 million contract with $24 million guaranteed. So what does this mean. First, The Jets value Holmes WAY more than Braylon “I like to fight Lebrons’ friends” Edwards. The amount and length of the contract will prove to be the death knell of  Braylons’ time in Green and White. Look on the brightside, now Mark Sanchez doesn’t have to worry about dropped wide open passes. Second, the Jets plan on letting Mark Sanchez open up the playbook even more. In order for that to happen, he needs his security blanket in one Mr. Holmes.

Now we get to the fun part. The possibility of Nnamdi Asomugha and Darelle Revis on the same team.

These two stars are widely considered to be the best cover corners in the National Football League. The implications of having not one shut down corner, but TWO is scary in thought and on paper. “Revis Island” and “Asomugha Estuary” are two places that do not have very many visitors, and the unlucky few ( largely over rated recievers) who do visit never seem to have rave reviews. I believe that the best part of these two pairing up is the potential for nicknames. I should probably trademark this, but I’m going to call them “The No Fly Zone”. Not to mention, they would single handedly become every defensive coordinators worst nightmare.

Ok, enough salivating. Lets talk about what the Jets really need, as opposed to their need of grabbing the back cover of the New York Post.

The Jets are definitely a talented team. From top to bottom and both sides of the ball GM Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan have put together a great cast of stars and role players. This being said, there are certainly a few issues of concern. Most of said issues revolve around their proclaimed defense, led by Mr. “Can’t Wait” himself Bart Scott.

Rex Ryan has long been considered one of the best defensive minds in the game. From his years crafting the vaunted Ravens defense to his two years with the Jets, Rex’s defenses have been amongst the top in every category. This being said there are some troubling gaps in this particular team. First, the linebacker core. Bart Scott and rising star David Harris needed a lot of help. With half of the secondary being shutdown thanks to one Darelle Revis, opposing teams decided to pick the Jets apart underneath. After seeing Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker abuse the Jets back  7, one would think that they would try to shore up this area. This is why the proposed Asomugha signing is slightly confusingand downright ill advised.

Ok, I get it. The possiblity to have the ” No FLy Zone” in effect sounds like the best thing since sliced bread and codine but lets stop and think. This is a classic example of a overzealous first time coach getting giddy because he can get that second gallon of Breyers French Vanilla at Costco all the while, forgetting to pay his electric bill. The sooner that Rex realizes that his exotic blitz packages are worth next to nothing if the quarterback and can just three step drop and toss it right over the line. Speaking of the line, the Jets are in DESPERATE need of a pass rusher. They missed out on Julius Peppers, Shaun Ellis is one snap away from being AARP eligible, and Jason Taylor was more disappointing than Jay Leno at a poetry jam. Rex had to resort to making his rag tag DLine run a lot of misdirection and exotic twist to cover up the fact they really had no one that could notbeat a tackle or guard one on one.

The Jets are certainly one of the teams to watch going forward. A young stud of a quarterback, fiery head coach, rejuvenated fanbase, and dedicated ownership are key ingredients to rebuilding one the leagues historic franchises. The moves that are made in the next week or so will likely prove helpful or poisonous to the upward momentum that is oh so difficult and elusive in pro athletics. Not to sound like a pessimist but the likelihood of the Jets winning the Super Bowl this year equals that of Bruce Pearl heading the NCAA Comission on Sanctions, but this doesn’t mean that they will not continue to be in the mix and eventually become a favorite. My greatest fear for “Gang Green” is that they will get in their own way. Then they will have nobody to blame but themselves.


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