Football Friday: More About Not Football

Posted: September 30, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, MLB, NBA, NFL, Ownership

Sorry readers, but with such a tremendous sports news week that has nothing to do with football I had to take advantage and write about it before football engulfs our souls.  I’m sorry, I have never been as jacked up over a night of sports than Wednesday night’s baseball games.  Four games that would decide the fate of the playoffs, with three of the games being so wild, that words can’t express what occurred.  But I’m still going to try.

Baseball is one of the few sports where you can see doom on the faces of the players on the field.  Every pitch, every swing, you can see the labor and the sense of dread in the players.  It’s what makes the sports so amazing, especially in October.  The Boston Red Sox was literally a dead man walking team.  They had blown the largest September lead EVER (9 games) and despite facing a terrible Baltimore team, you kinda knew that Boston would blow this somehow.

Everything was going their way on Wednesday; Tampa, the team chasing them for the wild card spot, was getting mollywhopped by Mark Teixeira BY HIMSELF!!! Meanwhile, it looked like Boston’s 3 runs would be enough to overtake the Orioles.  But the heavens parted and judgment was cast against the Sox.  The torrential rains in B-more allowed the Red Sox to watch the Rays come back from 7 runs down to tie the Yankees in the late innings, including a home run with one strike left against a guy who Renzreport could probably beat out for the team if he wanted.

After the rains let up, the Sox began to implode; hitting Orioles batters, grounding into double plays, getting thrown out at home, then the 2-out, 2-run rally by the Birds to win the game in the 9th!!!  You would have thought it was the Orioles that won the World Series!!!  And to put the icing the cake, 3 minutes later the Rays hit a walk-off, playoff spot, clinching home run!!!  Totally unbelievable that this would be the story going into October, despite the situation heading into September.

In the NL, it was more of the same.  The Braves blew a big lead to the Cardinals in the Wild Card.  Just like the Red Sox, the Braves didn’t deserve the playoffs.  They couldn’t pitch, they couldn’t hit with runners in scoring position, and they had old people who should have retired years ago (Chipper Jones, Jason Varitek, I’m looking at you).  The buzz for the year’s playoffs is going to be off the chain with how the Rays and the Cardinals got in, along with the Phillies pitching juggernaut, the Brewers’ dynamic duo of the Hebrew Hammer Ryan Bruan, and the gulliest dude in baseball in my opinion, Prince Fielder.  For the pista resistance, my Nats are looking good for next year, with Strasburg 6 inning, 10 strikeout gem with only 79 pitches on the final game of the season.  God I love the game of baseball…

…But it’s not my favorite sport.  That’s reserved for basketball, which is being attacked from all sides in the college and the pros.  Rivalries in college basketball are being destroyed by realignment for the almighty dollar.  Guys can still leave after one year, and who knows if that will ever change because the NBA can’t get their act together with the labor deal.  By the time you read this, Kaiser David Stern will be threatening to cancel the NBA season.  A season that will follow the greatest NBA season I can remember.  A season that follows one of the coolest offseasons of the summer with the NBA Streetball video game come to life.

Miss Me with the NBA BS

Idiotic owners  decided to give Travis Outlaw 5 years, $35 million and Brendan Haywood 6 years, $55 million extension, and that was LAST YEAR WITH THE LOCKOUT LOOMING!!!  But yet its the players that should and will give back loads of dough and commit to a hard cap.  I’m sorry, if your company squanders the profits with bad investments and makes other idiotic decisions, should you be forced to take a salary cut and give back benefits while the executives get bonuses?  Wait, you saying you already did that?  Well, sucks to be you but I think it’s the idiot owners that should contract themselves before you contract the Minnesota Timberwolves or Charlotte Bobcats.

The NFL players lost in their negotiations; I would love to see the NBA players stand firm and say, “hey NBA owners, how about you commit to being smarter businessmen, before we commit to a hard cap.” However, there are not enough players that have the heart, or the pockets, to commit to that stance.  The owners have already killed the union at the bargaining table, but now they are on the edge of killing the golden NBA goose because of their greed.  The owners and players, once friends and partners in the league, need to understand what needs to be done and sacrificed this weekend in order to preserve the 2011-12 NBA season.

Those are my musing on other sports.  Don’t worry, I’ll be all football for the rest of the football Fridays.  In fact I want to introduce to you our newest idea, the Trap Game of the Week.  I’ll pick a game that you should think about for a little while longer before you make your pick.  It will be either college or pro (I really want to pick this weekend’s Wise vs Northwestern High School tilt as a trap game, s/o to ArAyeGee).  And of course I will make up some reason why you should care.  It debuts next week, but if you wanted a trap game for this week, I think the Buffalo vs Cincinnati game fits the bill.  With Buffalo coming off a huge win last week, and Philly coming up to upstate New York next week, they could easily overlook the Bengals on Sunday.

For your Mancave setup for a great weekend in college football, and a clunker for the NFL, check this guide.  Bold is for your 1080p I think I’m in the movies behemoth, italics for the old faithful 720p, and regular is for whatever TV you gave to your girl so she could play Wii Fit.

Saturday Oct 1

12-3pm – Texas A&M vs Arkansas (ESPN), Kentucky vs LSU (check local TV), Mississippi St. vs Georgia (check local TV)

3:30-7pm – Auburn vs South Carolina (CBS), Michigan St vs Ohio St (ABC or ESPN), Clemson vs Virginia Tech (6pm ESPN2)

8pm – Alabama vs Florida (CBS), Nebraska vs Wisconsin (ABC), MLB: Gm 2 – Tigers vs Yankees (8:30 TBS)

Sunday Oct 2

1-4 – Pittsburgh vs Houston, Detroit vs Dallas, San Francisco vs Philadelphia

4-7 – New England vs Oakland, Denver vs Green Bay, MLB: Gm 2 – D-Backs vs Brewers (4:30 TBS)

8pm – New York Jets vs Baltimore, MLB: Gm 2 – Cardinals vs Phillies (8:30pm TBS)

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