Who Needs the NBA when We have Youtube Mixtapes

Posted: August 18, 2011 by RenzReport in NBA

Who needs the NBA when I can look at a 6 minute clip of Kobe Bryant put up 45 points and the game winning shot against OKC Thunder G/F James Harden, or watch Kevin Durant put up 66 points at Rucker Park, or Brandon Jennings fooling around with some trickery at Rucker Park or watching Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley go toe-to-toe at Dyckman Park (NYC)?

Before many of the top players take their talents overseas to play during the lockout, many have taken their skill to the streets.  From the infamous BF Collesium home to the Goodman League (DC), to Rucker Park (NYC) and the Drew League (LA), players have been able to showcase their love for the game and earn some street creditability while doing so. It’s also worth mentioning that many of these players are passionate about playing in these summer leagues, look at Nick Young for example, who has also electrified the Drew League by putting up 6o points in a game, shows his displeasure for being snubbed as the league MVP.

But what I love the most is, for a split second the players become part of the community.  Even more than those staged “NBA Cares” commercials that air during the game.  To speak to this, a few years back I had the opportunity to see Stephan Marbary come out to the Barry Farms in Anacostia and give out free pairs of his trademark shoe, the “Starbury” to the local kids.  I’m sure the kids were grateful to have a new pair of shoes to cut the grass in because those things were hidioius.

I also know my fellow comrade Yannick would be tickled to hear that Marbury stole the show from Andray Blatche who played in that game as well, but looked like an “average Joe” out on the court instead of being the future of our Washington Bullets franchise.

It is also worth mentioning that this isn’t new for NBA players.  For years, players have played in summer streetball games, but due to the lack of buzz typically created by the NBA offseason, the sports giants like ESPN can only focus on what these players are doing on the pavement and player Twitter accounts.  Yet at the same time, our inner city fans want to see more of the players outside of their home elements of being packed in sold out arenas.  They want to see these players play in their backyards, and this weekend (8/20) fans will have the opportunity to see star athlete’s showcase their skill on the smaller stage, which in return could mean something a lot more to those fans that can’t afford the $50 admission for seats in the nose bleed section of the arena.

This Saturday, the Drew League (LA) will play exhibition game against the Goodman League (DC).  Many of the top young players are EXPECTED to play, but we all know how these kids are with their commitments these days.  But it is expected to entertain, especially with the news on Tuesday on the potential of Kobe Bryant playing in the game – but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that move by the Black Mamba (SN: Who gave him that name? Himself?).

So folks, that’s about all I have on this topic.  So just remember when you get an urge to watch NBA players play, do what I do…

  1. Tune into Youtube and watching some highlights of your favorite players
  2. Turn to NBATV where they show nothing but OLD games which include not a single player on a current NBA roster
  3. Or plan to wake up early in the AM come October to see these players play in remote countries across the globe!

OH Noooooooooo…I almost forgot to post the video of LeBron James performance in an exhibition game in China.  As one of my Twitter followers said when I posted this video, “It must have been the 4th Quarter”.

  1. LBC says:

    Lol at LBJ two turnovers and somewhat getting dunked on in a matter of 45 seconds. Summer leagues and these youtube mixtapes will hurt the lockout. No one will miss the NBA for a very long time. What is sad is that these summer league and playing for “street cred” is often times more competitive and more exciting than the league itself.

    What NBA players want’s to get shown up on the court in neighborhood parks????

    • RenzReport says:

      Summer leagues are over this week…all these guys have left now is ball overseas. But seeing your favorite player get handled by a playground legend…priceless! lol

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