Overreaction Monday: Week 2 – Taking Care of Business

Posted: September 19, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

This is for the Haters Who Overreacted Last Week

While this post falls under my name, this week’s edition of Overreaction Monday was compiled by our wonderful contributor, Scoopbald

The Steelers, Jets and Patriots all took care of business in decisive victories against the Seahawks, Jaguars and Chargers respectively. The Steelers and Jets defenses were back to their dominant selves while the Patriots offense moved like the well oiled machine that we have become accustomed to. I am still not sold on either the Steelers or Jets offenses, and the Patriots continue to allow big yardage in the passing game. It will be interesting to see if teams can take advantage of this in the future.

Hold up a minute
Heart of a Lion
I wouldn’t put too much into the Detroit Lions, drubbing of the Kansas City Chiefs. Without Charlie Weis the Chiefs offense is sputtering, and with the loss of Jamaal Charles the future looks even more bleak. Matt Stafford continues to impress, but I’m still undecided as to whether or not the defense will be able to produce turnovers like they have in their first two contests (8 turnovers forced). I expect the Lions to continue to compete, but in such a strong division, I wouldn’t bet on them making the playoffs.

It was all good just a week ago
Chicago vs. New Orleans
The Chicago Bears, and namely Brian Urlacher, had a rough week. Generally when a team’s leader is affected with a great tragedy, they either rally behind him, or they put up a stinker of a performance. Unfortunately for the Bears, in this instance it was the latter. I don’t want to overreact as if this will be indicative of their season, but it did raise the same questions that the Bears must answer each year; do they have enough offense to win when the defense is not playing lights out? The Saints didn’t really tear it up on offense, and outside of a 79 yard completion to Devery Henderson, the Bears did a good job of keeping everything underneath (Brees 270 yards on 37 attempts). As big of a question mark as Jay Cutler is, he is not a threat to go 19/45 every week. I look for this to be an isolated incident
Baltimore vs. Tennessee
What happened to the dominant, aggressive and surprisingly efficient on offense Ravens of last week who ravaged the Steelers? I know that its very tough to maintain that sort of emotion and energy, but these Ravens were just flat. Flacco was outperformed by Matt “Hairline like a toilet seat” Hassleback. And the secondary couldn’t contain Kenny Britt. More importantly is that the defense only forced one turnover. I’m expecting the Ravens to bounce back next week a la the Steelers this week.

On the Money


The return of Michael Vick lived up to its hype as one of the better games this week. Kudos to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons for gutting out a come from behind victory over the Vince Young proclaimed “Dream Team” (where is he btw). Thumbs down to Dunta Robinson for trying to kill another Eagles receiver. Here are a few things that I took from the most storied game of the evening.

  1. The Eagles’ linebackers will continue to be exposed in both coverage and in the running game.  Tony Gonzalez returned to his Kansas City form with a 7 catch 2 td performance.  While they mostly held up against the running game, they allowed a most untimely 61 yard dash to Michael Turner where once he broke to the second level you didn’t even see a linebacker in the highlight.  We knew this would be an issue and in the first two games they have done nothing to prove otherwise
  2. I’ll be damned if Michael Vick doesn’t get tackled by somebody on every single play. If the Eagles don’t figure out some way to stop the blitz, teams are
    gonna go straight kamikaze on them.  Last week he took 11 hits and this week he was hit 6 times and suffered what looked to be a concussion which ended his night early.
  3. As a result of all these hits Vick seems to be reverting back to the days where he was a little careless with the ball.  All in all he had three turnovers and his interception was on a blitz where he was hit.
  4. On a positive note, the defensive line and secondary looked great.  Trent Cole in particular was a problem and Cullen Jenkins had two sacks.  Asante and Nnamdi also had an interception each in holding Matt Ryan to less than 200 passing yards on nearly 30 attempts.

Panther Pride

We knew that the Packers would put up points. Aaron Rodgers was expectedly surgical, Jordan Nelson took another 8 yard slant and turned it into a home run, and Greg Jennings got loose downfield for what may have been the prettiest pass of the night. What we didn’t know is that “Killa” Cam Newton just the 6th player in NFL history to post back to back 400 yard games and the first to do so in his first two NFL games. I would say that this game more than his performance last week, is indicative of the player he will become or at least the potential he has. This week he faced a much better pass rush and a much better secondary. Newton showed poise and great athleticism (take a look at his 62 yard strike to Steve Smith). More importantly he also brought us all back down to Earth with his three interceptions which proved costly in a game where they were in position to pull the ultimate upset. Games like this are great for young quarterbacks in terms of their growth. Judging by the numbers that he put up, Cam Newton is well on his way.

2-0 Bills...Ballin!!!

All I See Is Fireworks
If I told you that the most entertaining game of the night would be the Oakland Raiders vs the Buffalo Bills, would you believe it? The two teams combined for a whopping 935 total yards. It seems like this will be a trend for the Buffalo Bills who lit up the scoreboard last week, but also couldn’t stop a stream with the Hoover Dam on defense. What was surprising was that Jason Campbell was the more efficient passer while the Bills offered the better rushing attack. Tough loss for Oakland but it is very encouraging to see both teams play competitive football again.

  1. LBC says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA “The Dream Team” no sir. They are still the same old Eagles with the same old Michael Vick. If that offensive line does not improve over the course of the season Vick will not finish this season with any sort of health.

    I think the Bears and the Eagles will suffer the same fate this season no offensive line so I do not expect either team to be seen deep in the playoffs. Let’s hope their respective quarterbacks do not die before they can make a playoff run.

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