Playoff in College Football? Its very possible…

Posted: September 20, 2011 by arayegee in NFL

If this college football conference switcheroo carousel has your head spinning, do not be embarrassed. It seems like teams are changing conferences faster than people change their Twitter status. Its unfortunate that many age old rivalries will likely die in this shameless money grab by these universities, and that the NCAA will still find reasons as to why these players shouldnt be paid, but thats another post altogether. As sad as it may seem to see your favorite teams leave conferences theyve called home for so many years, the silver lining may make this all worthwhile. Ladies and gentleman, we may be seeing the beginning stages to a playoff format.

Those against a playoffs believe that extending the season even further than it already is will negatively affect the players’ academics, physical well-being, and ‘amateurism’ of college football.  Based on the actions of the powers that be in the NCAA, these are not substantial claims, but they are valid, so they have to be taken into consideration. A season over the current 13 games is out of the question, and so is getting rid of the bowls altogether. There is too much money/tradition tied into bowl games, even those Bowls. Lets not forget that dreaded BCS monster, either. All three of these potential roadblocks can be (or should be) easily circumvented with a plan that would  make fans and coaches happy, all while keeping the NCAA executives and universities even richer.

1. Lets say this rumored idea of the 4 super conferences comes into fruition, and these conferences hold 16 teams a piece. Youve got the PAC 16, the Big 16, the SEC, and the ACC. Split each conference in half and have 8 teams in each division among each conference, similar to how the SEC and the Big 12 have it now. Throw in the now-obligatory gimme game against a FCS school (1 game), have everyone play the teams in their division (we are now at 8 games), and 2 non-conference or rivalry games (10 games). You take the two best teams from each division, throw them in a conference championship (11) and we now have ourselves a Final Four. The SEC champ, Big 16 champ, ACC champ, and PAC-16 champ.

2. Seed these four teams however you would like them, and put them in a playoff. 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3. Easy, right? These playoff games can be one either the major bowls, known now as the BCS Bowls. We are at 12 games so far. The winning teams play each other for the National Championship. The remaining BCS Bowl will be the national championship game.

3. What about the other 60 teams that aren’t in the playoff? Simple, use the AP and Coaches Poll to rank them accordingly and make killer matchups in the remaining bowl games.

And the teams who aren’t a part of the four big conferences? Will they have a chance to get to the National Championship?

It depends. If a super conference has a mediocre champion, average SOS, and isnt ranked favorably in the AP and Coaches’ Poll, then there is a chance they get bumped out of the Final Four. So the Boise States and Notre Dames (LOL) still have a chance.

And there we have it. A simple, effective, realistic playoff format. Keep in mind the contract between the BCS format is scheduled to end after the 2013 season, so this plan isn’t too far-fetched. It makes too much sense though to actually be put into place. But we can all wish, cant we?

  1. RenzReport says:

    ROFL…personally, this proposed format is a lawsuit waiting to happen!…A playoff system is something that will never happen on a large scale. If it were to happen, it would be a new BCS system ranking that will determine the national champion based on the top 8 schools. Those 8 teams will then be seeded in put into a playoff for the chance to play in the NC, but I think even that would be far fetched!

    Also failed to mention whatever becomes of the Big Tweast (Big East & Big 12)…they would be the 5th major conference…but the most irrelevant much like how Big East football is conceived today.

  2. RenzReport says:

    Here are some other reads I found this morning that are very interesting that describe the change in landscape!

    Why the Possible Big 12-Big East Merger Would Ruin College Football

    College Football Conference Realignment: The Logical Superconferences

    Pac-12, ACC, Big East, SuperConferences and College Football Pangea

  3. arayegee says:

    The big Tweast will be the “filler teams”. I have a feeling that the teams left over after those two conferences get ravaged by the others will end up being teams that will go to the SEC, PAC-16, and Big 10(16). Also, the after the BCS format ends, the schools and their conference commissioners gain more power, and since when teams from your conf make it to bowls, the entire coference makes $$$, they wont want to split that up with a format they may or may not keep their conf champ out of the big dance.

    And frankly, you cant name 64 teams in college football that have an actual shot at winning it all. So lets eliminate the riff raff and if the little schools wanna run with the big boys, then schedule the big boys!

  4. RenzReport says:

    You speak of when the BCS ends…it will just get renewed like it did a few years back…Why? Because there is so much money involved, everyone gets their cut…let’s see who has their hands out and gets substantial amount of dough:
    1.) NCAA
    2.) The Sponsoring Conferences (let’s not forget how important those automatic bids are!)
    2.a.) Which somehow trickles back down to the teams in the conference
    3.) The schools playing in bowl
    4.) The players playing in the bowl (by way of freebies/parting gifts/thanks for keeping your mouth shut on all the money you received during the year from boosters)
    5.) TV networks (by way of ads)
    6.) Sponsors
    7.) BCS (why is the Fiesta Bowl? B/c Tostitos pays the BCS for naming rights)

    So unless there is a better system where all these folks are getting there cut, ain’t nothing changing as much as we bicker about wanting a playoff system, although it would be nice…but I wouldn’t want to see 64 teams battle it out…if anything, just give me the top 10 or even the top 6 according to the BCS…that will suffice…you can’t operate football games like you do basketball.

  5. LBC says:

    I would thoroughly enjoy a playoff format featuring the top 6 teams which is of course decided by the polls. That would give that number 5 seed an opportunity to prove they should be number 1.

    Money makes world go round but if we have these four possibly five super conferences which are making the bulk of the money. How much say do these smaller conferences even have when it comes to making a decision and a possible playoff format?

    • RenzReport says:

      Well that’s supposed to be the purpose of the BCS…giving the lil guys a chance…but that hasn’t proved to be the case. We will still have teams like Boise State and TCU looking as outsiders of the National Championship, although Boise State had their best chance to play in the NC until their lost against Nevada.

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