Grandfathered In

Posted: August 5, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football

As the single guy of the ManCave06, I get the opportunity to watch both college and pro football uninterrupted for the whole weekend if I want to (a later post will explain why this is not optimal behavior for a committed relationship).  So I decided to drop some college football news for you today.

The preseason polls in college football are out.  Now, for one thing, no one cares about the poll.  Oklahoma opens at #1 in all the land in the USA Today poll.  Will that stay the same?  Probably not.  Auburn, the eventual National Champs last season, started at #23 in the USA Today poll.  Oregon, who played Auburn in the title game started #11. That’s why the preseason poll doesn’t matter.  I think they should wait a week or two to see who really should be ranked.

But that doesn’t even grind my gears about this season’s poll.  Go all the way down to the bottom at #25 of the USA Today poll and you will find our old friend Penn State.  Now I went to Pitt, but I actually don’t know why I’m suppose to hate Penn State so I must put that out there.  But I really hate that a team that really has no starting quarterback can be ranked in the Top 25.  One of their QBs tried to transfer this past offseason (Robert Bolden), one is going to try to transfer (Kevin Newsome), one is ineligible to play (Paul Jones), and the other one just plain sucks (Matt McGloin, 2010 Outback Bowl).  We couldn’t find another team that actually had a QB to be in the Top 25?  What about West Virginia, with their potentially high-powered offense led by 5th-year starter Jarrett Brown?

I believe the reason why Penn State is in the Top 25 is because of everyone’s favorite grandfather in the Keystone State; Joe Paterno.  It seems like it’s a tradition, no matter how terrible Penn State is, that they must start in the Top 25 because of the old man.  JoePa is an icon yes; he is a transcendent coach in the sport yes; he screwed over the Pitt-Penn State rivalry yes; but that shouldn’t mean that his teams should get a novelty ranking just because he is JoePa.  If they suck, they should be unranked.  If you don’t have a quarterback, you definitely should be unranked.  The polls only demean their own value to the game,  assigning these rankings out like ribbons at a 5-year-old’s tee-ball game.  Instead of grandfathering programs into the Top 25 rankings, better yet the BCS rankings which will come out later this year, let’s give all programs, whether they are big-time or under-the-radar, a chance to prove if they belong with the best.  And yes, that is a double-entendre for playoffs, not for the bowl system of our grandfathers.

  1. LBC says:

    I don’t know why I am supposed to hate penn st. but this increased my hate for them.

  2. RenzReport says:

    Pitt and Penn State is a rivalry? Wait, since when?!?! LOL

  3. RenzReport says:

    The Pitt-Penn State Rivalry started in 1893. The 2 teams have faced each other 96 times with my Pitt Panthers winning 42 of those contest and tying another 4. Yet, these two powerhouses in the state of PA have not faced each other since 2000. Since then Pitt, which I would consider the inferior of the 2 state schools holds a grudge about it.

    When I arrived at Pitt in 2001 and until I left in 2005 every true Pitt fan would show their dislike towards PSU. When they would show the game scores at Heinz Field and at the Pete, the fans would cheer if they were losing and boo if they were winning.

    So within 4 years, the average student at Pitt will grow some dislike towards PSU. But here is the funny catch…that dislike is not mutual. Since my professional career started in 2006, I have met many PSU graduates. At first, when I hear them make mention that they went to PSU, I would give them that look and show them my Pitt pride…they of course would look at me like as if I was an idiot.

    PSU fans show no remorse for the rivalry that once was. In fact, many of them don’t even know that it existed. It’s ancient to them. I wonder why? Maybe because of OSU and Michigan. Who do we at Pitt have to look forward to yearly other than WVU? How about Louisville (ooooooo, I’m shacking) and Cincinnati (SMH).

    <<<<<<< Darn you ACC for taking VT and Miami…anyone would have given up BC tho! lol <<<<<<<

    But good news folks, the rivalry will be renewed in 2016 and 2017. I'm sure all the old head Pitt fans will come out to those games…yet I'm sure the student body in Happy Valley will just look at this as another game on the schedule!

    Anyone up to watch the Wizards face their rival Bulls? lol

    • LBC says:

      The Backyard Brawl is a much better rivalry. Same conference play more frequently. Schools very close. much rather watch that than penn st.

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