Does Absence Make The Heart….?

Posted: August 16, 2011 by LBC in NBA

With this excitement of the NFL being back, and taking over ESPN instead of a 2 hours of web gems. We have completely forgotten about this thing call the NBA. The NBA is locked out, and we can expect them to be locked out indefinitely. So if you want to see your favorite players, I hope you got your passports ready. No need to fear sports fans because you will NOT miss the NBA until about after the NCAA tourney in my opinion and this is why:

1. Experiencing the fall season with no basketball and no football is just cruel and unusual punishment, but we have something great to keep us entertained. Football Back!!! The NFL will provide us with a weekly fix that will keep the NBA off of our minds.

2. College football and College basketball make a return. With this and the NFL, yea I will be ok with no basketball. The consistent flow of good sports will be enough of a fix to keep you from thinking about the NBA.

3. It’s an 82 game season, and most so-called fanactics really don’t get deeply involved into the games until the playoff hunt gets serious. During Games 20-40 we are really just catching the highlights on ESPN that’s about it.

4. Basketball isn’t only highly watched in America. It is watched overseas just as much as its watched in America maybe even more. NBA players have the ability to go overseas and play competitive basketball, and make money in the meantime until a deal gets done. The NFL doesn’t have this option. On the other hand, Football is strictly an American sport.


We will finally miss the NBA towards the end of the NCAA Tourney,  until then you ain’t really thinking about the NBA. The NBA has some serious issues they are not even negotiating as of now, and don’t expect a serious power move by owners like you saw in the NFL lockout to force a deal. We don’t even see day to day updates on ESPN with the lockout due to a overload sports news available. The players and owners have no need to rush; there is no pressure from sports fans.

Just an example of how far they are apart from a deal. The NBA filed two unfair labor practice claims against the NBPA, one at the NLRB and another at a federal district court in New York. The league accused the players for being uncooperative in negotiations by making threats to dissolve their union and file antitrust lawsuit. The players union called the lawsuit “without merit” and that the union will seek to dismiss it in court. It’s real in the NBA LOL.

Here is information on how to acquire your passport.

Survey NBA will return when?

A. 2012

B. 2013

C. 2014

D. Unknown

  1. RenzReport says:

    There is a NBA lockout in the midst? LOL, I watch ESPN 24×7 and I hear no mention of this! How did you find this information! lol

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