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Believe it or not, the Lions are 4-0 with their recent victory over the Cowboys. After dominating most of the game. The Cowboys were leading 27-3, and then all of a sudden THE MELTDOWN begins. Tony Romo, being the catalyst to this Meltdown, threw back to back “pick six” which cut the lead down to 10. A story that we have seen before Romo and the Cowboys fell apart late in the game. After those two picks the offense of the Cowboys looked bad. Unable to move the football and put up points when needed. On the other side of the football I can’t say Dallas defense played bad. The Lions only had 63 yards rushing and 240 passing and only gave up 20 points. Unfortunately Romo decided to give the Lions 14 points, and it is confirmed when in doubt just throw it to Megatron.

Is it time for Romo to leave??

Even if you say it is time for Romo to leave I hate to break the news to you, but with the new restructuring of his contract, Romo is the franchise QB, and will be in Dallas most likely until the end of his career. This is my opinion on the situation. Tony Romo is a decent QB he has proven he can win, and he has proved he can be clutch at times. I cannot put him in the ranks of QB greats because he lacks consistency. The only thing Romo has been consistent with is having meltdowns at the worse possible times.  Being up 24 points Romo needs to understand that defense is apart of the football team. Don’t start feeling yourself and begin to force passes into double or triple coverage. If you have the lead the clock is on your side, it is perfectly ok to throw the ball away if nothing is there; living to fight another down. As the QB the worse thing you can do is be accountable for points scored by the opposition. The Lions offense didn’t touch the field until late in the 3rd, but they have cut the lead down to 10 points. In order for the Cowboys to become successful this season Tony Romo must understand sometimes an incomplete pass or the 2 yard check down can be the best play in football. Play smart don;t make the big mistake.

Cowboys food for thought: The bulk of Tony Romo’s turnovers have came in the second half when his team was a play away from putting the game completely out of reach.

Do you think it is time to panic in Dallas?

This is what Eagles should be screaming.


Keep Dreaming

The Philadelphia “Keep Dreaming” Eagles were up 21 points, and then let the 49ers score 21 straight to win the game. Michael states in his post game interview “Do I really have to explain how it feels to be 1-3?” No, you do not Vick I will do that for you. You feel hoodwinked, bamboozled, confused, frustrated, ashamed, and most of all you feel like a loser standing at 1-3.  After an off season where the Eagles thought they would be running away with the NFC East, so far they forgot in order to win the division you need to…. win. The Eagles have forgotten that there is more to a defense than just your secondary. Supposedly, the most talented secondary to ever step on a field together allowed Alex Smith to put up a 112 QB rating going 21/33 for 291 and 2 TD. They also allowed Frank Gore to go for 127 yards and a TD.

It is time to panic in Philly. Michael Vick is a great athlete, but great athletes don’t always make great quarterbacks. QB’s need to be able to diagnose a defense and put his offense in the best position to make plays. Also a quarterback should not turn the ball over. Michael Vick is averaging about 2 turnovers a game. The Eagles cannot stop the run and their secondary seems to be susceptible to pass. Philly press the panic button if Vick doesn’t educate himself on the game of football, and you have to find 11 players who know how to stop the run, stop the pass, and tackle!

Eagles Stat of the Season: The Eagles have been outscored 36-0 in the fourth quarter the last three games.


Do you think its time to panic in Philly?



It's time to panic


  1. arayegee says:

    I dont think Tony Romo is overrated, underrated, or over scrutinized. I think hes exactly what hes showing us. A really talented, inconsistent quarterback. This is who Dallas chose to be their franchise quarterback, so therefore this is the identity that the team will take. It was time to hit the panic button when he got re-signed to that long deal.

    As for the Eagles, theyre the definition of all style and no substance. The icing without the cake. If you had to point out who’s to blame for this, you’d run out of fingers. Id start with the defensive side of the ball that seemed hellbent on making Alex Smith look like Joseph Montana. If this is their idea of a Dream Team, then Freddy Kreuger must be their sleep doctor.

  2. dontbeskerritt says:

    My problem with Tony Romo, especially in the sport of football, is that he has gotten so many accolades and put in the pantheon of the great QBs of this era, without any type of noted success. That being said, while I don’t think you can a Super Bowl with Romo personally, he is the best option you have and maybe in the whole division. I think Cowboys fans have to take the good with the bad because that’s simply who Romo is. Just hope the bad doesn’t come in the playoffs, if you get there

    • LBC says:

      As a die hard Cowboys fan. I can’t stand Cowboys fans who can’t do what yannick just said “take the good with the bad”. After this game I have heard fans say fire romo right now fire jason garrett. smh.

      Even after that lost we are still only one game off of the division lead and we are currently undefeated in the division. What kills me is that statistically he is one of the best QB’s to play in Dallas behind Staubach and Aikman of course. He holds numerous Cowboys records, but no jewelry. I say right now I agree Tony Romo is the best option we have to win, and we just have to hope we get the Romo from the 49ers game and first half of the Lions.

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