iPhone: Life & Religion To Some!

Posted: October 5, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

I confess, I am a nerd that sits behind a computer desk 40 hours a week and thinks about innovative ways to provide people with solutions that will matter to them.  As long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to be in the line of work that I am in today.  Technology is something I love to read about and explore and sometimes I like to give advice from a non-bias perspective.  So if you hate me, blame my parents, they realized when I was young and I would sneak on their computer with no fear, so I needed my own computer to destroy.

My computer knowledge dates back to the early 90’s when I received a 386 processor computer using DOS commands! A year later I was up and running on a 486, still using DOS commands with better and cooler games, and a wiz using a program called X-Tree Gold to structure my program files in a similar manner that we used File Manager and now ‘My Computer’ for.  But then, Christmas rolled around and surprisingly, I was given a newly built computer running a Pentium I processor with Windows 3.1…I was the talk around town…nah, not really!

All this by the age 12, I was ballin’ in nerdom!  I still recall my very 1st email address: millertime84@juno.com.  84 represents Randy Moss who was my favorite football player at that time.

So I’ve come up through the ranks of technology, where today, I do a lot of research on the latest gadgets, phones and even data communication signals for cellular devices.

Yesterday, wasn’t a big day in sports unless you allowed yourself to be parked in front of the TV entertaining the thoughts of the NBA ending their lockout or imagining the Cowboys trading Tony Romo for Tim Tebow since they hate Romo so much or even debating with your friends on if the Lions are contenders or pretenders.  Nope, Tuesday, October 4th was all about Apple announcing their new iPhone device.

My Twitter timeline early in the morning started talking about this “big” news and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to go on a soft “rant” to dispel the myths of this new phone release.  For all the hype the iPhone generated, I started to feel bad for consumers who would be brainwashed by the news of a new phone and run to be the first in line on the release date. But I used Twitter to predicted at best, Apple would release an iPhone4 with upgraded hardware and software.

The release of the iPhone4 a year earlier was needed to keep Apple on top of the SmartPhone market.  Android devices started creeping into the iPhone market.  Consumers knew that Android had already raided TeamBB faster than a tsunami hitting Japan (no pun intended), so Apple needed to release a device that kept consumers happy and exceed the capabilities of any Android phone on that market at that time since the Android devices had already bypassed the iPhone3GS in capabilities.

When the iPhone4 was released, it DID NOT disappoint!  It came packed with a very fast processor chip (A4), suburb batter life that would put any Android phone to shame (this is still true today), a retina display which is nothing but a fancy way of saying a high-resolution screen and a front facing camera (which at the time no other Android phone had, that is until a week later :-))…this of course is just scratching the surface of what the iPhone4 is capable of, but there is a lot more!

Needless to say, the iPhone4 is still is an impeccable device, minus the antenna issue that was discovered a week after its release.  That’s why I felt that news of a new phone created more buzz than it deserved.  It was almost impossible for Apple to outdo themselves time around.  Unless the phone could be used as key to start your car or open your front door, people were going to be disappointed.

People have to realize, that we are on par with technology.  These phones are not lacking anything we really and truly need.  Our phones are backed with life essentials: Facebook, Twitter, Text Messaging, Phone Calls, enhanced Camera and Video recording capabilities.  What more can we expect from these devices other than sending us to the Moon? They have already made our computers nothing but a dust magnet.

The next best thing consumers have to realize is that companies are focusing on how to make these phones faster from a processor and data retrieving perspective while maintain efficient battery life and of course new cool apps to use.  To support this need for faster but better, improvements have to start with hardware to support faster software.  Apple is doing just that!  Their Agile Methodology (software development increments) are phenomenal and a model that Android is just get a hold of with their software releases.

So today’s lesson is, be patient and don’t run for the newest and flashiest thing to hit the market. The device that you currently have, probably is no different from the one on the shelf.  So if you have a iPhone4, please don’t run to the store to get a 4S.  If you still have the 3GS, probably a good idea to upgrade to the 4S or the 4 is you want to save money.  If you have an Android phone that is no more than a year old, wait until next year…or perhaps if you have a 3GS you should just get a 4 and here is why!

  1. DaDoc says:

    I just found out that Radio Shack will buy the old iPhone 4 for over $200. The Trade and Save program is located on their website.

  2. DaDoc says:

    Oh and the 3GS for over $100 bucks too

  3. LBC says:

    thank you renz for being my tech consultant.

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