Life in the Matrix…Athletes and Reality TV

Posted: August 26, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible

This Is Our Newest Reality Star...Sorry I'm Going To Pass on This One

A fan and avid supporter of The ManCave06 requested our take on more and more athletes spreading their wings to network TV, specifically reality TV shows.  You may not have heard but Shawn “The Matrix” Marion from the world champion Dallas Mavericks is coming out with a reality show named The Ladies in my Life.  The show will follow Marion as he interacts with, you guessed it, all the ladies in his life.  No, I don’t mean side joints and scalawags; he was raised around all girls, with his mother and also a sister that can dunk.  It sounds like Marion needs some side joints in this show because he really is living in the matrix if he thinks anyone would watch that program.

Look, I am all for athletes using their fame to maximize their dollars.  You have a short window of fame to capitalize on, so athlete should reach for every dollar they can.  Also, for those with Histrionic Personality Disorder, such as Chad Ochocinco, these guys have to feed their desire to constantly be the center of attention.  But I fail to see how anything that happens on these shows could benefit the athletes on the field of play.

Take the first season of Basketball Wives in 2010; a show that amazingly doesn’t feature any true basketball wives.  Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes’ fiance (now ex-fiance) was a star on the show, but quickly separated herself from the rest of the “wives” for actually acting normal.  Barnes, who was on the Orlando Magic at the time, was distracted and embarrassed by the show, and told his teammates he wasn’t going to watch it.  This was even more ironic because one of the other “wives” of the show, Royce Reed, is the mother of Dwight Howard’s son.  However, you would not know this by watching the show because Howard has a gag order on Reed where she can’t mention Howard’s name or bring up her son.  The Magic did not make the Finals that year after making it the prior year.  Coincidence?  I don’t know but the show definitely did not help.

It isn’t all bad for athletes.  Lamar Odom enjoyed one of his best seasons of his career during which he co-starred in a show with his wife Khloe Kardashian. Athletes have dominated Dancing With The Stars since its inception.  Dhani Jones has a great show on the Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles the Globe.  HBO documentary shows like Hard Knocks, and 24/7 are some of the best TV out right now.  And of course, who wouldn’t want some extra cash for TV appearances and potential sponsorship opportunities.

To me, if you are one of the top athletes in the game, this is something that you don’t want to be a part of.  The best athletes that I have seen in one of these wives/ex-wives/baby-moms/jumpoffs show is Lamar Odom and Dwight Howard’s ghost.   You don’t see Kobe Bryant or Michael Vick rushing to be on any show.  In fact, Vick cancelled the reality show he was suppose to be on in 2010 and he was a back-up QB.  The potential for problems outweighs the profits to be made.   Shaquille O’Neal had a beef with ex-teammate Steve Nash over his idea for a reality show.  Terrell Owens tore his ACL in the offseason; reports say he was filming a reality show.  T.O. already showed that he has no personality on his show, now he suffers career threatening injuries because of it.  No sir, I can do without these guys on these shows.

I didn’t even get to touch on the relationship aspect of these shows.  Remember, these are real people, in real, albeit strategically created, relationships.  Marriages and engagements are tough enough as it is; when the cameras and lights shine a light on it, an already tough situation becomes and abnormal one for these celebrity relationship.  The cameras fool these couples into thinking their relationship is now a temporary job, instead of a committed covenant that they have with one another.  To prove my point, here is the Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Lisa-Wu Hartwell discussing her husband Ed Hartwell’s thoughts of attempting a comeback with the Oakland Raiders in the 2008 offseason on the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. (start at :49 – there is commentary throughout so bear with it)

I’m all about being concerned about your spouse when they attempt something out of the norm.  But it’s not like Hartwell wasn’t a professional football player before, he is well aware of the risks involved.  He was just entering his 30s, so he had a few good years left of football.  Sorry, Mrs. Hartwell (actually not anymore, the two are getting a divorce) you showed your true colors with the “wheeling around in a wheelchair” comment.  They say when the grass is cut, the snakes will show.  In this case, when the camera is rolling, the gold-diggers come strolling.

In the end, I believe these reality shows can have some purpose in your mancave.  Tuesdays-Fridays should be spent bonding with your significant other, so you can have the weekend for football (I kid, I kid…kind of).  With athletes now a part of the Tuesday-Friday experience, it is much easier to sit through these shows with your loved one.  Besides, you get to see another side (albeit scripted) of the players you cheer for on the weekend.  But as we say in the mancave, sports competition is the ultimate reality show.  We just want to see athletes on the court or on the field.  The only relationships we want to pay attention to is our own.

On Payday Friday, here is 2 cents from the Mancave 06.  Be easy.

  1. jgray408 says:

    Well done, It is also interesting to note that two of the ex-wives/girlfriends that will appear on Basketball Wives LA were taken to court by their exes/NBA players so they could not speak about them on the upcoming show. Funny enough, both judges told the players no that he was not going to stop them from making a living/income. So I think that is an interesting side of this story as to why some of these women claim to do these shows….

  2. dontbeskerritt says:

    How about this story that didn’t make the cut? These are the type of people we are watching on these shows.

  3. RenzReport says:

    Yannick, you said it best, “But as we say in the mancave, sports competition is the ultimate reality show. We just want to see athletes on the court or on the field. The only relationships we want to pay attention to is our own.”


    Good read, good information, but ummmm…turning off VH1 and putting ESPN back on now…thanx!

  4. dontbeskerritt says:

    If you’re wondering why I didn’t include the Blatche article, its as RenzReport says, its so fitting for the clown Blatche to snag a chick who’s goal in life is to be on Basketball Wives. I don’t believe in Karma but..yeah she’s a female dog lol

  5. arayegee says:

    No…this cant be a real story! smh blatche…but Yannick, i will say that everyone is entitled to at least ONE reality show. lol

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