NFL Sound-Off: C’mon Man!, Romo Hype?, Ochocino’s Tweet & Tebow’s Billboard

Posted: September 15, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

To set the mood for this post, if you missed it during ESPN’s NFL Countdown, check out this week’s C’mon Man segment!  You will not be disappointed.


Next, I’m curious about all the bashing Tony Romo continues to get from the media outlets and Cowboy fans.  Yes, he fumbled away the ball
attempting to score a TD on the 1 yard line and then turned around and threw an interception to his receiver Darrelle Revis who just so happens to play for the Jets, but from the looks of that particular play he threw the ball right to him. Yet, my question is, what more do you expect from Romo?  Statistically he has performed well during the season, but like McNabb with the Eagles, he struggles to get it done when it matters in the post season.  Like McNabb through, Romo was not a high draft pick.  In fact, he wasn’t drafted at all out of Easter Illinois and spent 1st 3 season on the bench tuning his play before he had the opportunity to start for the Cowboys coming into this 4th season in the league.

From day 1, Romo has been a project to reach his level of play today.   Romo, who has a career QB rating 95.6, is playing for a fan base and organization where he is expected to win year and year out with expectations to win a Super Bowl.  In doing so, Romo would reach the elite status but I don’t think that is in his pedigree.  Regardless of the situation, Romo will be in Dallas for the next 3 years based on his new restructured contract.  If there is anything the Cowboys organization can do to help Romo, I’d say…run the ball!  Lastly,  PLEASE take your best offensive player, Dez Bryant off special teams…that young man is going to kill himself out there!


Word out of Denver is that Bronco fans are planning to purchase a downtown billboard that reads, “Play Tebow”.  I’m no Tebow hater and I wish that young man the best in his career, but these fans are crazy.  Like the Romo situation, you would think they have a horrible QB in Kyle Orton.  From a statistics perspective Orton has been an efficient QB since coming into the league with Chicago but never warrants the respect he deserves based on the Broncos record when he starts games.  But for fans to react this way is just absurd in my opinion.

On the playing field Tebow has looked good, but behind the scene coaches and spectators say he looks horrible in practice.  I’m no all-around athlete, but I do know any coach will not play a player if they look as bad as they say Tebow is in practice!

All I have to say is grow up Denver fans, rally behind Orton! (a la Dolphins fans RE: Chad Henne)


Please let this Chad Ochocinco tweeting stuff go to rest.  It amazes me how long time and now retired Patriots Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison criticize Chad for this tweet:

I’ve seen worse come from Chad, but to get on him about this!?! C’mon son!   You have to be kidding me.  Chad who saw limited action in 2nd half of the Monday night game against the Dolphins could have complained about lack of playing time, but instead he tweeted out of amazement of their play. Too bad on the field he wasn’t part of the excitement, but I think he is just happy to be in a winning atmosphere as he gets adjusted to the new offense and the “Pats Way” of business.

Could it be though, that Bruschi and Harrison here players criticize Chad’s antics in the locker room?  Maybe this is why they are using this tweet to sound off on Chad. As mentioned before, Chad has done a lot worse, so cut the man some slack…cause I can’t even see anything wrong in this tweet. Had Chad said this during a post-game interview, nothing would be of this.

The mere fact that this is probably a problem is because of his use of social media to voice his thoughts/opinion and it’s not the Patriots Way, since they typically don’t say much to the media and everything comes from Coach Belichick.

  1. LBC says:

    The c’mon man from this week was hilarious!!

    I think romo is an average quarterback is he the best of course not. I think he is better than others who are in the league currently, but sadly only is regular season stats will prove that. Romo is a game manager. We need to play football where Romo just doesn’t end up in the opportunity to lose the game for us. 3rd and goal at 1? Hand off to felix and no touchdown take the 3.

    Tebow the fans are simply out of control for that bill board smh.

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