Studs & Scrubs Week 5

Posted: October 13, 2011 by LBC in Just Turrible, NFL

After another eventful week in the NFL as some trends are starting to develop. The season already is not turning out how we predicted in our previous post *jordan shrug*. Just keep reading we got more to say.


1. In a highly anticipated Jets vs Pats game I wondered would Brady throw for 300+ and 4 TD’s torching the overhyped Jets secondary? Nope that is not what happened but BenJarvus Green-Ellis who ran through the Jets defense once again exposing Rex Ryan’s front 7 or lack there of. I completely expected the Patriots to win the game, but not in this fashion. Green-Ellis plowed through the Jets defense with 27 carries for 136 yards and 2 TD. It is nearly impossible to stop an offense when they have the running game going, and that is what Green-Ellis provided the Patriots. He was able to carry the work load, and provide the physicalness the Patriots needed against an aggressive Jets defense. The Patriots every week are looking better and better. With Brady calling the offense, and if Green-Ellis can keep running the ball the way he did this past Sunday watch out! NFC you will meet them Pats in Indy. Congrats to the guy with an awful first name kajfldksjls, I mean BenJarvus Green-Ellis congrats this week you are an NFL STUD!

Move b! get out the way!2. It is about time the Vikings figured out that the key to winning lies on the legs of AP, and not that noodle arm of Donovan McRib. The Vikings played the Arizona Cardinals last sunday which allowed AP to score 3 times in the first quarter. Pathetic on the part of their defense. AP finished the day off with 29 carries for 122 yards and 3 TD. Not only did he make fantasy owners happy with this performance, but he also made many fans rejoice. Watching AP terrorize defenses is a thing of beauty unless he is playing your favorite team. We all know he is capable of doing this, but in the past two years the Vikings ownership  showed more faith in Favre, and forgot they were built on the back of that beast created from a lab in “Sector 7” Adrian Peterson. AP thanks for showing the Vikings who really needs the football in their hands, congrats this week you are an NFL STUD!

3. No matter how an interception or fumble happens they all show up in the stat book the same way, as turnovers. The Bills defense found a way to force 5 turnovers against the nightmare having Eagles. Vick through 4 picks and Maclin added a key fumble to the turnover stats. You can say the picks were tipped balls or whatever excuse you decide to use to make yourself sleep at night. The fact is, the Eagles are playing like poop, and Bills defense proved it again. Led by leading tackler George Wilson with 11 solo tackles the Bills were well prepared for Vick. Once again the only contribution this electrifying quarterback had was he electrified the opposing defense. Congrats to the Bills defense doing what they are suppose to do, this week you are NFL Studs!

Please don't hit me! they don't call flags!


1. “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you gonna get” This reminds me of the irony that is Eli Manning. When he steps on the field you never know whether you will get Eli Manning the SuperBowl champion that is related to Peyton Manning or “that other guy”. Unfortunately, for the Giants “that other guy” showed up, throwing 3 picks, one lost fumble, and one interception was a game sealing pick 6! The same person that can make you smile is the same one that can make you cry. Eli looked atrocious losing to the Seahawks who were led by the anomaly that is Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst. The Giants are currently 3-2, second in the NFC East, hosting Buffalo next week. They do not need “that other guy” showing up next week before heading into their bye week. So get your mind right lil Eli because this week you are an NFL Scrub!

2. Next we have a group of scrubs. Now I am not exactly sure who to blame, so I will blame everyone! Tampa Bay played despicable, insulting, stupid football on Sunday. Your offense only scored 3 points and your defense gave up 48. The 49ers have a good team this year see post by dontbeskerrit, Football Friday. However, the 49ers are not that good. Josh Freeman we believe in you kid, but a total passer rating of 43.4 with two picks is “just turrible”. Just as a heads up you cannot have your team on an emotional roller coaster when it concerns your play. To the Tampa defense can we not make Alex Smith look like a 49ers legend? He is no Montana and no Young. However, along with letting Gore rush for 125 yards you let him go Brees on you and throw for 3 TD. That just can’t happen if you plan on making the NFC playoffs. TheManCave06 says get your act toegether, but for this week you are NFL SCRUBS!

3. This last group is a particular group of players that have been in question all season. I am referring to the Chicago Bears offensive line. If you were able to watch the MNF game, you saw Cutler running for his life on every single play. During this game I saw Cutler get hit on a handoff!??? The Bears offensive line played terrible. Although I am not a fan of Cutler after seeing that live I cannot blame him for everything. His O line is horrendous. I am now convinced if you want to get paid millions to do nothing go try out for the Bears O line. If the Bears have aspirations for the playoffs they need to address that major concern or Cutler will die before he sees week 16. TheManCave06 asks the Bears can you wake up before your QB gets killed, and for this week you are NFL Scrubs.


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