Football Friday: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Posted: September 23, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

All This Change is Giving Mr. Duck A Headache

Is the ground still shaking?  From California to the East coast, there are seismic changes happening in crazy places.  We are in a period of calm, with the Pac-12 settling at 12 (great move), the Big 12 looking like it has 9 lives, and East Carolina applying to enter the Big East (whoop-dee-doo).  When the dust settles and the damage has been assessed, the world of college football will never be the same.

When did this all begin?  You can look at Texas, starting their own network; jealous rivals like Texas A&M, who got so mad they bolted for other lands.  You can look at Nebraska, or Utah, or TCU.  You can go all the way back to Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College and their jettison from the Big East ship to ACC country, where nobody had any idea why BC should be in there.  Maybe we can just blame the BCS, which has kept the haves further separated from the have-nots, and led the drumbeat for super conferences for FOOTBALL ONLY.  That’s there is such a scramble to get in to one of these “future” conferences because if you don’t get right now, you get left.  Or you can just blame human avarice; college presidents that are reaching their hands out for the next best football money deal, forgetting that all of this is suppose to be an amateur athletics program.

He's Not Coming to the ACC This Year

The only real problem I see with this realignment is that it is happening at warp-speed.  There is not much thought to schools moving and being acquired.  Did the ACC really gain alot by securing Syracuse and Pitt? Jim Brown and Tony Dorsett ain’t walking in that door with them.  Pitt’s only BCS appearance was a laugher.  I forget that the Cuse plays football sometimes.  It’s just like when the ACC wiffed on Virginia Tech, Miami, and BC in 2003.  On the basketball side, is big and bruising Pitt and Cuse that great of a mix with the Carolina high-octane schools?  I don’t remember Pitt being in the Final Four since…ever (tear).  Syracuse killed its own baby by leaving the basketball behemoth they started for the ACC.  All the rivalries built over the years have been dashed to pieces for better golf weather.  Oh if you think the ACC doesn’t feel bad look at this; they just upped their opt-out fee to $20 million (Pitt and Cuse paid $5 million in the Big East).  Talk about guilty feelings.  There are some real shenanigans at work in college sports right now.

On the Pac-12 side, all the schools involved got to keep their $30 million by telling Texas to shove it.  Finally, someone with some foresight!  The Pac-12 struck their TV deal with 12 schools in mind; if they add 4 more, revenue is split some more, and if one school is going to have their own money coming in and not share it with anybody, why even let them at the table?  You ever had a roommate who let their girl come over, eat all the food and use your water and didn’t add anything to the pot?  That would be Texas in the Pac-12 right now.

It seems that things are quieting down now.  Missouri rejected the SEC, which probably opens the door for WVU to take their shotguns down to the ivory palace of conference.  The Big East looks like they are moving to become a basketball conference which happens to play football.  The Big 12 could help themselves by add a big time program like TCU (who is crying their way to the Big East).  Nobody cares about Boise State.  And the Big 10 still plays boring football.

Who knows where we are in this process, but I do know the end will be the super conferences.  But after that, what will college football look like?  My Mancave dwellers spelled out one possibility this week, and I hope they are right, because that is the only thing I see being a positive out of all of this.  The beginning of a college plus-one system or some type of playoff system would be the greatest tournament of all time, even better than the NCAA Tournament.  The money from that would be so enormous, maybe we can finally start paying student athe –

On second thought, there are just some things that look like they will never change.  Because it is time to end the foolish belief that these guys are student athletes.  The student part has been balled up and tossed out the window a long time ago.  It’s time to begin to call these players what they really are in the eyes of these universities; cash cows.  After the song of the week (lyrics and video is very fitting), we have you Mancave TV Lineup for a quiet college football weekend.

If there ever was a weekend to score some points with your girl, this would be the weekend.  The college games are kind of weak, especially early on Saturday.  But if you insist on staying in, as usual bold is for you 3D TV you spent too much money on, italics is the bedroom TV, and regular is your Ipad screen

Saturday, September 24

12-3pm: Notre Dame-Pittsburgh (ABC), North Carolina-Georgia Tech (ESPN), Georgia-Ole Miss (check local TV)

3:30pm-7pm: Oklahoma State-Texas A&M (ABC or ESPN2), Arkansas-Alabama (CBS), Florida State-Clemson (ESPN)

8pm – LSU-West Virginia (ABC), Vanderbilt-South Carolina (7pm – ESPN2), Missouri-Oklahoma (FX)

Sunday, September 25

1-4pm: New York Giants-Philadelphia, New England-Buffalo, Houston-New Orleans

4-7pm: Green Bay-Chicago, New York Jets-Oakland, Atlanta-Tampa Bay

Don’t even waste your time with Pittsburgh-Indianapolis on Sunday Night, check out the new season of Boardwalk Empire on HBO.

  1. LBC says:

    I was thoroughly upset when I saw the schedule for the Sunday night game. The Steelers schedule has become drastically easy this past two weeks. I can’t wait for all this to settle and conference realignments are finalized. Great post

    Great effort by WVU but not enough fire power on offense or defense to mess with LSU and the SEC.

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