People Don’t Dance No Mo’

Posted: August 17, 2011 by deedeestonz in NFL

This post was inspired by this tweet from Chad Ochocino

” @ochocinco: Being that the celebrations rules are so strict all post touchdown celebrations will be done by Patriots fans in #FlashMob form. #Awesomeness”

I know that the league put the squeeze on end zone celebrations a looong time ago but it does not make the fans long for these outrageous celebrations any less…in fact part of the excitement of watching a receiver make an brilliant catch and run it in for a TD was the anticipation of what kind of coonery he would come up with to celebrate his awesomeness once he got there.  But thanks to the tight shirts in the front office, the NFL now resembles Orwell’s Oceania (hope I didn’t lose any of you there) and with the massive fines being handed out for every tiny offense I’m sure no players are willing to martyr their paycheck for the sake of fan enjoyment so it looks like we will have to reminisce on the greatness of celebrations past.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Deion “Prime Time” Sanders: Perhaps not the most innovative celebrator but HANDS DOWN one of the most entertaining and as the pioneer of over the top TD celebrations Prime Time definitely gets the top spot on my list!

2.  Chad Ochocinco:  Coming in a close second to Prime Time is the man who inspired this post, Mr. Ochocinco himself.  THIS MAN IS A FOOL! I don’t know which celebrations I love more between his absolutely hilarious dancing or when he is just being a jerk asking the league not to fine him…again!  Chad has found a way to navigate league celebration rules and for that the fans (well most of us anyway) thank him!

3.  The Warren Sapp Bunny Hop:  While any man of Sapp’s size doing any dance as   swag-less as a “bunny hop” is *PAUSE* worthy, this right here was still one of the most HILARIOUS things I’ve ever witnessed on a football field.

4.  T.O. Mocks the Patriots:  In general I think Terrell Owens is an a-hole…but my disdain for him is much less than my disdain for the cheating ass Patriots! What they did was pretty…LAME! But I digress. T.O. has had some jerky albeit funny celebrations but this one I can actually get on board with so it makes my list!

5. Lambeau Moon: To cap the list I chose Randy Moss pretending to moon the crowd after catching a ridiculous 34-yard pass and scoring against the Green Bay Packers.  The fact that he mooned the crowd makes me giggle but what REALLY cracks me up is how disgusted everyone was (and by everyone I mean announcers and the NFL) by his display. To me it seemed like the harmless fun that comes along with competitive sports…to the NFL it was an offense worth $10,000 of Moss’ hard earned money. SMH.

Anyway those are my top 5.  How about you? What TD celebrations will you look back upon with revelry now that the NFL has cuffed end zone celebration?

  1. RenzReport says:

    What’s Orwell’s Oceania? lol

  2. RenzReport says:

    The Moss Moon was over-hyped…as seen by the announcers after it happened!! But can Joe Horn cell phone incident get some love? lol

  3. RenzReport says:

    I literall FOOC (Fell out of chair) when I saw the 2nd video of Nate Washington! Pure comedy!

  4. deedeestonz says:

    Yes the Joe Horn cell phone celebration was epic…mostly because it cost him a LOT of $$$!

    And Oceania was a 1984 reference. Please tell me you read that book in high school!

  5. RenzReport says:

    I went a DC public school….we don’t learn how to read! lol

    But note that according to the existing NFL rules, players can do whatever they want w/o:
    – using props for their celebrations – TO Popcorn & CPR operation on football, OchoCinco puts football w/ endzone pylon, etc
    – celebrating with teammates (must be solo acts) – Drop the bomb act
    – must remain on their feet for the celebration (they can’t not do a snow angel!) lol

  6. deedeestonz says:

    The fact that there are restrictions at all is LAME!

  7. LBC says:

    1984 is that book where all the kids end up like eating each other or something???

    Anyway PrimeTime should definitely be number 1, but I actually wonder can “The Dirty Bird” get some love. That is nothing but coonery.

  8. dontbeskerritt says:

    I can’t believe you missed this all-time classic dance

  9. arayegee says:

    No Ickey Shuffle? It was the first crackhead dance to ever go public, even before the Harlem Shake?

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