5 Reasons Why You Should Be Hyped for the 2011 Preseason

Posted: August 11, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, at times with anxious moments worrying if the moment would ever come this year, football is back upon us.

Chris Cooley’s Wife Is Ready – Are You?

There is rampant speculation that this will be the most anticipated preseason in many years. Now, it is just the preseason, the period between now and the regular season where we have to sit through 4 games, roughly 3 hours each, of football played by men who will be delivering your mail in a couple months. There’s not much to learn in the way of predictions for your team; Redskins fans remember the 2002 preseason opener in Osaka, Japan, which unfortunately is one of the Top 5 wins for the Skins this past decade. So why should you watch this preseason? I jotted down 5 reasons why you should:

1. You Need Your Football Fix

What is the first step of AA meetings? You admit your addiction right? Well let’s face it, we are addicted to football. It gives us a rush when we consume it. It heightens our senses, and takes us to places of euphoria or despair depending on the day (If you’re a Skins or Bengals fan, it’s a lot more despair). We’ve been going through withdrawal during the lockout. How did you feel when the NFLPA said there was no deal when the owners said there was? Were you ripping your hair out? Were you gnawing at your fingertips? Or were you scratching yourself unmercifully? My friend you are an addict. But don’t fight your addiction. Embrace it; feed it; satisfy it. We have suffered since March. It is time to reward our patience. Come on Mike Kafka and Tyrod Taylor, feed the beast inside all of us on Thursday night. Peyton Manning, seeing you in your baseball cap on the sideline will give me a high that I needed since…last January when the Jets kept you on the sideline as they eliminated you from the playoffs. And Kellen Clemens, well there isn’t too much you can do for me.

2. See What Your Team Did During the Offseason
It’s always exciting to see how the new draft picks and free agents your team acquired throughout the whole offseason come together for that first drive of the preseason. You feel great if they can drive down the field in an efficient manner for some type of points. But that was with a traditional 5 month offseason. This offseason technically began 6 days ago (we all know it has been a little over 2 weeks). So who know how the Jets senior citizen receiving corps will like with Mark Sanchez. Will Kevin Kolb work in the desert? Will Tarvaris Jackson still overthrow Sidney Rice in the Pacific Northwest just like he did in Minnesota? Who the hell told the Bears that Roy Williams will be any good?  What are the Giants thinking, or do they just have the heads in the sand?  And, oh yeah, the Eagles. We won’t talk about “The Dream Team” just yet.

3. Hard Knocks Type Stories

The Hard Knocks series on HBO (which unfortunately is not airing this season) gives us a glimpse into a real training camp. I like how they follow certain players as they struggle to make the 53-man roster on that team. These stories have gone on for years; now that media is everywhere we can easily identify that guy who we root for to make the team. Danny Woodhead with the Jets camp last year, who went on to kill the Jets as a member of the Patriots; Michael Lewis, who was a beer truck driver, but got a chance with the Saints in 2002; even the Redskins had an inspirational story with Anthony Armstrong who had bounced around for years before finding his way with the team.   These stories of perseverance and determination are very heart-warming and you can see it play out before your eyes for 4 weeks during preseason.

4. Fantasy Football Scouting

Now we get to the really important stuff. Fantasy football is insane! If you don’t participate I can’t describe to you what it’s like. It’s like being your own Bill Polian (or Matt Millen based on your skill level). I encourage you to get with some buddies and start a fantasy league of your own. But I digress.
Fantasy football isn’t about if you have the best QB or RB. It’s the diamonds in the rough, the late round picks that separate the contenders from pretenders. For example, I watched the Ravens destroy my Skins 2 years ago in preseason. A young Ray Rice did most of his damage in the 2nd half, when the amateur fantasy players probably took the game off. But I stayed on to scout. I said to myself “Mr. Rice is worth a pick-up.” I nabbed him in my fantasy draft and rode Rice to over 1000 rushing yards and 700 receiving yards that year. I won’t even say pause to that statement because he saved my fantasy team that year. Who will be the fantasy pickup or stay-away for your team? Donovan McNabb in Minnesota? Reggie Bush in Miami? Chad Ochocinco in New England? You can feel a little bit more assured about your fantasy draft with a little game research in the preseason.

5. What Else Is There to Watch on a Friday Night
It’s been a rough summer for all of us mancave dwellers on the TV side (unless you have HBO). After the Finals finished, we worried that our caves would become the home for Single Ladies and Basketball Wives style-swap parties. We feared that we had to actually go out with our women and shop at Pier1 Imports or Zara; maybe we had to go to cultural institutions like Art Museums with sculptures of bird doo-doo passing as exhibits. Now football is here to save! We can tell our wives and girls and jump-offs, “honey remember I sat with through the Bad Girls Club mini-marathon a month ago with you, can we stay in for me tonight, the Skins are playing.” What can she say? What else is there to watch on a Friday night? All eyes will be on football from Thursday-Monday because that’s how it should be. You owe it to yourself and the brain cells that you annihilated watching VH1 all summer for this tremendous preseason.

So stock your mini-fridges full of Yuengling and Capri-Sun. Tell your jump-off she lost her chance to lock you down until February (she probably thought she had more time because of the lockout). Inform the misses that she won’t be seeing you until the bye week of your favorite squad. Football is back my friends; we have waited for it, it is here, and we all will be blessed by it.


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