All She Wrote???

Posted: September 18, 2011 by scoopbald in Boxing

Very simple words, to describe a very simple yet oh so complex turn of events in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz bout.  Many people view Mayweather’s one, two combination that ended the very anticipated fight far too early, as a cheap shot.  My question is, how can a punch that is perfectly legal be viewed as cheap?  The legality of the punch is not in question and therefore the validity of the punch should not be either.

My issue with the fight is how it will be received.  As dominating and assertive of a performance as Mayweather gave us, what will be remembered is that lapse of judgment by a lesser opponent which ultimately “cost” him the fight.  Let’s be clear, Ortiz was NOT going to beat Mayweather.  Throw out the pre-fight antics and trash talk and what you have is a technical assassin (Mayweather) vs. an overly aggressive, not so technically sound target (Ortiz).  Hell, before those final two punches Mayweather was landing 49%% of his power punches.  Ortiz on the other hand had only landed 11% of his power shots and 18% of his punches overall.

So now what was supposed to be Mayweather’s statement bout turns into what all of Mayweather’s fights of the past resemble, a man above his competition at all times.  Ortiz was supposed to be the younger, stronger opponent that would test the ring rusted Mayweather.  He turned into the younger, unpolished boxer who is now added to a list of lesser  opponents who barely cause Pretty Boy Floyd to break a sweat.  However, instead of praising Mayweather for his prowess in the ring, many of his crirtics will continue to harass him for his choice of opponents.

Pretty Boy Floyd is probably the best pound for pound boxer that I’ve seen in my lifetime and I don’t think that he necessarily gets the credit that he deserves.  He’s now 42-0 and hasn’t had a close fight in well over a decade.  Many people attribute that to his selection of fighters, but I don’t agree with that logic.  People who are critical of Floyd’s choice of fighters should note that the only real competition that he has (Pacquiao) has fought many of the same fighters (Marquez, De la Hoya, Mosley, Hatton).  In most cases, he actually fought these men AFTER Mayweather had already dismantled them.

Sadly for Floyd, as long as he continues to take fights against lesser opponents and dominates them as he is supposed to, it may be “All She Wrote” in his quest to be considered as one of boxing’s greats.  The truth of the matter is, in order to get the recognition he deserves, he’s going to have to fight Pacquiao and most likely not on his own terms.  And he needs to do it relatively soon, because the longer he waits the less of an impact a victory would have.  Naysayers, will say that he waited too long or that Pacquiao was too old for it to really count towards his legacy.

I personally believe that both fighters are holding out for hopefully the largest payday in boxing history (as if the reported split of 50 million isn’t enough).  I really cannot validate Pacquiao’s reluctance to agree with the terms of blood testing because he claims to be “afraid of needles” because he has several tattoos.  Conversely, Mayweather’s seeming reluctance to come to a compromise on this matter because of his unsubstantiated claims that Pacquiao is juicing hold little to no weight themselves.  I also believe that Mayweather does not possess the amount of humility it would take to actually duck Pacquiao because he sees him as a threat.

This speaks volumes about the state of boxing.  It is very tough to get amped up about boxing matches because there are very few great boxers.  In addition to this, the greats don’t always fight.  Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is the only fight in boxing that really matters, but for one reason or another its likelihood is in jeopardy.  Gone are the days of great rivalries and rematches and unwelcomed are the days of big paydays and career management bouts.    I don’t know what has to change but something does or it will be “All She Wrote” for the sport(ish) of boxing.

  1. RenzReport says:

    Honestly, I feel that Floyd’s belief in testing is something along the lines of a breakthrough. He didn’t start this with Manny…he has done this for all his fights over the years and his opponents have agreed to the same screening.

    Secondly, it’s worth noting is that Mayweather is a brand and a business. Mayweather promotes himself and he makes all of his own decisions and makes all the revenue off the top without splitting it. I think Mayweather said it best in his post fight comments that to likes that he has the leverage in this matter, not Manny and he makes a good point. If the majority stakeholder has all the interest in the business deal, what leverage does Manny and his team have considering he is going to be working under a promoter like Golden Boy.

    It’s all business and at the end of the day, the only way this fight happens is if Manny tucks away his pride and agree to the terms that Floyd has established just like all his other opponents.

  2. LBC says:

    I hate the fact many attempted to discredit this KO. Did everyone forget the headbutt? He definitely would have dominated the fight regardless of what happened.

    When it comes to Paq he already has lost twice in his career. No one should be saying undefeated Floyd will lose to someone who has already lost twice in his career. Especially after you showed that Paq is fighting dismantled victims of Mayweather. Paq is his only remaining potential competition, but considering Floyd has much more to lose than Paq; Paq must agree to all of Floyd’s terms for this fight to happen.

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