Overreaction Monday: Week 3 Edition

Posted: September 27, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Don't Be Like This Guy and Overreact

I decided to push back Overreaction Monday to Tuesday this week because of the big rivalry game between my Skins and the Cowboys.  It was definitely work the wait.  Eight divisional games were played this past week, including the Monday Night Game.  Of those eight, six games were decided by 3 points or less.  Two teams that won their games proved that they belong in the contender status all year.  One team, impressed enough to be considered an improving team, just short of contender status.  Want to know which teams I’m talking about?  Well, read on with this week’s edition of Overreaction Monday; on a Tuesday

Don’t Get It Twisted

1. The Redskins Are Who We Thought They Were…A Terrible Team

This game was so important for the Skins.  People were questioning whether their first two victories were filet or just well seasoned bologna.  So the Skins went into Dallas with a chip on their shoulders.  But they let Felix Jones get 100 yards.  The receivers from the Pitt Sigma’s intramural squad was lining up and catching passes all day.  The Skins offense left points on the field.  They abandoned the run.  They called Engage Eight two straight plays, and didn’t even hide it.  It seemed like the Skins of old; confused, bewildered, overmatched.

But yet I think this game proved that the Redskins are not the Skins of old.  They held Dallas to only field goals, sometimes starting deep in their own territory.  They hit hard.  They had a chance to win at the end and even with Rex Grossman it felt like the Skins had a chance.  It’s just that Tony Romo was one play better last night.  And that will be the story of the Redskins this year in my opinion.  They just don’t have the weapons yet to be a true contender, but they will be in every game.  They are going to win a lot more games than experts predicted this year.  By December, I believe they will be relevant in the playoff race.  Unfortunately, this league still runs on talent as well as teamwork.  I fear against the elite competition, the Skins will be a play or two worse than their opponents; a game or two away from the playoffs.  But as a Redskins fan, I love and appreciate the visible improvement.

2. Charged Up In San Diego

Everyone thought that the Chargers would run away with the God-awful AFC West (which is better than the uncannily bad NFC West) because they, as usual, had the most talent of any team in the division.  Well, unfortunately the coach of the team is still Norv Turner and every year there seems to be an issue.  Last year it was special teams; this year its turnovers.  The Chargers are -6 in turnover ratio and almost lost to the Chiefs because of…you guessed it, turnovers.  That Raiders team is looking too good to think the Chargers would have this division clinched by Thanksgiving.

3. Cooked Birds For Thanksgiving

I so wanted to put this in the other category but I couldn’t.  The Eagles and Falcons are not done, despite their divisional losses.  The talent alone for the Eagles should win them 6 games (including this weeks 49ers game).  The Falcons have weapons all over the place themselves.  But there are serious issues on both teams that can’t be overlooked; unless you are the Eagles management that overlooked said problems in the offseason.  The Eagles have a terrible line, Clay Matthews’s sister at linebacker, and safeties that can’t tackle.  The Falcons have a bad offensive line as well and seem to have put a lot of pressure on themselves.   However, there is plenty of time to right the ship.  The Eagles can learn to protect Vick while he sits on the sideline.  The Falcons have to learn how to use Matt Ryan and that offense (cough..no huddle…cough).  But the Super Bowl aspirations for both teams have definitely taken a hit.

On the Money

1. Dallas’s Destiny

No Words For This Pic

This is the Dallas team that everyone looked for since 2007.  A good team, with a high-powered offense, and can play stingy defense.  The Cowboys can be scary.  The Cowboys found a way to win a MNF game that it probably had no business winning.  For the last couple of years, the Cowboys would lose those type of games with mental blunders and bad play.  Finally someone has stepped up on the team to not let the Cowboys fall apart when they were on the ropes; Antonio Ramiro Romo.  He held that team together with NO HELP.  He got his team in the right place when they needed to be and made the play that no one else could make.  If the ‘Boys can keep it up, LBC will be celebrating a divisional title.

2. Party Like It’s 1999

The 1999 season is the last season that the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills made the playoffs.  Twelve years of mediocrity, misery, and Matt Millen.  But it’s a new day for both cities.  In Buffalo we are not just circling the wagons, we are circling the f’ing wagons!  This team is for real on offense and can make a play on defense in order to win.  They got a huge character win with the way they came back against the Patriots.  With their schedule, they can definitely contend for a playoff spot.

The Lions were predicted by a lot of people to be for real.  While it looked like they struggled in the 1st half in Minnesota, their gritty win against the Vikings will go a long way for that squad.  They go on the road to a suddenly hot Cowboys team.  Let’s see what the Lions look like in a playoff-like atmosphere on the road.  If they win, they won’t have to go on the road much in the playoffs.

3. Put the Corn of the Kolb on the Grill

Sorry to even bring up anything that deals with the NFC West on the blog, because they don’t play real defense there.  But the Cardinals suck.  And Kevin Kolb blows.  It’s not working down there in the desert with this guy.  How hard is it to throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald?  I knew that Kolb would put up stats in the desert, but victories are hard to come by for the Cardinals.  How do you only score 10 points in Seattle?  The Cards can move the ball between the 20s, but scoring is their bugaboo.  They are 1-2, but its easy to say they should have a better record because Kolb went against Cam Newton, Rex Grossman, and Tarvaris Jackson.  This is what happens when you trade quarterbacks with the Eagles.  You don’t get what you pay for.

But you always get what you pay for with a Mancave06 post.  Appreciate you reading.  Be easy.

  1. Dwight says:

    Really Yannick, the skins terrible and the cowboys high powered? I’m not sure where u were going with the redskins are a terrible team” headline. Not sure if I’m buying the cowboys the team to beat in the NFCE. Maybe I’m missing the point on “overreaction Monday” guess I’m confused on the intent.

  2. dontbeskerritt says:

    I guess it wasn’t clear…all the headlines in the first part are what people would say after this week, but what I was saying is an overreaction. So when people say the Skins arent for real because they lost, I disputed that. The second part is reactions that are on the money. So I do think Dallas is right now the team to beat in the NFCE

  3. Dwight says:

    Ok I’m with it… Maybe next week you can set it up like Overreaction: / Reality. Not sold on Cowboys, either. I really think it’s open. Giants may be pulling things together. I will say I don’t thibk there is any dominant NFCE teams, nor great ones either — do far.

    We need a trap game alert…

  4. LBC says:

    First that picture is classic. Overreaction monday is definitely one of my favorite post.

    Anyway even though I am a fan I agree with Skerv on the Cowboys and want to add I have to say that we may be the team to beat in the NFCE. Currenlty we have the number 1 ranked defense as far as yards in the NFC followed up by tied for 7th (not great but decent) in points against per game this year. Last years Cowboys would have lost that 49ers game and that Skins game. I can’t wait to see us play completely healthy.

    The Skins are good this year.

    Eagles have the most issues out of anyone I believe right now.

    As far as these Lions I believe they are good I won’t discredit what they have done. I will point out that their last two victories were 0-3 Kansas City and the 0-3 Vikings. Also last week Stafford and Megatron pretty much accounted for all of their yards and points! They are good, but will need some production from somewhere else when teams start doubling megatron and blitzing stafford.

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