Divide and Conquer: Your Time in the Mancave vs With Your Girl

Posted: September 2, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, Mancave Fundamentals, NFL

The Game or Beyonce? No Contest, Right?

As the single brother in the Mancave06, I always like to run relationship scenarios by those more experienced in our cave.  I always wanted to know what guys do with their significant others during the weekend if they are really into football.   Now that you are in a relationship, you have a girl that wants to see you.  Since the weekdays are taken up by work, hustling, or better yet, trapping, the weekend is needed for QT with your main squeeze.  In a perfect world, you can watch your random college games on Saturday and NFL Red Zone on Sunday.  Also, your girl will deliver freshly-made sandwiches every 3 hours.  That, of course, is what the blogs on Essence.com is telling her to do right?  It amazes me that there are all these blog sites preparing women to handle the upcoming college and pro football season, but don’t us Mancave dwellers need some type of code of conduct with our girls too?

So I wanted to put this out there in a poll before we preview this weekend’s awesome college football games.  How do you guys handle your women on football weekends?  Let’s say that it is hard for you and your love to get together on the weekdays.  Whether it be work, kids, the jumpoff, etc, it’s hard to spend quality time with your girl Mon-Thurs.  I assume that Friday night is totally devoted to chilling with your women in order to placate get to know your lady better.  But what do you do Sat-Sun?  Do you hang out with your girl on Saturday to get your Sundays free?  Do you miss your alma mater’s game at noon (being a Pitt grad we ALWAYS play at noon), in order to walk around the mall with your girl?  Do you miss the SEC game at 3:30pm to go the museum or art gallery?  Or is missing the Game of the Week at 8pm (like Oregon-LSU this week), worth going with your tenderoni, who surprised you with tickets on Thursday, to an intimate concert featuring Bilal Saturday night?

Little Does She Know My Team is on a Bye Week

Or is Sunday your day of relationship building, in order for you to soak in the pageantry of college on Saturday?  Do you go to second service with you sweetheart (who probably was in the club on Saturday night because your behind was on the couch) so you miss the Patriots comeback vs the Dolphins?   The Cowboys are playing late afternoon, but you’re at the restaurant with the apple of your eye.  The Sunday night game is a rematch of the Super Bowl last year, but the only thing you need to see is the stars in your lady’s eye as you go for an evening walk, right?  I’m sure these questions all depend on your taste in football, and I am sure you can mix-and-match certain times of the weekend to give your boo some desperately-needed attention.  But if you had to give up a whole day because your damsel is a dictator of your time, which would you give up?

Let me also pass this question to the ladies.  A lot of female fans of the Mancave 06 do not mind their man watching football all weekend.  Hell, they’ll post up right on the couch, and will slap their man silly if he asked for eskimo kisses or something corny in the middle of the 3rd quarter.  But if you are getting serious with your king, would you request a day during the weekend to start looking at jewelry, white dresses, nice churches and banquet halls, and to watch Say Yes to the Dress (you see where I am going with this).

So here is two polls, for the guys and the ladies who love them.  After the poll, it’s the best games of the weekend and how we would set them up if you have 3 TVs in your Mancave.  Football is here fellas!!! Enjoy the weekend, and pass your happiness along to your buttercup at least sometime these next couple days.  Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, Sept 3 Bold represents your main 46+ inch, 1080p HD, 3D, 38DD TV, Italics is your 27in, held you down in college HD TV for the 2nd game, Regular is for your I stole this from my grandma TV

12 to 3:30 block – Akron vs Ohio State (ESPN), Utah State vs Auburn (ESPN2), Appalachain State vs Virginia Tech (ACC Network @ 12:30pm)

3:30 to 7 block – South Florida vs Notre Dame (NBC), Minnesota vs USC (ESPN2 or ABC), BYU vs Ole Miss (ESPN @ 4pm)

8pm to Drunk Time – Oregon vs LSU (ABC), Boise State vs Georgia (ESPN), Tulsa vs Oklahoma (FX)

And a special Monday night game – Miami vs Maryland (ESPN @ 8pm)

  1. deedeestonz says:

    My sister and brother in-law have a house which features a sprawling mancave in the basement…they’ve lived there for 2 years now and I think I can count the number of times she’s actually been down those stairs on my two hands. They have a balance. He watches football and plays Madden down there and she primps and does girly stuff upstairs (unless the Saints are playing in which case she is decked out in black and gold right beside her man). When the get a longing for each other he comes up and boo loves a little and then he goes back to his domain. And if his presence is required outside of the house during a crucial game it’s simple…set the dvr and turn off your phone so friends won’t text you highlights!

    Me personally I wouldn’t require a day just for me. And this is not because I would most likely be right there watching football all day too, but it accomplishes nothing. You are basically forcing your man to do something he doesn’t want to do which means he is going to have a bit of an attitude and any time you are actually spending together will most likely end in an argument anyway. NOPE. Let that man watch his football…but men you MUST know when and how to make up those football hours in order to save the relationship. AND if the game isn’t an important one skip it. Trust me the world will not end because you didn’t witness EVERY televised touchdown of the college football season.

    • RenzReport says:

      Nicely put, but mancave hours of operation extend outside of the Saturday and Sunday’s during the football season. You have to account for Madden time, Call of Duty, NCAA Basketball, just to name a few. So what has to be established from jump street is a level of balance. Have dinner w/ your partner, take phone calls on the way home from work and later in the evening, force yourself to close up shop by a certain times. There are things we men can do to accommodate our ladies, so we shouldn’t think it’s all up to them…just you spoke of how your brother-in-law sets the DVR and turns off phone to miss updates, there are workarounds!

  2. Queens B says:

    Hmmm…interesting poll, but my take on this is rather simple (at least simple in me eyes lol), and this would be my ideal approach: My man and I can just work out a schedule. Chances are, we’ll spend Friday night together. Saturday we can plan something to do together…most likely in the evening. It would honestly depend on the activity that we want to do together. He doesn’t have to accompany me shopping, because I like shopping alone. Running errands? We can do that alone if necessary. Sunday we can still be in the same house together, just doing different things, stealing our QT moments whenever the opportunity presents itself. I assume we would go to church together, eat brunch/lunch together, and then he can go off to watch his games, and I can do my thing. I get the hint to back off when football is on (if I don’t intend to watch). If I had to choose, I would probably pick Saturday. Just not all day Saturday, unless we’re just missing each other so much that not even football can keep us away from each other, ha! A lot of this all just depends. Things like how many times did we see each other during the week, what do we want to do together, how big are the upcoming games, are we in a “homebody” mood, are friends coming over, etc. would all have to be taken into consideration. If the man is strategic, and plans his moves with his lady just right…he will get to catch [most] of the games, and she’ll get her boo-lovin time. Becomes a win-win for both!

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