To be loved!: The Michael Vick melodrama

Posted: August 25, 2011 by deedeestonz in NFL

The melodramatic format allows the character to work through their difficulties or surmount the problems with resolute endurance, sacrificial acts, and steadfast bravery. – Wikipedia


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about how the Philadelphia Eagles season will mirror that of the Miami Heat (i.e. big money = big disappointment) and after about 5 minutes of going toe-to-toe with him I had to ask for clarification “Wait, aren’t you a Giants fan???” to which he replied “Yea but I ride for Vick though.”  And that statement alone brings me to the question: Why do we (and when I say we I mean why “we the people of the United States”…well mostly the BLACK people of the United States) love Michael Vick so darn much?!

This post will be short because as I have found out from numerous conversations with Vick fans, they can’t really say why they all of a sudden like him so much!  But these are the two reasons I got the most:

1. He’s the “underdog”

Oh really? Did we consider Vick the underdog before or AFTER he got locked up for dog fighting???  Going to jail seems to be a requirement for our love. Hell it worked for A.I. so why not for Vick too?  The only difference…Allen Iverson was indeed a KID when he was involved in the brawl AND he was somewhat innocent.  Vick was an adult who decided to cruelly fight dogs. And that Toure argument that he was normalized to it because he seen it growing up…give me a freaking break!

Folks we have GOT to stop.  My friend just tweeted me that he respects Vick because he took control of his future. 0_0 Boy bye! He had control of his future the day he signed that NFL contract.  I am sure his family and friends weren’t holding a gun to his head making him fight dogs or even fund the operation.  The fact of the matter is he made a stupid decision that could have ruined his life.  Kudos to him for turning it around but PLEASE don’t make his situation seem like it was something done to him…he did it to himself.

2. That boy got talent!

Bringing it back to football, yes Michael Vick is talented.  In fact I would argue that his success is majority based off of raw talent.  Let’s face it Vick does not and probably never will possess the fundamental acumen that is supposedly required of the QB position like Peyton Manning does (I make the argument that Ben Rothelesberger doesn’t either but this ain’t about him).  But clearly he got SKILLZ so he is basically telling the league “eff your fundamentals!” and c’mon who doesn’t love that???  Vick plays the QB position with a type of reckless abandonment that is basically unheard of and guess what? He makes it work!  So while sometimes he does things on the field that are super cringe-worthy most of us give him credit for just having the BALLS to attempt an out of the box play.

In my eyes the only valid reason to like Michael Vick is reason #2.  He is a great football player.  That is it.  Anything beyond that is hogwash.  All that talk about his “circumstances” and what he battled back from? Kill that noise.  At the end of the day he did his time and now he is back to doing what he most likely does best…playing ball! So please next time someone asks you why you pucker a little everytime someone mentions #7 just stick to what the man does on the field. Plain and simple.

  1. arayegee says:

    An ex-felon looking for a job in an elite industry where people stand a 1 in a million chance to get in AND the turnover rate is incredibly high? Id say he was definitely an underdog. He was given a chance and he made the most of it. You saw his first year in the league with the Eagles, it was so-so at best, and we never would have thought that he’d ever be back to the ‘old’ Vick. He did, though in the following year, and in a commanding way.

    In regards to him and his fundamentals, youre right. He will never be the type of QB Peyton Manning is, but we can say the same thing about Peyton in regards to him. Does he play with reckless abandonment? Thats tough to argue, but in my opinion, the 33 quarterbacks last year who threw more interceptions than him could be seen as a bit more reckless. Last year he proved himself as a quarterback who can be a threat to run, and not a runner who can throw occasionally. I understand how you feel about those “Im down with Vick” fans. Theyre just coons who associate jail with a rite of passage. Those ‘Since you struggled, now you down’ ass niggas. lol

  2. deedeestonz says:

    In my opinion an underdog is someone who has to overcome circumstances OUTSIDE of their control…this does not apply to Vick. My whole premise there is that he CREATED his situation.

    And I don’t necessarily deem reckless abandonment a bad thing. And yes he most certainly does things that a typical “fundamental based” QB wouldn’t imagine doing…hence the reckless abandonment label. Throwing picks is reckless but I’m sure those 33 quarterbacks you mentioned didn’t do it on purpose!

  3. RenzReport says:

    As a fan of the game, yes we do have favorites that we want to see positive things out on the field. Those that we want to see do good (ie Jason Campbell for me) and do bad (ie Roy Williams for my fellow comrade LBC). But for many out there Vick is there hope.

    Take Madden players for example. Years ago, you could get 200 yards running with Vick and the Atlanta Falcons. Of course, EA Sports recognized this and made adjustments to make QBs more of pocket passers. Yet, last year early in the season when Vick’s rating was low, ppl would still run w/ the Eagles and try to utilize Vick for his speed…no dice! But it’s the frame of mind for many of us. We all want to be that ATH on the field at the QB position, not the conventional pocket passer. Why do you think the spread offense in college has become so popular? It’s because of the athletic QBs. The RBs/WRs turned QBs in HS.

    To make a point…I probabably haven’t made one, but long live the Vick’s in football and the AI’s in basketball…lol.

  4. dwight says:

    I’d argue that the difference between Vick with the Iggles and Vick with the falcons is that he became a much better “fundamental” passer. His footwork and accuracy in the pocket improved tremendously. Add that to his running and he’s a huge issue to gameplan against. Other than that, I’d say ur spot on abt negros pulling for fck ups, it’s a PhD worthy phenomenon

  5. LBC says:

    I would need to agree with option 2 has reason for supporting and RenzReport as we dream of being the black ATH that plays QB. Vick is not an underdog though. He has a very strong arm and naturally runs sub 4.3. He is natural born physical talent, he just needs to learn to use his God given abilities. Vick in Atlanta “I’m more athletic than everyone, I will win.” Vick in Philly “I need to learn how to be a complete QB”.

    Urban Dictionary: Underdog: one that is expected to lose a contest or struggle. One that is at a disadvantage.

    Is Vick?

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