RIP Kick-Off Returns

Posted: August 12, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

I wish I had an actual statistic to state, but of the 5 games played last night, I believe that nearly (if not more) 80% of the kickoffs ended up being touch backs. This is due to an NFL ruling that moved the placement of kickoffs from the 30-yard line up to the 35-yard line.  This gave the opportunity for kickers to boot the ball out of the end-zone, whereas Sebastian Janakowski was able to place the ball in between the uprights!

The NFL states that the purpose behind this ruling is to increase player safety.  I on the other hand look at it as an opportunity for many players who specialize in kickoff returns to get cut from teams. Has the NFL forgot how return specialists have earned their keep in the league while at the same time create a name for themselves.  Let’s look at Brian Mitchell, Devin Hester, Josh Cribbs and Donte Hall as just a few examples.  These guys established themselves as return specialist 1st.  Now, this may limit people like Brandon Banks and other young players with the opportunity to make a team solely based on their returning skills without being able to impact the team elsewhere.

Although, it was nice to see Bryan Walters return a 103-yard kickoff return for a TD last night for the Chargers, I know the days of seeing that often will be limited.  And what about the Fantasy Football owners out there – we want our points for Special Teams play too (huff!)…nice move NFL! Once again, you’re living up to being the No Fun League!


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