Studs & Scrubs Week 1

Posted: September 16, 2011 by LBC in NFL

WEEK 1 NFL Studs and Scrubs

Happy Friday folks it’s your boy LBC back to support your addiction of continual sports discussion. Week 1 of the NFL was nothing short of spectacular, but who were the NFL Studs and Scrubs of week 1. This weekly post will break it down for you. Find out if your favorite player was an NFL Stud or was he a Scrub.

In a week where NFL defenses got burned more than…. (I will digress and let you fill in that blank). This week Studs will be offensively one sided.

NFL Studs   SIMBA!!!!!

  1. Our first award goes to none other than “Young Simba  I can’t wait to be the king” aka Cam “Simba” Newton. Congratulations to Cam on first beating out Jimmy Clausen to win the starting job, and having an exceptional start to his NFL career. In his first NFL Young Simba completed 64.9 percent of his passes on his way to a stellar total of 422 yards and 2 TD. There were times during this game where Simba looked poised in the pocket showing NFL teams he can beat you with his arm instead of his legs. He also scored his first NFL rushing TD this week with a QB sneak from the goal line. Simba this week you are a NFL Stud.
  1. Our second award goes to Tom Brady. Since Tom Brady probably could make this list every single week by putting up MVP caliber numbers he is only allowed to make this list 5 times this season. Brady lit up Monday Night Football and torched the Miami defense furthering putting himself as one of the top QB’s ever to play the game. He had the Patriot offense clicking on all cylinders as they moved up and down the field effortlessly as he took one step forward to getting his fourth Superbowl Ring. No doubt about it this week Tom Brady this week you are an NFL Stud.  What will Brady need to accomplish to be called The Greatest of All Time?
  1. Last award of the week goes to Ted Ginn. In this 49’ers vs Seahawks game that was close at one point with the Seahawks actually having a chance to win the game. Ted Ginn does this  He single handedly turned this close game into a blow out. In a season where we didn’t expect a lot of returns for TD. Mr. Ginn electrified our ManCave screens with a kickoff TD, and then followed it up with punt return for a TD. Mr. Ginn this week you are a NFL Stud.

NFL Scrubs

  1. If anyone knows me I am not an advocate of the Pittsburgh Steelers so it gives me great pleasure to announce that the first NFL Scrub award goes to Ben Roethlisberger. With an amazing passer rating of 52.9, 3 INT, and 2 fumbles he possibly put on the worse performance of his career. Ben was under constant pressure NFL Scrub lol and look baffled all game has the Ravens defense forced him to commit 5 turnovers. He did not look like the QB who threw a game winning touchdown to Santonio Holmes to win a SuperBowl. *Drum Roll please* Ben Roethlisberger you have the incredible honor of receiving TheManCave06 first award as our #1 NFL SCRUB!!!!
  1. Next, we have Donovan McNabb. This past Sunday McNabb’s performance was equivalent to the feeling you get from eating the McRib or theMakes you sick right? McLobster. Donovan produced an astounding performance of 47.9 passer rating and total of 39 yds passing with one interception. In the NFL sacks actually count against the passing yards for QB’s if you factor in the sacks McRib whoops I mean McNabb; he actually passed for 28 yards! If you are following @TheManCave06 we gave you about 30 things greater than McNabb’s passing yards. His passes were off target, he short hopped many passes during the game thus making the Redskins look like Einstein for trading him. Let all the Redskins rejoice Donovan McNabb this week you are an NFL SCRUB!
  1. Lastly we have the debacle that is Kerry Collins. Along with Collins back to back fumbles during this game and a performance that showed us every single reason why Grandpa Collins retired. Just Turrible Keeping this one short and sweet if week 1 is any indication of what the Colts have to look forward to this season they are in for a very long season. This week the Colts front office and Kerry Collins you are NFL SCRUBS!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of NFL Studs and Scrubs. See ya next week!


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  1. RenzReport says:

    Is Ted Ginn an Omega? See at 3 minute mark to 3:11.

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