the morning after… [fantasy football thoughts – wk 2]

Posted: September 13, 2011 by dduren06 in Fantasy Football, NFL

What’s good everyone? Hope your first ffb weekend went well for you. Here are my observations from this weekend…

Again, it’s always better to be early than to be late when it comes to picking up players on the waiver wire.

Running Back

1. Steven Jackson — quad injury. It’s so bad that the Rams have already ruled him out for next monday. What does this mean? If you need a running back or just want to screw your league, target Cadillac Williams. He had a decent game against the Eagles D (91 yards on the ground, 49 receiving).

2. Derick Ward got dinged against the colts and Ben Tate took advantage of it. If you haven’t picked him up now, I’d suggest you try. It’ll be hard since he’s a hot commodity.


1. Cam Newton. Personally, I think this bodes more about Arizona’s Pass D than it does Newton’s prowess — he’s a rook, so he’s going to have his ups and his downs. But Newton will probably be a much better Fantasy QB than a real QB this season. 400 yards is hard to ignore on any level and there is the threat of rushing yards/TDs. Plus with Steve Smith and the a dynamic duo at TE, he should be able to put up decent numbers.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick. The guy looked sharp in Buffalo’s demolition of KC on the road. 4 TDs is nothing to sneeze at. It looks like Chan Gailey has a decent passing game working and if you need a QB because you Drafted oh, let’s say, Donovan Mcnabb (who put up up warner numbers – 7-15 for 39 (thirty-nine!) yards).

3. Rex Grossman. Yea the Giants were down a few CBs. Yes the Skins OL had a few struggles in pass protection. But Rex distributed the ball well all game and remember, if you snooze, you loose. Rex placed the ball in decent positions all game hitting 6 different receivers and putting up over 300 yards. Oh yea, the skins get the Cardinals next week (remember they gave up over 400 yards to a rookie who’s name rhymes with Sham Gluten…)

Wide Receiver

1. Kevin Walter has a broken shoulder blade and will be out 10-12 weeks. Go pick up Jacoby Jones. Now. Jones may finally take that leap he has been supposed to take the last few years. He can also help your team out if you get points for Return TDs.

2. Ted Ginn Jr. Yes the 49er’s QBs are suspect. But the man had a Punt and a Kick Off Return TD. The 49er’s will need to get him involved as much as possible. Again, if your league doles out return TDs, pick the man up.

3. Marques Colston is out with a collarbone issue. That means you can upgrade Meachem, Henderson, and maybe snag Adrian Arrington.

4. Jabar Gaffney may also be a decent play this week. He was close to having a big game on Sunday and he has rapport with Grossman from their days at Florida. Trust me on this one. Or roll the dice with your crappy receivers. Your choice.

Tight End

1. Scott Chandler. He had 63 yards and 2 TD’s in Buffalo’s rout of Kansas City. If you need a TE upgrade, pick him up.

2. Fred Davis. With Chris Cooley still recovering from knee surgery, Davis has seized his opportunity. Cooley played last Sunday against the Giants, but Davis at this point is the better athlete. Freddy D went for over 100 yards and got close to getting in the endzone. On a team hurting for big receivers and playmakers in the redzone, Davis should continue to flourish and get opportunities to score TDs. TE’s are bonus points in fantasy, any how, so you might as well find a decent one with some upside. Fred Davis could be your guy…

I’ll be back later in the week with Starts/Sits for the week and the players I like as sleepers for week two. Be Easy.


  1. RenzReport says:

    How do you like Cadillac’s production being that he is facing a Giants front line that is pretty aggressive against the run?

    Everything about the Saints WRs concern me, that’s why all 3 of the players you mentioned were available in my league and I didn’t even think of the thought of actually grabbing one up. Brees spreads the ball around so much, it’s hit or miss with any other than Graham (on my team) and Colston. Throw Lance Moore back in the mix, tell me what options can you relay from the Saints WRs?

    Definitely picked up Scott Chandler this morning…I was excited to get him off waivers, since I have Fitzpatrick too at QB!

    Question for you tho Mr. Fantasy expert. I’m weak at RB position right now (drafted horrible for that position), so I have Shady McCoy, Mark Ingram (huff), Brandon Jacobs and LT. Going into week 2 I need a good quality option and as you mention and I toiled with this morning, Cadillac is available…what would you do. Only 4 slots available for RBs in this league. But I think I like Jacobs against the Rams rush defense. Your thoughts!

  2. dduren06 says:

    Cadillac is a “for the long haul” pick up. He should get some redzone work against the giants as the mostly-undisputed feature back.

    I’d start Ingram probably – he’s a boom or bust pick this week. I think Caddy is the safer play. Jacobs is hard to trust with Bradshaw stealing carries (he had that redzone carry against the Skins NOT Jacobs). McCoy is a must start. Not big on LT.

    Saints WRs are boom or bust. Brees will find a new favorite and if ur lucky you will already have him. It’s worth a gamble if ur hurting for WR production.

    Here’s a sleeper: Eric Decker – ran back a punt and looks like he has good rapport with Orton. Also had a nice sideline grab last night.

    • RenzReport says:

      I think you’re right about Cadillac. Ingram is another person that concerns me. I started him in week 1 but realized that the 3 head RB system that the Saints used was not beneficial. Ingram seems like the kind of the runner that can get you closer to 30 carries a game and will get better and stronger with each carry. But b/c of the Saints passing game and Spooles, I doubt that will happen unless he is able to remain healthy until later in the season.

      I like how the Jets were using LT and this is a PPR league, so he has a lot of value.

      My WR situation is pretty good but don’t get points from individual performers on ST, so your sleeper pick has no value in my league.

  3. dduren06 says:

    Don’t be so fast to write off Decker. Watch and see…Ingram shd get goal line carries. Boom or bust. I agree he needs to be in a work horse system but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were shown why the saints traded back in the first round to get him.

  4. RenzReport says:

    I agree w/ you regarding Ingram…he will be left on my bench in the meantime. Decker has no value in the league I play in b/c we don’t account for personal special team stats.

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