NFL Sound-Off: C’Mon Man & Injuries

Posted: September 23, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

C’mon Man – Week 2 (this wasn’t as good as the video from Week 1)

The New York Giants are also worthy of a C’Mon Man for faking injuries while the Rams were running their no huddle offense!

The only other news worth talking about in the NFL is figuring out which stars are going to suit up for Week 3.  There were a ton of injuries to report from Week 2 and the Cowboys have been the team most impacted, but this is football and no one makes excuses!  As the great Herm Edwards said, “you play to win the game!”.

Good luck on piecing together wins for your Fantasy Teams or waiting until the last minute to figure out who will win games.

So be sure to enjoy your Week 3 match ups and check out our Week 3 games of the week!

P.S. Ran across this picture of Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, at what time do you just let it go? Luckily this is from 2 years ago and i think now Rivera sports a closer cut these days!

  1. LBC says:

    This definitely wasn’t as great as week 1 but still funny in my opinion. The giants have started something in the NFL. Although I believe players fake injuries to get an extra timeout and slow down a fast paced offense. How can NFL really decide to teams for doing that? How can you verify if someone was faking or not?

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