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Football Friday: More About Not Football

Posted: September 30, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, MLB, NBA, NFL, Ownership

Sorry readers, but with such a tremendous sports news week that has nothing to do with football I had to take advantage and write about it before football engulfs our souls.  I’m sorry, I have never been as jacked up over a night of sports than Wednesday night’s baseball games.  Four games that would decide the fate of the playoffs, with three of the games being so wild, that words can’t express what occurred.  But I’m still going to try.

Baseball is one of the few sports where you can see doom on the faces of the players on the field.  Every pitch, every swing, you can see the labor and the sense of dread in the players.  It’s what makes the sports so amazing, especially in October.  The Boston Red Sox was literally a dead man walking team.  They had blown the largest September lead EVER (9 games) and despite facing a terrible Baltimore team, you kinda knew that Boston would blow this somehow.

Everything was going their way on Wednesday; Tampa, the team chasing them for the wild card spot, was getting mollywhopped by Mark Teixeira BY HIMSELF!!! Meanwhile, it looked like Boston’s 3 runs would be enough to overtake the Orioles.  But the heavens parted and judgment was cast against the Sox.  The torrential rains in B-more allowed the Red Sox to watch the Rays come back from 7 runs down to tie the Yankees in the late innings, including a home run with one strike left against a guy who Renzreport could probably beat out for the team if he wanted.

After the rains let up, the Sox began to implode; hitting Orioles batters, grounding into double plays, getting thrown out at home, then the 2-out, 2-run rally by the Birds to win the game in the 9th!!!  You would have thought it was the Orioles that won the World Series!!!  And to put the icing the cake, 3 minutes later the Rays hit a walk-off, playoff spot, clinching home run!!!  Totally unbelievable that this would be the story going into October, despite the situation heading into September.

In the NL, it was more of the same.  The Braves blew a big lead to the Cardinals in the Wild Card.  Just like the Red Sox, the Braves didn’t deserve the playoffs.  They couldn’t pitch, they couldn’t hit with runners in scoring position, and they had old people who should have retired years ago (Chipper Jones, Jason Varitek, I’m looking at you).  The buzz for the year’s playoffs is going to be off the chain with how the Rays and the Cardinals got in, along with the Phillies pitching juggernaut, the Brewers’ dynamic duo of the Hebrew Hammer Ryan Bruan, and the gulliest dude in baseball in my opinion, Prince Fielder.  For the pista resistance, my Nats are looking good for next year, with Strasburg 6 inning, 10 strikeout gem with only 79 pitches on the final game of the season.  God I love the game of baseball…

…But it’s not my favorite sport.  That’s reserved for basketball, which is being attacked from all sides in the college and the pros.  Rivalries in college basketball are being destroyed by realignment for the almighty dollar.  Guys can still leave after one year, and who knows if that will ever change because the NBA can’t get their act together with the labor deal.  By the time you read this, Kaiser David Stern will be threatening to cancel the NBA season.  A season that will follow the greatest NBA season I can remember.  A season that follows one of the coolest offseasons of the summer with the NBA Streetball video game come to life.

Miss Me with the NBA BS

Idiotic owners  decided to give Travis Outlaw 5 years, $35 million and Brendan Haywood 6 years, $55 million extension, and that was LAST YEAR WITH THE LOCKOUT LOOMING!!!  But yet its the players that should and will give back loads of dough and commit to a hard cap.  I’m sorry, if your company squanders the profits with bad investments and makes other idiotic decisions, should you be forced to take a salary cut and give back benefits while the executives get bonuses?  Wait, you saying you already did that?  Well, sucks to be you but I think it’s the idiot owners that should contract themselves before you contract the Minnesota Timberwolves or Charlotte Bobcats.

The NFL players lost in their negotiations; I would love to see the NBA players stand firm and say, “hey NBA owners, how about you commit to being smarter businessmen, before we commit to a hard cap.” However, there are not enough players that have the heart, or the pockets, to commit to that stance.  The owners have already killed the union at the bargaining table, but now they are on the edge of killing the golden NBA goose because of their greed.  The owners and players, once friends and partners in the league, need to understand what needs to be done and sacrificed this weekend in order to preserve the 2011-12 NBA season.

Those are my musing on other sports.  Don’t worry, I’ll be all football for the rest of the football Fridays.  In fact I want to introduce to you our newest idea, the Trap Game of the Week.  I’ll pick a game that you should think about for a little while longer before you make your pick.  It will be either college or pro (I really want to pick this weekend’s Wise vs Northwestern High School tilt as a trap game, s/o to ArAyeGee).  And of course I will make up some reason why you should care.  It debuts next week, but if you wanted a trap game for this week, I think the Buffalo vs Cincinnati game fits the bill.  With Buffalo coming off a huge win last week, and Philly coming up to upstate New York next week, they could easily overlook the Bengals on Sunday.

For your Mancave setup for a great weekend in college football, and a clunker for the NFL, check this guide.  Bold is for your 1080p I think I’m in the movies behemoth, italics for the old faithful 720p, and regular is for whatever TV you gave to your girl so she could play Wii Fit.

Saturday Oct 1

12-3pm – Texas A&M vs Arkansas (ESPN), Kentucky vs LSU (check local TV), Mississippi St. vs Georgia (check local TV)

3:30-7pm – Auburn vs South Carolina (CBS), Michigan St vs Ohio St (ABC or ESPN), Clemson vs Virginia Tech (6pm ESPN2)

8pm – Alabama vs Florida (CBS), Nebraska vs Wisconsin (ABC), MLB: Gm 2 – Tigers vs Yankees (8:30 TBS)

Sunday Oct 2

1-4 – Pittsburgh vs Houston, Detroit vs Dallas, San Francisco vs Philadelphia

4-7 – New England vs Oakland, Denver vs Green Bay, MLB: Gm 2 – D-Backs vs Brewers (4:30 TBS)

8pm – New York Jets vs Baltimore, MLB: Gm 2 – Cardinals vs Phillies (8:30pm TBS)

Studs & Scrubs Week 3

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I am a little late this week on this post, but hey better late than never. I think that is how the saying goes. That is exactly the theme we are seeing this year in the NFL with numerous 4th quarter come from behind victories. If you would have told me last year that after week 3 I would even considered choosing these 3 for a NFL Studs list I would probably have slapped, hit a catdaddy, and continued on with my day. So let’s get into our week 3 NFL Studs and Scrubs.

Catch me if you can!

1. It is time that we take notice to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson, and those Buffalo Bills. This first award isn’t really a individual performance, but a kudos to the entire Buffalo Bills as they overcame a 21-0 deficit to shock Tom Brady and his Patriots. Fitzpatrick threw for 369 yds and 2 TD, and averaging 6.2 yds per carry Fred Jackson chipped in with some excellent runs during this comeback. Don’t forget about the Bills defense who picked off Tom Brady 4 times! No matter what invalid reasoning you give to try to discredit the Bills defense during this game, you need to stop and give respect when it is due.

The Bills have been irrelevant just as long as Smiles and SouthStar have been relevant.  So far that streak has ended at the beginning of this season as they have started 3-0, and looking to go 4-0 as they face the Bungals next. The Bills have shown us this season they are not to be overlooked beating some peoples SuperBowl favorites the New England Patriots. Congratulations to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Fred Jackson, and the rest of those Buffalo Bills this week you are NFL STUDS!!!

2. Next up let’s all stand and applaud Darren McFadden and those Oakland RRRRAAAAIIIIIDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRSSSSSSSSSS!! *Chris Berman voice* This past week McFadden help propel his Raiders past the Jets with 19 carries for 171 yds and 2 TD. After running threw the Jets defense like that I think it’s time that Rex Ryan stop spending so much money on corners, and improve his front 7. It is time to take notice of this football team; the Raiders are here to play. Finishing 8-8 last year the Raiders showed some promise, and it has carried into this season. This year I think the Raiders playing in the AFC West have a legitimate shot at a division title. Especially if they can keep playing the way they did last week. So far it doesn’t show they are missing Nnamdi too much, lets just see how long they can keep this up. Darren McFadden congrats you and those Raiders are NFL STUDS of week 3.

He's got "Get Away from the cops speed"

Decepticons Mobilize

3. I cannot believe I am actually about to say this, but next is Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions. Down 20-0 at halftime Matthew Stafford found away to rally his team and leave out of Minnesota with a victory. He went 32-46 for 378 yds and 2 TD. Almost throwing for 400 yds with no interceptions deserves some recognition. Stafford 2 TD went to none other than Calvin “Megatron” Johnson who caught 7 passes for 108 yards. These two are becoming a force to be reckoned with, I think they will be terrorizing defenses for a long time assuming Stafford can remain healthy. These are not the Lions of old the guaranteed win you counted when you saw them on your favorite teams schedule.  It is good to see the Lions playing competitive football. Up next they have my Dallas Cowboys let’s see what Stafford and Megatron can do. Until then congratulations Matthew Stafford and Megatron you are NFL STUDS of week 3.


1. It gives me great pleasure to announce the Philadelphia Eagles as my week 3 scrubs. This so called “Dream Team” after beating the Rams *insert sideeye* they have lost two straight games falling to 1-2 on the season thus far. Vick is back to the Vick we know; the most exciting and electrifying injury prone player in the league. Before getting hurt Vick was 16/23 for 176 0 TD 1 INT and 3 fumbles. Fantasy owners are you happy with that performance? The Eagles signed Vince Young and thought he would maintain the same offense if Vick gets hurt, but this guy is hurt as well. All of Philadelphia had to briefly rely on Kafka! lol. I cannot even type his name without laughing. Anyway he went 4/7 for 35 yds 0 TD and 2 interceptions. Remember that Desean Jackson holdout situation? This guy this season so far has provided the Eagles with 10 catches for 153 and 1 TD. How does he expect more money when Maclin has surpassed Jackson’s season stats in one game. Currently sitting at the bottom of the division and seeming to have more problems than answers the Philadelphia Eagles are NFL SCRUBS for week 3.

2. To the New England Patriots I have one question. How in the world do you blow a 21 point lead and give up 34 points to the Bills!!!?????? Bill Belicheat did you lose your spygate film on the Bills? The Patriots although they are 2-1 on the season their defense has been torched every single game. They were even torched by Chad Henne. It is no surprise to me that the Patriots are currently last in the NFL in total defense and they also give up 26.3 points a game. For a team aspiring to win a SuperBowl this is unacceptable. I hate to shock everyone with this next fact, but Tom Brady does not play defense. If the Patriots cannot improve their defense their SuperBowl run could be cut short in the playoffs. The New England Patriots DEFENSE! for week 3 you are NFL Scrubs.

3. This may be a stretch for my last NFL Scrubs, but what do you call a defense that gives up 234 yards rushing? Apparently, we call them a great defense. I think otherwise and say this week the New York Jets defense are Scrubs. Coming into each game you know that every team you face will quickly become run heavy knowing that you struggle against the run. In week 1 against my Cowboys Romo moved the ball with ease until the 4th quarter, and last week the Raiders put up 34 points on this defense. Now maybe the role of the defense is changing, but continuing to give up that amount of yardage on the ground and those points deserves recognition as NFL Scrubs. They are still 2-1, but with opposing teams gaining confidence and testing the Jets defense; their defense just needs to play better. I won’t speak on this too much, but the Jets still have that big question mark on their team known as Mark Sanchez. Unfortunately Rex Ryan, “Playing like a Jet” has earned you a spot on this weeks NFL Scrubs list.


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Weekly NFL Picks: Week 4

Posted: September 27, 2011 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Welp another week of NFL has come and gone and it was another GREAT one. With so many games decided by one score in the last drive it was very exciting. And who was victorious yet another week in predicting the most games correctly??? None other than Renard…. (-__-) Yes, I’m irked. Time to step it up peeps. He can’t win anymore! (Yes, I’m hating!) So here are the amount of games each person picked correctly this week:

Yannick 2 / Richan 3 / Lebron 3 / Carmen 3 / Marissa 3 / Dara 3 / Renard 4

So here are the current overall standings:
Renard 14
Carmen 12
Dara 11
Richan 11
Yannick 10
Lebron 9
Marissa 9

I must admit Renard picked some good match ups for this week. Here they are:

Week 4

Marissa  DET  PIT  CLE  PHI  NE  NYJ
Lebron  DAL  HOU  TEN  SF  NE  BAL
Yannick  DET  PIT  CLE  PHI  NE  BAL

Overreaction Monday: Week 3 Edition

Posted: September 27, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Don't Be Like This Guy and Overreact

I decided to push back Overreaction Monday to Tuesday this week because of the big rivalry game between my Skins and the Cowboys.  It was definitely work the wait.  Eight divisional games were played this past week, including the Monday Night Game.  Of those eight, six games were decided by 3 points or less.  Two teams that won their games proved that they belong in the contender status all year.  One team, impressed enough to be considered an improving team, just short of contender status.  Want to know which teams I’m talking about?  Well, read on with this week’s edition of Overreaction Monday; on a Tuesday

Don’t Get It Twisted

1. The Redskins Are Who We Thought They Were…A Terrible Team

This game was so important for the Skins.  People were questioning whether their first two victories were filet or just well seasoned bologna.  So the Skins went into Dallas with a chip on their shoulders.  But they let Felix Jones get 100 yards.  The receivers from the Pitt Sigma’s intramural squad was lining up and catching passes all day.  The Skins offense left points on the field.  They abandoned the run.  They called Engage Eight two straight plays, and didn’t even hide it.  It seemed like the Skins of old; confused, bewildered, overmatched.

But yet I think this game proved that the Redskins are not the Skins of old.  They held Dallas to only field goals, sometimes starting deep in their own territory.  They hit hard.  They had a chance to win at the end and even with Rex Grossman it felt like the Skins had a chance.  It’s just that Tony Romo was one play better last night.  And that will be the story of the Redskins this year in my opinion.  They just don’t have the weapons yet to be a true contender, but they will be in every game.  They are going to win a lot more games than experts predicted this year.  By December, I believe they will be relevant in the playoff race.  Unfortunately, this league still runs on talent as well as teamwork.  I fear against the elite competition, the Skins will be a play or two worse than their opponents; a game or two away from the playoffs.  But as a Redskins fan, I love and appreciate the visible improvement.

2. Charged Up In San Diego

Everyone thought that the Chargers would run away with the God-awful AFC West (which is better than the uncannily bad NFC West) because they, as usual, had the most talent of any team in the division.  Well, unfortunately the coach of the team is still Norv Turner and every year there seems to be an issue.  Last year it was special teams; this year its turnovers.  The Chargers are -6 in turnover ratio and almost lost to the Chiefs because of…you guessed it, turnovers.  That Raiders team is looking too good to think the Chargers would have this division clinched by Thanksgiving.

3. Cooked Birds For Thanksgiving

I so wanted to put this in the other category but I couldn’t.  The Eagles and Falcons are not done, despite their divisional losses.  The talent alone for the Eagles should win them 6 games (including this weeks 49ers game).  The Falcons have weapons all over the place themselves.  But there are serious issues on both teams that can’t be overlooked; unless you are the Eagles management that overlooked said problems in the offseason.  The Eagles have a terrible line, Clay Matthews’s sister at linebacker, and safeties that can’t tackle.  The Falcons have a bad offensive line as well and seem to have put a lot of pressure on themselves.   However, there is plenty of time to right the ship.  The Eagles can learn to protect Vick while he sits on the sideline.  The Falcons have to learn how to use Matt Ryan and that offense ( huddle…cough).  But the Super Bowl aspirations for both teams have definitely taken a hit.

On the Money

1. Dallas’s Destiny

No Words For This Pic

This is the Dallas team that everyone looked for since 2007.  A good team, with a high-powered offense, and can play stingy defense.  The Cowboys can be scary.  The Cowboys found a way to win a MNF game that it probably had no business winning.  For the last couple of years, the Cowboys would lose those type of games with mental blunders and bad play.  Finally someone has stepped up on the team to not let the Cowboys fall apart when they were on the ropes; Antonio Ramiro Romo.  He held that team together with NO HELP.  He got his team in the right place when they needed to be and made the play that no one else could make.  If the ‘Boys can keep it up, LBC will be celebrating a divisional title.

2. Party Like It’s 1999

The 1999 season is the last season that the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills made the playoffs.  Twelve years of mediocrity, misery, and Matt Millen.  But it’s a new day for both cities.  In Buffalo we are not just circling the wagons, we are circling the f’ing wagons!  This team is for real on offense and can make a play on defense in order to win.  They got a huge character win with the way they came back against the Patriots.  With their schedule, they can definitely contend for a playoff spot.

The Lions were predicted by a lot of people to be for real.  While it looked like they struggled in the 1st half in Minnesota, their gritty win against the Vikings will go a long way for that squad.  They go on the road to a suddenly hot Cowboys team.  Let’s see what the Lions look like in a playoff-like atmosphere on the road.  If they win, they won’t have to go on the road much in the playoffs.

3. Put the Corn of the Kolb on the Grill

Sorry to even bring up anything that deals with the NFC West on the blog, because they don’t play real defense there.  But the Cardinals suck.  And Kevin Kolb blows.  It’s not working down there in the desert with this guy.  How hard is it to throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald?  I knew that Kolb would put up stats in the desert, but victories are hard to come by for the Cardinals.  How do you only score 10 points in Seattle?  The Cards can move the ball between the 20s, but scoring is their bugaboo.  They are 1-2, but its easy to say they should have a better record because Kolb went against Cam Newton, Rex Grossman, and Tarvaris Jackson.  This is what happens when you trade quarterbacks with the Eagles.  You don’t get what you pay for.

But you always get what you pay for with a Mancave06 post.  Appreciate you reading.  Be easy.

Football Friday: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Posted: September 23, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

All This Change is Giving Mr. Duck A Headache

Is the ground still shaking?  From California to the East coast, there are seismic changes happening in crazy places.  We are in a period of calm, with the Pac-12 settling at 12 (great move), the Big 12 looking like it has 9 lives, and East Carolina applying to enter the Big East (whoop-dee-doo).  When the dust settles and the damage has been assessed, the world of college football will never be the same.

When did this all begin?  You can look at Texas, starting their own network; jealous rivals like Texas A&M, who got so mad they bolted for other lands.  You can look at Nebraska, or Utah, or TCU.  You can go all the way back to Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College and their jettison from the Big East ship to ACC country, where nobody had any idea why BC should be in there.  Maybe we can just blame the BCS, which has kept the haves further separated from the have-nots, and led the drumbeat for super conferences for FOOTBALL ONLY.  That’s there is such a scramble to get in to one of these “future” conferences because if you don’t get right now, you get left.  Or you can just blame human avarice; college presidents that are reaching their hands out for the next best football money deal, forgetting that all of this is suppose to be an amateur athletics program.

He's Not Coming to the ACC This Year

The only real problem I see with this realignment is that it is happening at warp-speed.  There is not much thought to schools moving and being acquired.  Did the ACC really gain alot by securing Syracuse and Pitt? Jim Brown and Tony Dorsett ain’t walking in that door with them.  Pitt’s only BCS appearance was a laugher.  I forget that the Cuse plays football sometimes.  It’s just like when the ACC wiffed on Virginia Tech, Miami, and BC in 2003.  On the basketball side, is big and bruising Pitt and Cuse that great of a mix with the Carolina high-octane schools?  I don’t remember Pitt being in the Final Four since…ever (tear).  Syracuse killed its own baby by leaving the basketball behemoth they started for the ACC.  All the rivalries built over the years have been dashed to pieces for better golf weather.  Oh if you think the ACC doesn’t feel bad look at this; they just upped their opt-out fee to $20 million (Pitt and Cuse paid $5 million in the Big East).  Talk about guilty feelings.  There are some real shenanigans at work in college sports right now.

On the Pac-12 side, all the schools involved got to keep their $30 million by telling Texas to shove it.  Finally, someone with some foresight!  The Pac-12 struck their TV deal with 12 schools in mind; if they add 4 more, revenue is split some more, and if one school is going to have their own money coming in and not share it with anybody, why even let them at the table?  You ever had a roommate who let their girl come over, eat all the food and use your water and didn’t add anything to the pot?  That would be Texas in the Pac-12 right now.

It seems that things are quieting down now.  Missouri rejected the SEC, which probably opens the door for WVU to take their shotguns down to the ivory palace of conference.  The Big East looks like they are moving to become a basketball conference which happens to play football.  The Big 12 could help themselves by add a big time program like TCU (who is crying their way to the Big East).  Nobody cares about Boise State.  And the Big 10 still plays boring football.

Who knows where we are in this process, but I do know the end will be the super conferences.  But after that, what will college football look like?  My Mancave dwellers spelled out one possibility this week, and I hope they are right, because that is the only thing I see being a positive out of all of this.  The beginning of a college plus-one system or some type of playoff system would be the greatest tournament of all time, even better than the NCAA Tournament.  The money from that would be so enormous, maybe we can finally start paying student athe –

On second thought, there are just some things that look like they will never change.  Because it is time to end the foolish belief that these guys are student athletes.  The student part has been balled up and tossed out the window a long time ago.  It’s time to begin to call these players what they really are in the eyes of these universities; cash cows.  After the song of the week (lyrics and video is very fitting), we have you Mancave TV Lineup for a quiet college football weekend.

If there ever was a weekend to score some points with your girl, this would be the weekend.  The college games are kind of weak, especially early on Saturday.  But if you insist on staying in, as usual bold is for you 3D TV you spent too much money on, italics is the bedroom TV, and regular is your Ipad screen

Saturday, September 24

12-3pm: Notre Dame-Pittsburgh (ABC), North Carolina-Georgia Tech (ESPN), Georgia-Ole Miss (check local TV)

3:30pm-7pm: Oklahoma State-Texas A&M (ABC or ESPN2), Arkansas-Alabama (CBS), Florida State-Clemson (ESPN)

8pm – LSU-West Virginia (ABC), Vanderbilt-South Carolina (7pm – ESPN2), Missouri-Oklahoma (FX)

Sunday, September 25

1-4pm: New York Giants-Philadelphia, New England-Buffalo, Houston-New Orleans

4-7pm: Green Bay-Chicago, New York Jets-Oakland, Atlanta-Tampa Bay

Don’t even waste your time with Pittsburgh-Indianapolis on Sunday Night, check out the new season of Boardwalk Empire on HBO.

NFL Sound-Off: C’Mon Man & Injuries

Posted: September 23, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

C’mon Man – Week 2 (this wasn’t as good as the video from Week 1)

The New York Giants are also worthy of a C’Mon Man for faking injuries while the Rams were running their no huddle offense!

The only other news worth talking about in the NFL is figuring out which stars are going to suit up for Week 3.  There were a ton of injuries to report from Week 2 and the Cowboys have been the team most impacted, but this is football and no one makes excuses!  As the great Herm Edwards said, “you play to win the game!”.

Good luck on piecing together wins for your Fantasy Teams or waiting until the last minute to figure out who will win games.

So be sure to enjoy your Week 3 match ups and check out our Week 3 games of the week!

P.S. Ran across this picture of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, at what time do you just let it go? Luckily this is from 2 years ago and i think now Rivera sports a closer cut these days!

Weekly NFL Picks: Week 3

Posted: September 22, 2011 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Last week came down to a riveting showdown between Renard and I but he came up victorious because VICK just haaaaad to bump into his own man, bite his tongue, and get a concussion! Needless to say Renard definitely took his time to gloat about his week 2 win and always beating me in weekly showdowns. (Which doesn’t matter if I have more weekly wins than him anyway which is my plan!) Anyway I digress…. Here are the standings after our first 2 weeks:

Week 2 Winner- Renard 10

Carmen 9

Dara 8

Yannick 8

Richan 8

Lebron 6

Marissa 6

Here are Renard’s game picks. It’s a little late this week (sorry been busy with school work)

Week 3

Carmen  DET  PHI  ATL  GB  NE  CAR
Marissa  DET  PHI  ATL  GB  NE  CAR
Renard  DET  PHI  TB  GB  NE  CAR
Lebron  DET  PHI  ATL  GB  NE  CAR
Yannick  DET  PHI  ATL  GB  NE  JAX

Studs & Scrubs Week 2

Posted: September 21, 2011 by LBC in NFL

Back with your weekly edition of Studs & Scrubs. Top performers of Week 2.


I don't suffer from 4th QT LBJ syndrome

1. After a late collapse in week 1 Tony Romo redeemed himself this week against the 49ers by leading his team from 10 down in the fourth to an OT win. All of this after suffering what we now know as a rib and lung injury. Tony Romo went 20-33 for 345yds and 2 TD’s. Throughout this game Romo stood in the pocket looking poised, making great reads, and delivering throws on target to his receivers willing the Cowboys to a come back victory. After taking much criticism all last week Romo has bounced back this week showing signs he can definitely be a top ten quarterback in this league. What better way to be a leader than coming back from an injury and playing lights out football? This week Tony Romo you are a NFL STUD!

2. Everyone stand up and give a round of applause to Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. Although it was in a loss Jackson showed why he is one of the dominant receivers in the NFL. His dangerous combination of size and speed Jackson showed defenses never forget he is a receiver that needs to be feared. Vincent dominated the Patriots secondary with 10 catches for 172 yards and 2 TD’s. Vincent Jackson made incredible catches this past week. Attempting to take matters into his own hands, and will the Chargers to a victory. Unfortunately, he his led by Philip “I only play good after week 8” Rivers. Nonetheless Vincent Jackson congratulations! week 2 you are an NFL STUD!

3. From the Philadelphia Eagles  we have Desean Jackson!!!  nope I mean Jeremy Maclin. Although in an Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin stepped up this week giving the Eagles 13 catches for 171 yards and 2 TD. If it were not for this so called “Dream Teams” defense Maclin’s performance would have resulted in a win for the Eagles. Maclin torched a falcons defense appearing to catch everything that was thrown his way. Congratulations Jeremy Maclin you are a NFL STUD FOR WEEK 2!!!!

Pay me! not Desean

– D. Jack you WILL NOT! get a contract if Maclin keeps out performing you –


1. First we have gold teeth wearing and dirty dread dancing Chris Johnson from the Titans. CJ you held out that long to get $53 mill, and followed your week 1 performance of 9 carries for 24 yds (2.7 yds a carry) with a 24 carries for 53yds (2.2 yds a carry) performance? How dare you hold out and put up these terrible stats. Not only are the Titans upset,  but you also have fantasy owners regretting drafting you. Yes, its still early in the season but you still don’t have a total of 100 yards rushing for the season. Congratulations on your new contract, but you should be giving some of that money back to the Titan organization or to fix them awful dreads. Since you are not playing footall well so far this year maybe you can join Ray J and #TheMoneyTeam in singing love songs in a man’s living room. Congratulations this week you are an NFL SCRUB!!!! but you can still join #TheMoneyTeam

There has to be something growing in there.

2. Ok after having a week 1 for the history books against what is said to be one of the best defenses in the NFL. Joe Flacco followed a stellar week 1 performance going 15-32 for 197 yds and 2 INT. I saw your INT’s this week, and the only thing that came to my mind was this. Anyway, Joe Flacco you keep performing like you did in week 2 and your Ravens will end up where they always do; home watching the playoffs. Congrats! for week 2 you are an NFL SCRUB!!!!

I'll never win a superbowl

3. My last selection is not really one person, but a group. The second half performance showed us why no lead is safe if the Oakland Raiders are playing defense. In a game where the offense had a substantial lead. Somehow the Oakland Raiders allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills to score 35 second half points on 5 consecutive drives. How in the world do you not make any adjustments the entire second half to force at least one punt or some type of turnover? At some point; a coach, player, staff member, team doctor, someone had to realize whatever you were doing during the second half of that game was clearly costing you the game. So to the Oakland Raiders defense congratulations on losing the game for your team. You are a WEEK 2 NFL SCRUB!!!


Playoff in College Football? Its very possible…

Posted: September 20, 2011 by arayegee in NFL

If this college football conference switcheroo carousel has your head spinning, do not be embarrassed. It seems like teams are changing conferences faster than people change their Twitter status. Its unfortunate that many age old rivalries will likely die in this shameless money grab by these universities, and that the NCAA will still find reasons as to why these players shouldnt be paid, but thats another post altogether. As sad as it may seem to see your favorite teams leave conferences theyve called home for so many years, the silver lining may make this all worthwhile. Ladies and gentleman, we may be seeing the beginning stages to a playoff format.

Those against a playoffs believe that extending the season even further than it already is will negatively affect the players’ academics, physical well-being, and ‘amateurism’ of college football.  Based on the actions of the powers that be in the NCAA, these are not substantial claims, but they are valid, so they have to be taken into consideration. A season over the current 13 games is out of the question, and so is getting rid of the bowls altogether. There is too much money/tradition tied into bowl games, even those Bowls. Lets not forget that dreaded BCS monster, either. All three of these potential roadblocks can be (or should be) easily circumvented with a plan that would  make fans and coaches happy, all while keeping the NCAA executives and universities even richer.

1. Lets say this rumored idea of the 4 super conferences comes into fruition, and these conferences hold 16 teams a piece. Youve got the PAC 16, the Big 16, the SEC, and the ACC. Split each conference in half and have 8 teams in each division among each conference, similar to how the SEC and the Big 12 have it now. Throw in the now-obligatory gimme game against a FCS school (1 game), have everyone play the teams in their division (we are now at 8 games), and 2 non-conference or rivalry games (10 games). You take the two best teams from each division, throw them in a conference championship (11) and we now have ourselves a Final Four. The SEC champ, Big 16 champ, ACC champ, and PAC-16 champ.

2. Seed these four teams however you would like them, and put them in a playoff. 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. Easy, right? These playoff games can be one either the major bowls, known now as the BCS Bowls. We are at 12 games so far. The winning teams play each other for the National Championship. The remaining BCS Bowl will be the national championship game.

3. What about the other 60 teams that aren’t in the playoff? Simple, use the AP and Coaches Poll to rank them accordingly and make killer matchups in the remaining bowl games.

And the teams who aren’t a part of the four big conferences? Will they have a chance to get to the National Championship?

It depends. If a super conference has a mediocre champion, average SOS, and isnt ranked favorably in the AP and Coaches’ Poll, then there is a chance they get bumped out of the Final Four. So the Boise States and Notre Dames (LOL) still have a chance.

And there we have it. A simple, effective, realistic playoff format. Keep in mind the contract between the BCS format is scheduled to end after the 2013 season, so this plan isn’t too far-fetched. It makes too much sense though to actually be put into place. But we can all wish, cant we?

Congratulations to Mariano Rivera

Posted: September 19, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in MLB
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Mancave06 Salute To You Mr. Rivera

Mariano Rivera has solidfied himself as the greatest reliever of all-time. He picked up his 602nd save today, the most all-time in baseball. In honor of his feat, here is a link to a friend of the ManCave06 and fellow brother, Andre Fields, and his excellent piece on one of the best pitchers of all time

Continuing the Legacy: A Salute to Mariano Rivera