Posted: August 3, 2011 by LBC in NFL
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Over the past few days in the NFL Free Agent Frenzy so much money has been thrown around like it was nothing. Some players are signing big deals getting large sums of guaranteed money. It appears the CBA worked out for everyone. For example, Cam Newton’s contract of four years $22 million and all of it guaranteed is a good deal. However, it is significantly less than last year and Matthew Stafford $50 million dollar deal.  Although, I completely agree with this contract for a rookie who has yet to take a snap in the NFL it made me wonder how would this effect future college players when they decide to make that jump into the NFL. Do our college football players declare for the NFL early or stay in school and get a degree since there is no more ridiculous rookie contacts. Do they chase that big pay day or stay in school and develop more? I say its all money driven. The best players usually end up on the worse teams so they can’t be thinking they about to get drafted and lead the Carolina Panthers or Oakland Raiders to the SuperBowl.  The new CBA lowered the amount of money rookies can get so will athletes stay in college to develop their talents more? NOPE!  I actually believe we will see more athletes especially our black athletes skip their senior season, and enter the draft to get an early start on an attempt to get that big pay off. Thus adding to the never ending cycle of black athletes wasting large amounts of money because they have not been taught financial management skills. The new CBA says first round draft picks must sign four year deals. To put that in perspective if a college player enters the NFL at 21/22 they would be 25/26 before they have the opportunity to sign that major deal. So in the future I say watch out for more players leaving school early in an attempt to get that big time deal. Black athletes literally think like Wayne “Too Much Money Ain’t Enough Money”. For example, Desean Jackson is 24 and is expecting the Eagles to pay him top dollar now! not two years from now. In other words folks, I predict more black players with no education with too much money, and thus a lot of foolish spending. Let’s look at my boy Dez Bryant, he has managed to rack up over $1 million dollars in jewelry debt. Cmon Dez you are representing every stereotype black athletes are trying dismiss. With less money being given up front don’t be surprised if we see less education for our players, less athletes with degrees, and a continuing era of financially irresponsible players.

These athletes are thinking the following. Yes, education is important if your dream requires it. Being a professional athlete doesn’t require education so we make that move quickly to achieve our dream as soon as possible. No matter how you say it nobody will turn down $22 million dollars guaranteed.

Teams don’t make these large investments if they don’t believe they will get in some form of revenue. Does Sallie loan you money and not expect it back?  The common black athlete from a bad background wants to provide for the family typically moms as soon as possible. Hence they do dumb things such by moms some huge house, and then purchase 10 cars when they can only drive 1 at a time. Newsflash fools there are only 7 days in the week.

However what if that money was used “correctly’? Where would you be right now if your parents had the money to send you to any school on the planet and pay “Straight Cash Homie” you receive any degree and you do not have any debt at all *let the people rejoice* upon graduation. So before we criticize these players for not finishing their degrees should we look at them as just individuals who have good intentions but are just misguided about what “the american dream” is? I think we are on a very slippery path of helping kids make more bad decisions.   So thank the new CBA as it will make these athletes CHASE MONEY OVER EDUCATION.


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