GridIron Swag

Posted: September 6, 2011 by deedeestonz in College Football, Just Turrible

This opening weekend of college football was EXCITING! That Baylor/TCU game WHEW! And like I tweeted earlier the highlight reel from last weekend was BANANAS! But there was another battle that ensued on collegiate football fields across the country last weekend, one that had nothing to do with touchdowns scored. Nope. This last weekend saw a full out FASHION WAR on the grid iron! *gasp* Yup. College football was a fashion show last weekend and I loved it! I think uniforms were tweeted about more than the actual plays being made on the field and not just by the ladies.  So who won this swag showdown and who failed miserably??? Here is my take on it:

I absolutely LOVED Oregon’s uniforms…they basically puked swag all over Cowboys Stadium. I mean who can come back from LOSING a national title game last season and intimidate everybody on the field with pure swag before the ball was even snapped like Oregon did on Saturday?!?!?  And that neon green in HD? Oh yea…Oregon players should walk around in their uniforms everyday. Bet the yammage goes up! *cue Big Sean “Dance”* “Now make that mutha sucka hammertime!” But anyway I give Oregon an A-. Why you ask…their poor showing in the actual game! You can’t look that cool and let the LSU defense beat on you like that. ANNNNND the reason why they will NEVER get a perfect score from me: THEY NEVER SWAG OUT THE MASCOT!!!

Giving Oregon a run for most swag last weekend was UGA. Their colors alone…hotness!  All red everything…tight! That helmet…ehhhhh! Poor, poor, poor, execution! That two-tone face mask should have been aborted early.  As a matter of fact UGA failed from the neck up on this one.  The verdict: B

While many people bashed the University of Maryland uniforms inspired by the Maryland state flag I didn’t think they were THAT bad.  In fact their uniform may have been the most creative out of anyone’s, it just suffered a case of “concept overkill.”  When accessorizing an outfit we women have always been taught that less is more and if we feel over accessorized take one piece off until the look is right.  Well UM could have taken a few pieces off! Like the gold and yellow checked arm bands…what the heck was that??? They should have decided to go with a flag themed jersey OR a flag themed helmet. Doing both was clearly doing too much.  Their jerseys alone were dope enough for them to get a best dressed nod so they didn’t really need the extras.  So for failure to properly asses their look and recognize when they were teetering  the clown suit line I give the Terapins a C+ (and that is me being generous because they pay my wages).

Honorable Mention:  Boise State

Their color combo is sick.  I prefer the blue jerseys over the white they wore last weekend but they still have one of the nicest uniforms in college football.

  1. arayegee says:

    Id actually give Georgia a C-..i liked what they were going for, but it seemed like a create a jersey from NCAA Football 2012. Plus, a college that rich in tradition shouldnt need to go overkill on their unis, especially when they are classic. Maybe it was the helmet that blew me, now that i think of it.

    PS, your idea of ‘concept overkill’ was DEAD on.

  2. arayegee says:

    HOw u gon swag out a DUCK btw? lolol

  3. RenzReport says:

    I agree on the Oregon’s uni’s…they kill it w/ the neon green! I was not a fan of Georgia’s wears and thought it was a uniform taken from a dubbed football movie w/ fake teams like Any Given Sunday.

    Onto University of Maryland’s uni’s, I was at the game and I initially only saw one side of the uniform and thought it was a NY Taxi or something…then, on the other side, I thought I was looking at the old school Window’s icon for FreeCell…nonetheless, did you peep the shoes they wore to? hmph…(see video)…

    Lastly, I thought Boise did a great job w/ there uni's again! I just wish they'd play on a normal color field turf…that blue gets on my nerves!

  4. deedeestonz says:

    UM gets downgraded to a D- for them shoes…I can’t believe I missed that! SMH!

    • RenzReport says:

      don’t worry…those uni’s won’t be seen again. not sure if it was because of the reception, but Under Armour said UMD would not wear those again nor will they sell them. i think these were out of the box uni’s b/c the week prior to the game they released all their uniform combination’s for the new seasons, and the uni’s worn last night were not included…i guess we know why! lol

  5. deedeestonz says:

    and in essence the Oregon and Georgia uniforms are the same…color is the key though. While I think the all red is hot it doesn’t compare to the black/gray and neon green.

  6. LBC says:

    I agree no doubt that Oregon has the number 1 jerseys. Every week they impress me. I actually like Georgia uniforms. The all red is nice to me, but they should have played without helmets especially the two tone face mask.

    Maryland Uniforms “Just Turrible” complete concept overkill and the shoes should result in immediate suspension for the entire organization. How do you feel about Maryland’s warm up helmets though? see here

    Oregon’s Duck definitely deserves some new swag gear since he be doing all them push ups.

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