Overreaction Monday – Week 1

Posted: September 12, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Nothing like a week 1 game to give you thought of playoffs (if you’re a Redskins, 49ers fan) or the Suck for Luck sweepstakes (Colts, Browns we’re looking at you).  But of course these are great OVERREACTIONS.  So we at the Mancave want you to woosa, drink some tea, and read our column so you don’t overreact whether your team won or lost.  So to introduce Overreaction Monday, we’ll give you 3 overreactions from the weekend, and 3 mostly precise thoughts from the NFL. Here we go:

Hold Up A Second

1. Bears are on that Championship Prowl Again

Well, the Bears defense has definitely left off where it started.  Three turnovers, one for a TD.  The offense was just dynamic enough to blow by the Falcons.  But there are issues.  Redzone offense is a problem again for the Monsters of the Midway.  The Bears kicked two field goals from the red zone when the game was very much in doubt.  If they keep that up, the Packers and the Lions will pass them by.  Furthermore, we may have overrated the Falcons.  That didn’t look like a Super Bowl contender when you give up 3 turnovers like that.  Before we all buy the Bears (because ArAyeGee is driving the bandwagon), let’s see what they do next week in New Orleans.

2. Don’t Need D to Spell Green Bay

The opposite of Chicago.  Green Bay defeated New Orleans despite giving up 477 yards of offense. People are saying there is no way Green Bay can repeat with that D.  Are you kidding me?  It wasn’t like it was Billy Joe Tolliver throwing for over 400 yards.  It was former Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees.  And he was on fire, connecting with Darren Sproles and Devery Henderson.  But the Packers made the stops it had to in order to win, including the last play of the game.  The best defenses don’t care about yards, they care about points.  Besides, if your offense can look like what the Pack looked like on Thursday night, we would be playing that bend-but-don’t-break defense too, like we do in Madden.

3. 39 Yards Passing…Really???

That’s not Kerry Collins stat line.  Neither is it Gross Rexman.  Hell, rookie Cam Newton doubled that amount on his 2nd completed pass (422 for the day)!  Donovan McNabb STANK the Mancave up.  But we’re not ready to write off his career.  Check the stats.  McNabb passed 15 times, completing 7.  Adrian Peterson had 16 rushes.  Wait…the Vikings had 43 plays?  We didn’t stutter.  No team is going to get into any type of groove running 43 plays the entire game.  Most teams get around 60 for a game.  Now it would have helped if the Vikes made some 3rd downs (4-11) and we’re sure that’s on McNabb too.  We don’t think McNabb won’t be that bad anymore but the Skins look a little better today for trading McNabb.

On the Money

1. Houston…there is no Problem

Well, it didn’t take long for the Suck for Luck Sweepstakes to begin.  The Colts look really bad.  And Houston took advantage.  It pains us to say it but it looks like the road for the AFC South will go through Houston.

2. Killa Cam, Killa NFL Season

We don’t want to put the Cam Doo-Rag on his bust just yet in Canton, but Cam Newton looked GREAT.  When you break Peyton Manning’s rookie Week 1 passing record by over 100 yards!!!  Now the Cardinals decided to blitz every down and leave Steve Smith on man-on-man coverage.  DontBeSkerritt probably could have passed for 250 on the Cards (okay, okay 175), but the haters have to be quiet for at least a week about Cam being Jamarcus “Sippin Sizzurp” Russell 2.0

3. Tony Uh-Oh…Again

We try not to be overly Redskins Stans or Cowboy Haters (and vice-versa) on the blog, but I’m sorry, what more evidence do we need that the Cowboys can’t win the Super Bowl with Tony Romo.  He actually LOST the game for the Boys this time.  The fumble on the 3, and the pick on Revis Island killed his team.  What’s worse is that the Cowboys looked dominant at times in this game.  They were about to blow out the Jets.  Romo was hooking up with the manchild Dez Bryant early.  But when everything was collapsing for the Cowboys, when they started facing adversity, Romo did not provide the leadership needed to win that type of game.  That’s because he doesn’t have it.  It has been 5 seasons, what more proof that we need.

Other Things We Saw Flipping Through Redzone

  1. PIT had seven, yes seven turnovers yesterday.  Five of the seven turnovers were committed by Big Ben himself.  Now I’m no fan of his, but the guy is a two-time Super Bowl champion with a 91.9 career passer rating and a knack for showing up in big games so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that this was an outlier performance.
  2. As happy as Iam that my fellow Cleveland native “Touchdown” Ted Ginn Jr. had both a kickoff and a punt return for touchdowns, that probably
    won’t happen again this season.  Fortunately for the 49ers, I wouldn’t expect Gore to only muster 59 yards on 22 carries very often this season as well.
  3. This game should go into both categories.  Rex Grossman probably had his best game of the season and I don’t expect his Fantasy stock to skyrocket.  The Redskins running game was rather pedestrian as well which won’t help him in the future especially when he plays against defenses that aren’t injury riddled.However this column is reserved for Eli “Man”ning and the Giants.  I mean were we really surprised by his performance?  In his defense he’s basically throwing the ball to DontBeSkerritt, RenzReport and Scoopbald, but I honestly would not have expected more if they would have kept Steve Smith and signed Plaxico Burress (who by the way had a clutch TD reception yesterday).  Can we please just come to a consensus that Manning is an overpaid (7yrs, 106.9 mil), underachieving quarterback whose last name has more pedigree than his actual throwing arm.  I wish that analysts would stop hinging the Giants’ season on his shoulders as if he’s gonna carry them to victory.  At one point an analyst who shall remain nameless (because I don’t know his name) said and I quote “If you take away his 25 interceptions, Manning had a pretty good year.”  WTF!!!

This is the first of 17 Overreaction Mondays.  We strive to make you a better fan by sifting through what are aberrations and what looks like a trend.  You can thank us later when you are winning you office suicide pools and fantasy football championships.  Be easy.

Mancave ’06

  1. LBC says:

    The Bears did impress me however, Falcons are a young team and let’s be honest when did they ever have a good defense? 30 points on the falcons defense who is built like in the format of as you said “bend but don’t break”. This game they broke. I am still not convinced the Bears can be the best in the NFC before Saints or GB.

    NFC is clearly dominated by GB they are healthy so far this season and when they go 5 wide what are you really going to do as a defense besides just sit back and hope they f up. I have been wondering since the Viking got Favre why as AP carried diminished just feed that man the football and every now and then hope McNabb makes a good pass instead of acting like he is at a pond skipping rocks on the water.

    My last few points:

    1. Cam Newton I am ecstatic he performed the way he did.

    2. I could go “H.A.M.!” on my Boys, and their performance, but I will not spaz, I digress and simply will state; Tony Romo is a game manager in order for us to succeed this season we need to devise a gameplan where Tony just can’t lose the game the for us. smh

  2. RenzReport says:

    Defenses across the league were touched. That takes nothing away from ATL, who I think is a team that will probably go on to win 11 games this season, to the speculation that GB can’t win it again with their D. This is a passing league and the best gun sling is the one who will win in the end. That’s why it has been important for years for the Ravens to produce a pass-oriented but ball controlling offense. But nonetheless, great post and I agree with everything you said other than the Browns being in the Sucks for Luck sweepstakes…is Colt the man there? lol

  3. dontbeskerritt says:

    Who do you guys think is better, the Bears or the Lions? Despite the score, I think the Lions may be a little better. I say this because while the Bears deserved to win, they got “lucky” plays, like fumbles and missed interceptions by the Falcons. The Lions dominated the Bucs, who got a late TD to make it close. Their other TD came on a pick-6. Lions are better.

    • RenzReport says:

      It’s too early to tell in my opinion. Let the season play itself out and that will be determined, especially since those 2 teams will face each other twice this season!

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