How Much Are You Werth?

Posted: August 1, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

This weekend, my wife and I attended a Mets vs. Nationals game.  We had great seats just behind the right-field wall and just a few rows shy of the Nationals high profile player Jason Werth.

This past off-season, the Nationals invested $120 million over 7 years for the 32-year-old Werth, who was just finishing up his best statistical season with the Philadelpha Phillies and who was also a key asset in helping the Phillies win the World Series in 2008 and other playoff runs since that Championship season.

On the other hand, Werth hasn’t quite lived up to his worth while hitting a meager .223/12 HRs /40 RBIs.  These stats through 101 games do not equate to the $ he is making here in Washington, but what makes matters worse is the ridicule he receives from fans every inning while taking his position on the field.  Chants of “Werthless” to “What are we paying you for?” to “You should give back some of that money you’re not earning”.  These cries from fans made me ponder and think how you would feel if you were around the same type of ridicule at your job.

Money is a very touchy subject for each of us and to be a sports figure, you’re always criticized when you’re not producing.  For athletes, it has to suck because the money you make is public information and as Biggie said:

Just think if everyone in your office knew how much you made – then you’d see that “negative energy” Biggie referred to.  I can only imagine the ripping that would take place in the office and how your demeanor would impact your performance on the job.

At the end of the day, I’ve always said that professional sports operate as a business.  As fans, we will never understand the rhyme or reason why teams make certain personnel decisions and overpay for certain players.  But I do know it happens within our jobs as well.  If we were to know how much our peers made, we’d either feel like Desean Jackson, Frank Gore, Osi, Reggie Wayne and other holding out for more money.  Or, would we take the “Werthless” approach and say players like Haynesworth and Gilbert Arenas are overpaid and demand they take a pay cut.

If you job makes a job post for a position that is higher than the previous person that held that position would you justify with management that the salary too high?  Would you questions when your job makes decisions to overpay for certain employees?  These are all the questions we ask when it comes to sports, but would we handle our the jobs the exact same way if $ was public information — I think we would…and thank God for privacy in this area of our lives!

So before I end this, I just wanted to say that Werth’s reactions to the crowd was quite interesting if you ask me.  He would turn and look to the crowd and the look on his face would say, I still got $ in the bank…hahahahaha!  I’m sure, he wanted to pull a LeBron James and just say!


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