The ManCave: Its Essential To Human Life

Posted: August 3, 2011 by LBC in NFL


Everyone has heard about the importance of a ManCave in every man’s life. We here at TheManCave06 believe is not only important to the lives of us men it is important to the lives of women, and overall society. Without ManCaves society could not function. So what exactly is a ManCave what is in it and why is it so important? Let’s break down the word “man” this means the being of the male species distinguished from women by their physical and chemical make-up. The second word “Cave” means a location that is secluded, and has very limited access only allowing a select few individuals into it. Most importantly, the ManCave represents the location where men can convene, and engage in uninterrupted activities with our boys away from the daily stresses of life. This includes watching sports, eating really basic food, drinking, un-muted conversation, and most of all, my favorite, “trash talk”. It is a place of Zen and must be designed by men. Absolutely NO! Female touch is needed. No random pretty pictures, deep moral sayings, life enlightening quotes, no particular pattern or theme is needed. So if I want a large Fathead on my wall and the word “Swag” next to it. Its ok it’s my ManCave, my place of Zen. Next every ManCave must have an HD TV. Come on fellas it’s 2011 we can’t watch nothing in regular definition. Great ManCaves will have two TV’s or a TV that has the option of watching multiple sports at the same time. Example, I went to one of my fellow ManCave, comrade’s house last football season and he had two TV’s set up. One TV had the main game on, and the second TV was on NFL Red Zone. It brought tears to my eyes in greatness. Check Out this ManCave below.

This TV only needs a few channels, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, NFL NETWORK, NBA TV, ABC, FOX, and NBC. Movie channels can be added, but are not necessary because the only movies allowed in the ManCave have a lot of violence, death, and destruction. Wives and girlfriends don’t come in the ManCave talking about you about to watch Basketball Wives, Bridezillas, Bad Girls Club or anything that comes on We TV. These thoughts will quickly have you, as my comrade as coined, “sent back to the kitchen”. The ManCave must also have a refrigerator this should always be stocked with beer, liquor, mixers, ice. No positive beverages, but maybe a water or two just in case someone gets a little two twisted during the playoffs. Every ManCave needs to have a place to sit down. Nothing extravagant we are men we are simple creatures it doesn’t take much to please us. Next your ManCave needs to have some type of video games system PS3/XBOX 360. Top games needed Madden, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K. This serves as that down time we as men need to sit back like we are kids again and talk trash over who is the best in the video game world.

ManCaves keep us sane, keep us from leaving wives and girlfriends, keep us happy, keep us productive at work, gives us time away from kids, and helps hold on to some of joys of life we never want to lose. Keep your ManCave simple to fit in your space requirements. If anyone is wondering why women access is denied in ManCave, minus very very very rare cases it will be discussed in the next post. Other than that ladies if you want a happy relationship ladies stay out TheManCave unless you bringing food and beverages.

Taking away the ManCave away from a man is like ripping his soul from his body and sentencing him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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