Football Friday: San Francisco Treat

Posted: October 7, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

For good reason, the Lions and Bills have deserved the accolades that they have received from the media and fans.  These teams have been mired in mediocrity for so long; I remember when I was literally in mourning when the Lions beat the Skins in 2009 because the Lions couldn’t beat ANYBODY at that time!  The Bills have just been pathetic for so long I forgot they were in the league; but not bad enough to get a #1 pick which they probably would have blown anyway.  So it’s great that these two franchises are getting back on their feet, but no one is talking about another team that is looking pretty good at the quarter-point of the NFL season.

The San Francisco 49ers

The reason that you probably aren’t thinking about the 49ers is because this team was supposed to be good 2 years ago.  They are just like the Texans; enormous talent (Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis) that just needed to put it together.  However, with the ineptitude that is Mike Nolan, and the craziness that was Mike Singletary, the 49ers stumbled, bumbled, and shook their way to disappointment.  But I want to declare that the ship is righted, under the leadership of Jim Harbaugh.

Coach Captain Comeback

I’ve always like Jim “Captain Comeback” Harbaugh ever since he almost put out the Steelers on the road in the AFC Championship Game in 1996.  He became head coach of the Stanford Cardinal in 2006, and grew the program into a force in the then Pac-10 with a famous upset of USC in 2008.  But his hardest challenge has to be transforming Alex Smith into a competent quarterback.  Smith, a former #1 pick, used to get bench by Singletary for Troy Smith on the regular.  No offense to Troy, but you have to be blowing turd on the field to get benched for Troy.  But Harbuagh came in to the 49ers and gave Alex one more chance, and he rewarded him with only one interception so far this year.

Harbaugh was vindicated last Sunday with the comeback win over Philadelphia, where Alex Smith looked like Steve Young.  Frank Gore, who has been hurt all year, ran through the Eagles in the 4th.  A team that played not to lose for the last two years, stole a win from Philly last week.  Their front seven, led by Patrick Willis, stymied the best running back in the NFC, LeSean McCoy.  If they can keep Alex on the streak he is on and continue to play solid defense up front; IF CARLOS ROGERS CAN KEEP GETTING INTERCEPTIONS (unbelievable I know), the 49ers could do some things this year.

49ers Never Looked Better

Now the 49ers could be giving us some fools’ gold.  They re-animated the corpse of Ted Ginn Jr who died in 2007 after the National Championship Game to help them against the Seahawks.  They blew the Cowboys game and squeaked by the Bengals in a nail-biter, 13-8.  That’s right, 13-8.  Their Eagles win is the most impressive, but they were down 20 in the 2nd half before they started playing for real.  This week’s games against the Bucs will provide a litmus test for this 49ers team.  If they can beat Tampa solidly, then this is a team to watch.  They definitely are going to win the NFC West; they are 3-1 and they have a stranglehold on the division already.

The league always is a little better with the 49ers being competitive; it might be that way for a long time thanks to Harbaugh.  This proves that more than any other sport, the coach makes the difference between 1 or 2 wins and losses in the NFL.  It’s also the same in college football, where you see coaches like Les Miles pulling out wins out of his hat.  How do coaches keep their players motivated and focused to be successful?  We’ll let Mike Gundy, a Mancave favorite coach, teach you how in our video the week.  After the video, it’s our Mancave setup for the weekend.

Remember bold is the game of the day, italics is the game that will probably end up being better than the first game you’re watching, and regular is for the game you have on for fung shui.  Trap game of the week, Tennessee vs Pittsburgh, with Matt Hasselbeck with a career resurgence and the Steeler defense hurting.

Saturday, October 8

12-3pm: Oklahoma-Texas (ABC), Florida State-Wake Forest (12:30pm check local TV), Louisville-North Carolina (ESPN2)

3:30pm-7pm: Florida-LSU (CBS), Miami-Virginia Tech (ABC or ESPN or ESPN2), Missouri-Kansas State (ABC or ESPN or ESPN2)

8pm: Auburn-Arkansas (7pm ESPN), Vanderbilt-Alabama (7pm ESPNU), Ohio State-Nebraska (ABC)

Sunday, October 9

1-4pm: Philadelphia-Buffalo, Tennessee-Pittsburgh, Oakland-Houston

4-7pm: New York Jets-New England, Tampa Bay-San Francisco, NLCS Game 1

8pm: ALCS Game 2

  1. LBC says:

    This coach is a complete fool! The 49ers and Raiiiidddderrsss! are playing competitive football. It is good to see this.

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