Town Hall: Is DeSean Jackson Worth Top $$$?

Posted: September 7, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL, Town Hall Meetings

Terrell Owens continues to create buzz while he rehabs his torn ACL he injured this past off season.

During a radio interview on Tuesday, Owens was asked how he would handle the contract situation if he were DeSean Jackson.  Owens, like Jackson is represented by super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, said that if the sides were turned he would not show up to the Eagles week 1 match-up against the St. Louis Rams.

Jackson, who is in the final year of his 4-year rookie deal and will earn roughly $600,000 this season.  Jackson failed to report to Eagles training camp on July 28, 2011 and faced fines of $30,000 a day until he finally reported on August 8th.  Had he not reported by the August 9th deadline, he would have lost a year of service towards free agency.

What’s your take on the Jackson situation?

  1. Is DeSean worthy of top 5 WR money?
  2. Is DeSean worth of top 10 WR money?
  3. Should DeSean sit out until he received a new deal? (a la Chris Johnson)
  4. Should DeSean continue to play and work with management on a new deal?

Please provide your comments below, we would love to hear your input!

  1. RenzReport says:

    In my honest opinion, I do not think DeSean is worth top WR money. If he can break into the top 10, good for him, but based on how the Eagles have used their leverage in the past on how to pay players, at the end of the day DeSean’s greatest option is to play out this final year and test the open market, which in return may drive up his cost…but at the end of the day, I would be concerned paying a guy who is 5’10 175lbs top dollars. After he loses his speed, what else can he do for a team? I feel like he lacks that the possession receiver skill to make an impact and a long career in the NFL.

  2. arayegee says:

    If I were DeSean’s agent, Id initially tell him to go with Option #3, but to lower his expectations. He is not even in the ranks of a top 10 receiver. Theres only one problem about making that decision: Why would you hold out for such a marginal gain? Just play exceptional ball this year and EARN that top5 or top 10 status the following offseason… decision…

    Option 4..Go to work. Get your money next year.

  3. LBC says:

    WR #1: 29 games, 187 receptions, 2785 yards, 17 TDs

    WR #2: 29 games, 209 receptions, 2196 yards, 11 TDs

    WR #3: 32 games, 187 receptions, 2229 yards, 19 TDs

    WR #4: 29 games, 144 receptions, 2104 yards, 17 TDs

    None of these receivers are Desean Jackson!!!! D. Jack needs to show the Eagles he is worth it. Play extremely hard this season and prove he is worth top 5, and even top 10 money. Some may say he is a dynamic receiver and can score many ways so pay him. I counter that by letting you know Dez Bryant had 8 touchdowns in only 8 games last season and he is not getting top 5 or even 10 WR maybe in a few years he will but now NO!. Dez also scored both ways D. Jack scored. D. Jack is a great addition to have on your on team, but due do his size he is limited, and he can be taken out of a game. If D gets hit we have seen he will miss multiple games.

    Paying an extreme amount of money for a receiver who only gives you roughly 50 catches and 10 TD’s in a season is not worth it. Besides running extremely far and very fast what else does he give you?

    • RenzReport says:

      DJax is entering his 4th year, Dez is entering his 2nd and only has 8 games to account for…but I’ll go back to Richan’s comment that he and his agents expectations are probably too high. At the end of the day, DJax is going to get a good deal and it will come for the Eagles. I’m sure he has a good deal on the table from the Eagles now, but he probably wants more (maximizing his gains), so I don’t blame him, but as T.O. stated in his interview, I hope he doesn’t get hurt and risk losing out on a good deal all together.

      If anything, I expect a deal to be reached sometime during the season but I expect it to be somewhere along the lines of top deal w/ a lot of front end money!

  4. scoopbald says:

    This is interesting because the Eagles need Jackson to have a big yr, but they hold all of the leverage n this situation. After giving Vick that 100 mil, he absolutely has to repeat his performance from last yr to validate the money both for himself and the org. In order to do so he’s gonna need all of his weapons especially D Jack. With all the pressure of the expectations after the free agent frenzy this offseason, the Eagles’ season is a failure without at least a SB appearance. That won’t happen w/o Jackson. With that being said, Jackson is under contract and stands to lose money now and in the future if he doesn’t come to play this season. He also is not a conventional #1 meaning he doesn’t catch a ton of passes which could decrease his value. Couple that with the fact that he is undersized and u have a legitimate argument NOT to pay him. Its funny because Jackson reminds me of Vick n the sense that he is undersized, quick, seemingly unstoppable and yet there are doubts as to whether or not he fits into the position he plays. The question becomes whether or not the Eagles can see themselves winning wth him as their #1 guy. If so, pay him per his production which warrants a lot of money. If not, let the situation play out. If I’m Jackson I would prob just hope that my play THIS season gets me my big payday.

  5. LBC says:

    I was just speaking on D. Jack production if he was producing insane numbers I would hope that he would hold out. He is worth more than 600K though, but I hope he doesn’t expect Larry Fitzgerald contract.

  6. dontbeskerritt says:

    Sorry I’m late but this is all I have to say…Santana Moss and more catches and yards than Desean Jackson. He also had the same amount of TDs. Santana Moss was the only credible threat on a squad with McNabb/Grossman throwing him the ball. DJax had Maclin, McCoy and Celek drawing coverage away from him with Vick throwing to him. DJax runs one route.

    However, I will say if he wants his money, his only leverage is to sit. The Eagles have enough problems as it is, they dont need a holdout. And the team never pays its own for some reason. But he will get a big increase with that franchise tag money if he plays cool.

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