Turning Your ManCave Into a Battlefield

Posted: October 13, 2011 by LBC in Games, Mancave Fundamentals, PS3, WAR, XBOX
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Battlefield 3 is released on 10/25/2011

Watch the Trailer

We at TheManCave06 recommend that you have an awesome TV with full 1080p blu ray capability at your disposable. You wonder why? This is one post of many that will explain to you why we suggest this as the only option for your ManCave. It may seem very primitive, but we men are aggressive and we all enjoy some sort of violence. It is a manlaw, we don’t ask questions we just accept it. Battlefield 3 will appease that appetite. Battlefield 3 will be an amazing game to add to the collection in your cave. Not only because of the complexity the game will bring, but also the graphics along with that great surround sound system you have this game will be sure to turn your ManCave into an amazing Battlefield. If you are the type of person who enjoys a strategy, and a little thought/tactics put into how you would kill someone in a war. This is the game for you. Many new features, and weapons, have been added and this is expected to be one of the games of the year! Ladies I know you are feeling really neglected during this time, but don’t worry your time will come. If you are not at a loss of words after playing this game, I at least guarantee you will be at a lost of words just on how amazing the game looks and sounds in that ManCave. I hope you enjoy the extended gameplay and the new and improved online play in this game. TheManCave06 recommends Battlefield 3.

*If you reserve it you can get the expansion pack for free!


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