The Bitchassness of the Bungles

Posted: August 1, 2011 by arayegee in NFL
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Before you read this, check out the the article “The Bitchassness of Carson Palmer”. Great article by fellow Mancave member Renzo, and I appreciate his insight. However…

Bitch-ass? Bitch-ass? BITCH-ASS?! Nah, not Carson Palmer. Not the (former) franchise quarterback of the…..Bengals. This guy went from USC, who at the time couldve probably beaten the entire NFC West right now, to Cincinnati.  Talk about from Showroom to Shithole. Not the quarterback who sat behind Jon Kitna his rookie year. Yes, that Jon Kitna.

Not the quarterback who in his second year led his team to an 8-8 season, a team laden with two productive receivers (TJ Who-ya-momma and the WR formerly known as Chad Johnson) and a 1500 yard running back in Rudi Johnson.

Not the quarterback who put up Peyton Manning-esque stats in 2005, took the AFC North crown, led the league in touchdowns, and was a gruesome knee injury away from beating their division rival in the playoffs that year.  The same Carson Palmer who went through extensive rehab in the offseason, went to a 2nd straight Pro Bowl  the following year, and STILL was a game away from making the playoffs by 6 points.

The same quarterback who lost his best deep threat, Chris Henry, to an 8 game suspension. The same quarterback who inherited a new receiver, err, technically. This was the era of the “OchoCinco”. Hmph.

This is the same bitch ass Carson Palmer who has dealt with carrying a brain-dead defense for the last four years (excluding the 09 season) and a #1 receiver with a history of freestyling routes. Let’s get something straight right now, nobody just becomes inaccurate during their prime. Nobody. Sure, there may have been a dropoff in production, but do you REALLY REALLY think that if he got traded, the Bengals would get less than what the Eagles got for Kolb? No, because everyone knows what kind of organization the Bengals is. Its shotty. You dont see many former players gushing over their time in Cincy. And for the franchise quarterback who was once mentioned with the Peytons and Bradys, you cant even get him an real #2 receiver after TJ leaves. But you get him a Terrell Owens who is past his prime. Oh, great.

Power to the people. You cant commend what LeBron did and villify Carson. The man is tired of losing, he’s tired of being treated like crap. He’s tired of all the key guys on the team ending up on the police blotter. Carson is a winner, but its only so much one can take. Barry Sanders retired away from the Lions, and he had the rushing record to shoot for. The Bungles cant even guarantee a playoff-worthy roster. Kudos to Carson for calling out Cincy on their bitchassness. The stupid fools couldve gotten more than enough to revamp that craptastic franchise of theirs had they traded him. The saying goes, if you dont like it, then change it or leave. Well, Carson left. Guess who’s gonna come out looking like the smart one.

The best quarterback in the history of Cincinnati is retiring and you aren’t trying to figure out how to make him stay? Smart move, guys. Smart move.


  1. RenzReport says:

    The Bengals have prepared for the future with their off season acquisitions to replace Palmer. The Bengals are wrong to hold onto his rights as if he was a slave. You’re right but at the same time, report to camp, lay a stink in the air and demand the organizations hand to demand a trade. I know he still loves this game and wants to play it, but to go out like this…not worthy in my honest opinion.

  2. […] as seen from past posts, we here at TheManCave06 have ripped both Palmer and the Bengals organization.  Now the Bengals will receive a 1st round pick in 2012 and a conditional 1st rounder in 2013 from […]

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