Studs & Scrubs Week 4

Posted: October 4, 2011 by LBC in Just Turrible, NFL, Studs & Scrubs

I’m Back like T.I. out of jail. Well I have never been to jail, but I am here again giving you the studs and scrubs of week 4. Another eventful week with some great performances and some C’mon man performances.



1. After last week there is no better place to start than with the quarterback of the Pack, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers and the Packers offense dismantled the Broncos defense this past Sunday. Rodgers connected on 29/38 for 408 yards, throwing for 4 TD, and adding another 2TD on the ground. Rodgers nearly played a perfect game. He was accurate, poised, and displayed nerves of steel as he appeared he was commanding his offense with no defense on the field. The Packers are 4-0 this season. The superbowl champion QB is the #1 QB this season in relation to his overall passer rating. He is also completing 73% of his passes. He has a healthy Packers offense looking unstoppable as they attempt to repeat this season. Rodgers continue to play flawless, and you could  be holding another ring. So this week congratulations your 6 touchdowns earned you a spot as an NFL STUD!

2. Lets give it up the greatest offense ever in Baltimore…. THE RAVENS DEFENSE!!!!! Facing a Jets offense who typically is run heavy, but recenlty is finding faith in Sanchez; airing it out more. The Ravens showed the Jets they need to revisit their gamplan. They forced 4 turnovers, and scored on 3 of those turnovers. The Ravens D scored more points than the Ravens offense as well as the Jets offense. The performance rekindled the love of defense for many football fans. Sanchez looked completely terrible posting a passer rating of 30.5, only completing a total of 11 passes! Congrats Ravens any defense that can do that to any NFL QB deserves to be NFL STUDS!

3.Welcome back Arian Foster! Last week he faced a Pittsburgh defense who refuses to give up rushing yards on the ground. However, Foster had a different plan he decided to carry the Texans on his back, and make a statement by defeating the Steelers. He rushed for 155 yards on 30 carries and 1 TD. The Texans are 3-1 now, and this victory may fans wondering could the Texans create some noise in the playoffs? Anyway, congrats Foster on your performance this week you are an NFL STUD!


1. Name a good quarterback from USC!!!…. don’t worry I’ll wait… lol Mark Sanchez when will you realize all you should do is hand the ball off, and throw check downs because you cannot play the QB position. Don’t attempt to read the defense and make audibles becasue when you do it results in points for the opposing defense. Somehow after possessing the ball for 22:32 you found a way to only complete 11 passes! Thank the NFL gods that your defense and special teams helped make the score respectable. I may sound like a hater, but Sanchez has yet to show me that he can lead a team to a ring, he is actually more of a liability if he is on the field especially since he must touch the ball every play. Also don’t blame your center for those bobbled snaps! I saw the replays those were all your fault! Man up! For that this week you are an NFL SCRUB!!!

You ca't do that I'm from USC I don't know that defense!

2. It’s a shame that the next scrub comes from the same game, but his team won the game. Joe Flacco now this is your second time making this list. I behoove you to no longer believe you can throw the ball and have it result in a victory for your team. Just hand the ball off to Ray Rice, and throw check downs to him. Those should be your only options. You cannot hide your pitiful performance behind your magnificent defense. You, Flacco, after possessing the ball for 37:28 you only completed 10 passes no TD, and one interception for a passer rating of 37.4. Are you serious? I want you to take your bye week to think about your inability to be a consistent QB. Congrats you are an NFL SCRUB!!!……Again.

3. I thought about this last one for a long time, but I have a few questions for Peyton Hillis, and the Cleveland Browns. To the Browns defense after reviewing the stats Hassleback only completed 10 passes but 3 were for touchdowns. This is jst my opinon, but that is not a good ratio to have. The people of Cleveland are tired of these sub-par efforts to be a good football team. Furthermore, maybe it was the media who hyped this guy Peyton Hillis, but if you believed in him why is your QB dropping back 61 times!? The Madden Curse is in full effect in Cleveland. Take a look at your Stud Scrub of a running back stats after four games. Congratulations Cleveland this week you are NFL SCRUBS!


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