Life in the Matrix Part III: Basketball Husbands

Posted: September 14, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

To continue with our periodic bashing of  Athletes & Reality TV, I ran across the following video today:

BET Awards Basketball Wives Spoof! [A Must Watch!] 

To view our stance concerning Reality TV, make sure you read our past posts:

  1. LBC says:

    This video right here is hilarious!!!! There are quotes for days in here. This is exactly how foolish them chics on basketball wives look. Smh if you want to kill valuable brain cells watch a marathon of these reality shows.

  2. dontbeskerritt says:

    “I was gonna go do hoodrat things with the guys” LLMMMMAAAAOOOOO Classic!!!

  3. RenzReport says:

    “I’ve been through so many divorces, I can spell it with my eye closed…H-A-L-F….my type of divorce” hahahahahahahha

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