Tatted and Still “Straight Cash Homie”

Posted: August 24, 2011 by LBC in Just Turrible, NBA, NFL

It was released today that the owner of the Carolina Panthers told or suggested Cam Newton to not get any tattoos. Without even thinking this quickly becomes an issue of marketability and race.

Do Tattoos hurt the marketability of professional athletes?

I agree with those who would say no they do not. This is not White Corporate America. This is sports world that is filled with successful athletes who could easily be a fill in any rap video has rappers tatted up hype man. In my opinion being marketable means you appeal to the majority of the audience in your industry. What I mean is that if playing basketball you need to appeal to those fans who watch basketball, football to football, so on and so forth…

According to the Forbes list of the 50 highest paid athletes guess who were 2 and 3 on that list. My namesake LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Has tattoos hurt their image? Nope! Tattoos have not hurt their marketability because of their exceptional play on the court. Kobe has smanged a white woman, snitched on Shaq, and many other “Out of Pocket” situations he has been involved in (See Scoopbald Article on Out Of Pocket Situtations”) Kobe has won a title since than, and everyone in LA forget that this Black man cheated with this white woman. He is still very marketable

The list can go on and on of examples of athletes who are marketed everyday and are tatted up. I would say the same goes for football which is the sport Cam Newton plays. In football I think it is more so an evaluation of their conduct on and off the field that plays a bigger role in their marketability since they wear pads. Many black football players have been on the cover of madden. See Video

See covers starting with Madden 2000

Sports is apart of the entertainment industry and the key to maintaining your marketability is to be sucessful on your playing field, and maintaining a somewhat respectable off the field life. In the entertainment industry you must act according to your industry. Would you take fashion advice from a person who wears jeans and white tee everywhere???? Tattoos on athletes do not hurt the players marketability maybe their conduct at times but not tattoos. If a black athlete loses his marketability I believe it is there conduct not tattoos.

Should Panthers Owner have mentioned this to Cam?

No, he should have kept his nose out of Cam’s personal life. Cam is a grown ass man he can put a tattoo anywhere he wants for all I care. Tattoos, gold teeth, shags, dreads, wigs, bald heads, mohawks, ear rings, none of these affect the marketability of athletes as long as they perform on the field, and our respected by the majority of the fan base they perform for.

Is it racist?

I will actually let the comments speak on the racism part of this, but I will leave you with this quote. Listen to Wale (Shoutout to the DMV) Varisty Blues on the Eleven on Eleven Theory. There is one line that says “They ain’t calling you a N***a while you selling them tickets”. Once ticket sales increase in Carolina because people want to see Cam Newton perform on the field. The owner wouldn’t care what Cam looks like as long as he sells tickets and produces on the field.

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  1. Rumors have it that in the CBA negotiations, Richardson tried to have Cam Newton count as 3/5 of a roster spot

  2. dduren06 says:

    Yannick, If i could like that comment i would 100x over. Brilliant.

  3. LBC says:

    Where is the google+ plus 1 button when i need it. rofl

  4. deedeestonz says:

    Kobe, Derek Rose, Lebron James…all have million dollar marketing deals…all have SEVERAL tattoos. Just another example of an NFL exec. over reaching. All they need to worry about is that man staying out of trouble and putting in work on the field. THAT IS IT!

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