*Clap, Clap, Bravo* Eagles Organization

Posted: August 1, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

Wait a minute, didn’t did the Eagles organization just pull the biggest swindle in this years free agency.  Once again, I’m applauding the Eagles organization for the moves they have made.  Not only did they obtain a pretty good CB in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, they also received a great CB to play opposite of DRC in Nnamdi Asomugha along with Cullen Jenkins and Vince Young as their back-up quarterback.

But before I give the Eagles their praise, I want to make a few statements.

  1. Although the Eagles got DRC, I feel like they’re losing a better CB in Asante Samuel who will likely be traded.
  2. Cullen Jenkins at 30 years old wasn’t really a thriving force in helping the Packers when the Super Bowl.  What name did you hear the most during their run?  A young man by the name of Clay Matthews (although his younger brother Casey was drafted by the Eagles in 2011).  Although I feel that the Eagles got Jenkins for a good price (5 yrs – $25M), he isn’t in it to win a championship…because he just did that!  He wants to get paid!  So will the motivation and motor be there w/ the Eagles?  We will have to see now that he’s got some new money flowing in!
  3. I’m still not sold as Vince Young as a back-up quarterback.  I’ve followed Vince since his National Championship run with Texas back in 2006 and he just does not fit the mold of a back-up in my eyes, although he is only signed for 1 year.  I feel that Young can still lead a team to win with the right attitude adjustment, but Vick better stay healthy because although highly unlikely, the Vick-Kolb situation can happen all over again in Philly. (SN: Great move by the Eagles to pick up additional insurance in case Vick gets hurt)
  4. The Eagles will only go as far as Vick leads them.  The often injured Vick will need to remain healthy which is typically very difficult for Vick.

Enough bashing, but the Eagles are definitely the front-runners going into the start of the season in the NFC East, but all that can change with one major player injury.  The Eagles have to remain healthy all season long to make an impact out on the field, but I do expect them to dominate on both sides of the ball.  But their regular season play will have to translate to the playoffs, where they have historically came up small in the big games…where it matters the most!


Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

namdi Asomugha

  1. LBC says:

    I completely agree comrade in swag. They are front runners in NFC East but don’t crown them yet, they still have yet to acquire a ring as a franchise.

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