Studs & Scrubs Week 2

Posted: September 21, 2011 by LBC in NFL

Back with your weekly edition of Studs & Scrubs. Top performers of Week 2.


I don't suffer from 4th QT LBJ syndrome

1. After a late collapse in week 1 Tony Romo redeemed himself this week against the 49ers by leading his team from 10 down in the fourth to an OT win. All of this after suffering what we now know as a rib and lung injury. Tony Romo went 20-33 for 345yds and 2 TD’s. Throughout this game Romo stood in the pocket looking poised, making great reads, and delivering throws on target to his receivers willing the Cowboys to a come back victory. After taking much criticism all last week Romo has bounced back this week showing signs he can definitely be a top ten quarterback in this league. What better way to be a leader than coming back from an injury and playing lights out football? This week Tony Romo you are a NFL STUD!

2. Everyone stand up and give a round of applause to Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. Although it was in a loss Jackson showed why he is one of the dominant receivers in the NFL. His dangerous combination of size and speed Jackson showed defenses never forget he is a receiver that needs to be feared. Vincent dominated the Patriots secondary with 10 catches for 172 yards and 2 TD’s. Vincent Jackson made incredible catches this past week. Attempting to take matters into his own hands, and will the Chargers to a victory. Unfortunately, he his led by Philip “I only play good after week 8” Rivers. Nonetheless Vincent Jackson congratulations! week 2 you are an NFL STUD!

3. From the Philadelphia Eagles  we have Desean Jackson!!!  nope I mean Jeremy Maclin. Although in an Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin stepped up this week giving the Eagles 13 catches for 171 yards and 2 TD. If it were not for this so called “Dream Teams” defense Maclin’s performance would have resulted in a win for the Eagles. Maclin torched a falcons defense appearing to catch everything that was thrown his way. Congratulations Jeremy Maclin you are a NFL STUD FOR WEEK 2!!!!

Pay me! not Desean

– D. Jack you WILL NOT! get a contract if Maclin keeps out performing you –


1. First we have gold teeth wearing and dirty dread dancing Chris Johnson from the Titans. CJ you held out that long to get $53 mill, and followed your week 1 performance of 9 carries for 24 yds (2.7 yds a carry) with a 24 carries for 53yds (2.2 yds a carry) performance? How dare you hold out and put up these terrible stats. Not only are the Titans upset,  but you also have fantasy owners regretting drafting you. Yes, its still early in the season but you still don’t have a total of 100 yards rushing for the season. Congratulations on your new contract, but you should be giving some of that money back to the Titan organization or to fix them awful dreads. Since you are not playing footall well so far this year maybe you can join Ray J and #TheMoneyTeam in singing love songs in a man’s living room. Congratulations this week you are an NFL SCRUB!!!! but you can still join #TheMoneyTeam

There has to be something growing in there.

2. Ok after having a week 1 for the history books against what is said to be one of the best defenses in the NFL. Joe Flacco followed a stellar week 1 performance going 15-32 for 197 yds and 2 INT. I saw your INT’s this week, and the only thing that came to my mind was this. Anyway, Joe Flacco you keep performing like you did in week 2 and your Ravens will end up where they always do; home watching the playoffs. Congrats! for week 2 you are an NFL SCRUB!!!!

I'll never win a superbowl

3. My last selection is not really one person, but a group. The second half performance showed us why no lead is safe if the Oakland Raiders are playing defense. In a game where the offense had a substantial lead. Somehow the Oakland Raiders allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills to score 35 second half points on 5 consecutive drives. How in the world do you not make any adjustments the entire second half to force at least one punt or some type of turnover? At some point; a coach, player, staff member, team doctor, someone had to realize whatever you were doing during the second half of that game was clearly costing you the game. So to the Oakland Raiders defense congratulations on losing the game for your team. You are a WEEK 2 NFL SCRUB!!!


  1. dontbeskerritt says:

    Can the whole Giants defense get a scrub for faking injuries? LOL

  2. LBC says:

    The entire Giants Defense along with their coordinators should be permanently on the Scrub List! C’mon son random cramps???? I don’t believe you that’s a random monthly female issue.

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