The Morning After… [fantasy football thoughts]

Posted: September 9, 2011 by dduren06 in Fantasy Football, NFL
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Last nights season opener was a fantasy owners dream — if you had the right players… Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees showed everyone why you should draft elite QBs like people used to draft RBs. Shoot, Darren Sproles [75 receiving yards, 1 return TD ] reaffirms this — if the elite running backs (read: Peterson, Rice, CJ2K — maybe Jamaal Charles – though I’m not ready to anoint him as elite yet..) are gone, strongly consider a top Notch QB in the middle-late First/early second round. The last couple of years, I’ve been content to draft two stud receivers and go the RB/QB value/sleeper route. I digress…

In fantasy it’s always better to be early than late… after last night’s game/yesterday’s news, here are some moves I’d recommend.

1. Pick up a 3rd QB if you drafted Manning — I’d consider dropping him. They are calling for him to take up to three months to fully recover – Colts are probably considering putting him on IR. With that said, I’d still draft Clark and probably would upgrade Addai. I think the Colts become a more run heavy team with Manning down. I think Clark is affected less than Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, or Pierre Garcon because Kerry Collins (aka Bobby Reese) loved the TE in Tennessee.

Kerry Collins Totally looks like..

Kerry Collins Totally looks like..

I’d be interested to see how this first game goes for Wayne and the WRs, I’d probably consider dangling them for trade bate — maybe pick up an undervalued Santana Moss + a Running back.

2. Look to pick up Cobb/Nelson from the Packers. The two look like nice safety valves for Rodgers, both put up solid games, and both are probably available in your league. Pick them up, now. Drop that second TE or second Kicker you drafted for whatever reason and pick up a big play threat in Cobb or a reliable, strong route runner in Jordy Nelson. Do it. Now.

3. If you are hurting for a running back, look to pick up Sproles. Saints offense is predicated on players like him and Reggie Bush and Sproles is a match up nightmare for linebackers. Did you see the way he burnt AJ Hawk? I see more of this to come and this is probably only the beginning. To me, Ingram seemed to struggle a bit and consistently ran up people’s backs instead of running to daylight. Ingram seemed to go down easy — maybe he doesn’t have any wiggle — maybe he’s just getting warmed up. To me, it seems that Ingram would be better in an offense that needed a work horse — he kind of seems like a Steelers style back, give him 30 carries and he gets better as the game progresses. Thomas may have affected his rhythm. Speaking of Thomas, he ran hard but he really didn’t do too much. Now, this may all have to do with the Packers DL — particularly BJ “you gone eat yo conebread?” Raji.  (Raji TD Video – #nh)

BJ Raji in the famous movie "Life"
BJ Raji in the famous movie “Life”
BJ Raji

BJ Raji

But the Saints short yardage offense was woeful at best. Not saying you should give up on Ingram — he has potential to be a double digit TD man this year, just if you need RB help — stash for Sproles and don’t look back.

Needless to say, I’m pumped for the rest of this football season, and I am looking forward to kicking some ass in fantasy… Maybe I can help you out while I’m at it… feel free to hit me up on twitter: @diwigit06. Good luck, I’m out.

  1. RenzReport says:

    Can you truly invest in a NO RB since there so pass happy?

    Only times I see NO running and managing the clock is when they’re playing with the lead.

    Does either defense (NO & GB) concern you? Coming into the season, GB was considered a mid-range defense, what are your thoughts after week 1…although they were playing a high power offense.

    • deedeestonz says:

      I agree…look with they did on that short yardage play at the goal line…passes the ball which GB read completely. Yea they will run the ball for a while but your RB will rarely get the TD and he may not rack up a bunch of yardage either.

      • RenzReport says:

        I guess Sean Payton figured that b/c they don’t typically run the ball in those situations, that he could fool the GB defense running it…just like the announcers said during the game about his onside kick to start the 2nd half of the Super Bowl against the Colts…b/c it worked he was a genius, but if it didn’t it would have been the dumbest call in SB history.

      • dduren06 says:

        It’s a small sample size, too small to write anyone off. Ingram is there short yardage/goalline back. The way they move the ball I wouldn’t bet against them. From a scoring perspective, who cares if Ingram runs for 35 yards if he gives you 2 TDs (17 points). The packers may have a stout run d. Spelled is a good pick in ppr leagues and leagues that reward for return tds. Sproles should see an increased role BC he’s so explosive no homo

    • dduren06 says:

      I’d be concerned abt the Saints D more than the packers. Packers still generated a pass rush. Saints added Rogers, Franklin, and rookie can jordan and their d line got handled. Also, these are two of the premier offenses in the league, they will destroy a lot of teams pass defenses. The return game helps for leagues that lump special teams tds with defensive tds. Now a days it’s more abt matchups. It’s probably better to play match ups than to draft a defense high

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