The Definition of Insanity

Posted: July 30, 2011 by arayegee in NBA

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We’ve heard this before, and as simple as it may seem, it is profound beyond measure. This idea, for some reason or another, seems to escape the minds of those who sit in the front offices of pro basketball teams.

*sigh another lockout story*….no, wrong pro basketball franchise. Im referring to the other basketball franchise currently getting lockout-style TV ratings. Ladies and gentleman, the definition of insanity is the WNBA. I dont want this to come off as a woman bashing article because it isn’t. The athletes in the WNBA are some of the best in the world, and the carnage the US Women’s basketball team dispenses in merciless form in international competition is proof of that. I see women’s basketball as a sport, one which is needed on God’s green earth. That being said, professional women’s basketball as it exists in the USA is on the verge of becoming laughingly irrelevant. Nobody is watching, because nobody cares. Watch a WNBA game, then drink a Nyquil-based roofie-laced cocktail and put your money on which one puts you to sleep faster. I’m siding with the game. There are more Casey Anthony supporters than WNBA fans. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s the truth.

The league is cash poor. They have foreign sponsors on the front of their jerseys (oh yeah, now the casual fan would REALLY want to wear that -_-). What is this, soccer? My hometown WNBA team, the Washington Mystics, are giving away tickets and they still arent reaching full capacity. From a business standpoint, this league doesn’t deserve to be invested in. Hell, even the people who are voicing their displeasure with this article dont even watch the WNBA. I recently shot hoops with a friend of mine, and she’s a former collegiate basketball player and coach. I asked her if she watched the WNBA All-Star game, and she didnt. even. know. it. happened. I dont even think she would watch if she did know. Dont believe me? Take the quick quiz directly below.


1.) NFL Preseason game OR Washington Mystics vs Detroit Shock

2.) Preliminary Round of 100m dash in 2012 Olympics OR Game 2 of WNBA  1st round playoff game

3.) Reruns of Law and Order SVU OR the WNBA Draft

4.) Your homeboy play a really, really good game of Madden OR the WNBA finals

This is what im talking about. Unless some serious changes are made, the WNBA needs to be completely eliminated. Its a waste of money, and the few women who are ‘superstars’ are incapable of carrying the league like their NBA counterparts do. I mean, whos really watching? Maybe its just me, but the WNBA is dying because their inability (or refusal) to cater to the demographic who dominate the sports industry: men ages 18-49.

How do you a multitude of men to pay attention to a woman? Well, since we all cant converse with WNBA players on a regular basis, I guess we’ll have to settle with the old adage of sex sells.

Im not talking Hustler/hardcore porn/super risque sex. Im not even talking about tasteful nude shots, a la Diana Taurasi.

Maybe sexier uniforms. Maybe take a page from the NBA and develop a dress code for the players. It may be true with your significant other, but Sweatpants and head wrap, chilling with no make up on is NOT when youre the prettiest. Especially when we have options a remote click away.

If you want to tell me that this is a women’s league for women, then tell me why women aint watching. Because if they were, WNBA would be getting Oprah type numbers.I understand that sex being the selling point could lessen the credibility of the league. I know these professional athletes want to be seen as professional athletes and not sexy models who can dribble and shoot. You have to, however, understand that the business model currently in place will fail. The European leagues will be flooded with our players, leaving young girls of the next generation wishing they had a league of their own once again.

  1. DeeDee Lynn says:

    I think one reason people aren’t watching is because it has taken so long to form a women’s professional league. These women are real BALL players who can bang with some of the best NBA players and don’t have to do it dressed in lingerie. The ill success of the WNBA speaks directly to sexism in sports. Like you pointed out the professional sports world is dominated by men from the executive offices to the drunken fans. This demographic speak sports and sex…and while you all went gaga over the chick from Notre Dame I doubt even her beauty is enough to keep you all watching for an entire season. But like I said in the beginning these women are real athletes and I doubt that they will allow themselves to be exploited in any fashion even if it means being able to play the game they love in their home country in front of their friends and families…and really should they have to?

  2. arayegee says:

    To answer your ?: From a societal and ethical standpoint, they absolutely shouldnt be exploited just for the chance to play in front of their home country. Looking from the business side, I dont see how else the league will survive. Several of them already have modeling contracts, so I dont see how they would feel exploited by incorporating the two. Ya feel me?

  3. RenzReport says:

    The players themselves look at the WNBA as a an opportunity to get some exposure at home, but they make their living and best money playing overseas. The WNBA season starts in mid-May and ends by late September. The only thing in the way of the WNBA season are the NBA Finals and the start of the NFL season.

    Although the product is that marketable, it’s an indoor alternative for families and young girl AAU teams to partake in during the hot summer months. You go to these games that’s basically who you see in attendance.

    But what the WNBA lacks is the sense of athleticism we’re used to see on the courts. Truth is, if we played any of these woman on the court they’d dog us…seriously! But in terms of a product we’d watch on TV it just isn’t there. The int’l game is intrigued by “small-ball” but we in the US want to see ppl get yammed on. That’s why I suggest lowering the women’s rim from 10 feet to 9 feet and give these ladies the opportunity to truly show their athleticism!

  4. LBC says:

    So how do we feel about the lingerie football league coming on this fall on mtv?

  5. DeeDee Lynn says:

    @Renz you are right. When the WNBA first started the level of competition was exciting…i watched the Houston/Sacramento series with as much fervor as I would any NBA series. But at that time I was still an “active” hooper and the league was new and exciting. The WNBA marketing team failed to capitalize on that excitement and that is why they are grasping for sponsors from anywhere they could think of. Heck if we all pull together a G we probably could have a logo displayed on a Mystics jersey!!!

    And LBC…lingerie football is a disgrace. Where is the connectivity?

  6. arayegee says:

    Wouldnt lowering the rim be just as demeaning to the women as making them wear sexy uniforms? Thats like the NBA bringing the 3 point line in a foot. Just playing the Devils advocate

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