Football Friday: Hitting the Reset Button

Posted: September 9, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

After months of sweating and praying, the NFL is finally back.  And it seems like it never left with the level of excitement and anticipation you are seeming from fans.  Heck, maybe the lockout even helped with increaing NFL fandom.  But what are we to expect from this season?  It may be a year to hit the reset button on everything we know about football and rethink about expectations and predictions for the year.

Reset 1: Philadelphia has been called the “Dream Team” by the media and crazy Vince Young, so take that for what it’s worth.  The big news going into the season is the Michael Vick redemption project.  His career has come full circle with his 2nd $100 million dollar contract of his career.  And he definitely deserves it with his strong play last year, and the promise of even better things this year.  But let’s hit that reset button.  Vick went 2-3 during the final 5 games last season.  He wore down from constantly getting hit because the Eagles O-line was brutal.  And they are going to be worse this year!  The lockout didn’t do their O-line any favors because they couldn’t practice together this offseason.  It’s so bad, the Eagles benched their #1 pick for this week because he was struggling on pass protection.  Before you put the Eagles in Super Bowl, consider their offensive O-line.  But if there is anybody that can overcome that, it’s Vick and coach Andy Reid.

Reset 2: What is going on in New England?  They traded for the flashy toothed Chad Ochocinco and the fat tub of margarine (he ain’t good enough to be called butter) Albert Haynesworth.  They gave up on their 2007 draft picks. Are they switching to 3-4 to 4-3?  Before you say, “oh they’re the Patriots they are always great,” how good have they been for the last couple of years?  Since the 18-1 season, this isthe Patriots’ season results; Missed playoffs, lost wild-card round, lost divisional round which was their first game.  I’m not impressed.  The Jets have gotten older at wide-out and lost other key players.  The Colts just realized that maybe they should have had a Manning back-up plan.  Could the AFC actually see the Texans in the playoffs?  It’s all laid out for them, but let’s press the reset button; its the Texans, they were suppose to emerge for the last 2 seasons.  They have fallen flat on their face both seasons.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Reset 3: New Orleans and Green Bay showed last night which lockout philosophy worked the best.  The Saints took the lockout seriously, holding workouts constantly to try to mimic the offseason grind.  The Packers decided to chill and reset themselves after their Super Bowl run.  Well, the test was a wash because both teams looked amazing.  But there is no need to press the reset on this one; the Pack avoided the Super Bowl hangover by avoiding talk about it because of the lockout.  Because of this, they will probably make another deep playoff run.  So what are the rest of our Mancave predictions?  I’m glad you asked.  Here is our picks for the year that you can laugh at in February.  We also have the song for the weekend and our suggestions for how to organize your mancave televisions.  Be easy this weekend and stay dry y’all, and I don’t mean sober.

ManCave Season Predictions:

DontBeSkerritt – AFC: Patriots, Ravens, Titans, Chargers, Texans, Steelers   NFC: Eagles, Packers, Falcons, Rams, Cowboys, Saints   Super Bowl: Ravens vs Packers   Winner: Ravens

LBC – AFC: Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Chargers, Jets, Steelers  NFC: Cowboys, Packers, Falcons, Rams, Eagles, Saints   Super Bowl: Patriots vs Packers  Winner: Patriots

ArAyeGee – AFC: Jets, Steelers, Titans, Chargers, Ravens, Patriots  NFC: Eagles, Bears, Rams, Saints, Packers, Falcons  Super Bowl: Jets vs Bears  Winner: Bears

RenzReport – AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chargers, Ravens, Jets  NFC: Eagles, Packers, Rams, Saints, Lions, Falcons  Super Bowl: Chargers vs Packers Winner: Chargers

Here is what should be on your TV this weekend.  As always, its a 3-TV system; bold is for your main projection TV, italics is your girlfriend’s TV that you borrowed, regular is for the rabbit-ears TV you found in your hopefully non-flooded basement


12-3 block: Oregon State-Wisconsin (ESPN), Mississippi State-Auburn (DirecTV), US Open Men’s Semifinals (CBS)

3-8 block: Alabama-Penn State (ABC), South Carolina-Georgia (ESPN), Virginia Tech-East Carolina (check local TV)

8-11 block: Notre Dame-Michigan (ESPN), Utah-USC (Versus), BYU-Texas (ESPN2)


1-4 block: Pittsburgh-Baltimore, Philadelphia-St. Louis, Atlanta-Chicago

4-7 block: New York Giants-Washington, Minnesota-San Diego, US Open Women’s Finals (only if Serena is playing-CBS)

  1. dduren06 says:

    Yannick / Richan – how can u pick the Ravens/Bears? I’m curious to hear. I think the bears were a fluke last year and flacco can’t beat the stillers. Plus, aren’t both o lines shaky?

  2. LBC says:

    Dwight Ravens could be an AFC sleeper I wouldn’t be surprised if Ravens made it. For Richan and these Bears he clearly suffering more symptoms of PCS. The Bears have Cutler who everyone would most likely agree punked out in the playoffs last year with a “mystery injury”. The Bears also have Roy Williams as their #1. We all remember this. Plus an aging group of linebackers, the Bears not an option this year in my opinion.

  3. dduren06 says:

    I guess I can feel the ravens but they always struggle against the elite teams: Pitt/NE/Indy(with Manning). They are almost like the east coast chargers. But they have been to a number of AFC championship games. Not sure abt flacco and aging defensive play makers…

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