He Gross,man, but lets give him a Break.

Posted: October 17, 2011 by arayegee in NFL

"But if you sack me, how am I going to throw another pick to your guys?"

Yesterday we witnessed Rex Grossman go 9/22 for 143yards in a 20-13 home loss to the struggling Philadelphia Eagles. In theory he went 13/22 but the other four completions went to Eagles players, which means he threw about half as many balls to Philly defenders as he did to his own targets. I will make this very clear: he deserved to be benched. Shanaham even gave him the entire 3rd quarter to get his act together before realizing this game would not be winnable with Rex taking snaps. Backup quarterback Beck came in to lead the Redskins offense to an 80 yard touchdown that made the game interesting in the end, the Redskins’ only touchdown of the day.

The game wasn’t even over before the the Grossman slander that ensued on every media outlet began. People were comparing this man to JaMarcus Russell (n*gga, WHAT?!), and the fans at FedEx stadium along with every Redskins fan completely turned on the guy. We have what looks to be the beginning of a quarterback controversy. I am here to tell you that there should be no controversy at all…Rex Grossman, for now, should be the starter.

Many people know that history tends to repeat itself, and it seems like this is what happening in Washington. In 1994, the starting Redskins quarterback was a hotshot SEC quarterback taken in the first round, only to realize he was NOT the person for the job. Then in 1996, Then-Redskins coach, one who might have been in over his head to begin with, pulled him to put in……Gus Frerotte.

Two years later in 1998 neither quarterback was on the roster.

Looking back on that decision, it may have been the best at the time, but what good did pulling Heath really do? Dont worry, Ill wait.

Rex by no means is the long term answer for the season, but we know what we are getting with him.  He has his faults, but he also went up against two of the top 15 defenses in the league (Dallas, Arizona). Taking him out and putting Beck is getting the Redskins what exactly? A quarterback who may be more athletic, but hasnt played in a snap since 2007? Lets see how much scrambling John Beck wants to do after he takes his first real NFL hit.  The same quarterback that lost the preseason quarterback battle to Rex? So NOW he’s better than Rex? Switching quarterback midseason is a sign of instability, which is the very thing Redskins fans should be tired of by now.Just because something is different doesnt mean its better.

Lets look at the big picture, people. Its really hard to throw four interceptions in one game, so lets not assume a performance like this will ever happen again. A few weeks ago, this quarterback threw four 2nd half interceptions in a loss to a divisional opponent. Now, if this quarterback hadn’t been named Tom Brady, he would have been roasted in the media. Fortunately for the NFL’s Golden Boy, the Bills ‘opportunistic defense’ got the credit (insert the most obscene sarcastic remark you can think of).  Brady choked, plain and simple. Yes, he threw four touchdowns, but it was his INTs that took the Patriots out of the game. Rex Grossman choked, as well. While his career resume is full of gag-reflex incidents, hes also the only quarterback in the NFC East with a playoff record above .500 other than Eli Manning. Call it what you want, but those are the stats.

Too many times this franchise has made knee jerk reactions, and every single time it ended up biting them in the rear end. I as a Redskins fan, dont want us to lose at the expense of a quarterback we didnt even believe in to start the season. We are in year 2 of the rebuilding process. The problem with this process could be Grossman, but the solution sure isn’t Beck. Lets give the man some time to recoup next week. If he’s still playing like garbage against the Bills, then consider the article a waste of time.

  1. RenzReport says:

    I think Shanny will continue to keep Grossman as the starter…and honestly, his performance isn’t getting as much media attention as that brought on my Tom Brady…but who really cares? At the end of the day, if Beck starts, so what…if Grossman starts…we don’t care also! All and all, both of these QBs are just fillers until we find our franchise QB.

  2. dduren06 says:

    It’s not abt that Philly game but more abt his performance all season. Rex is sloppy and turnover prone. Look at all of the near picks he’s thrown all year. We won’t know what we have in Beck if he doesn’t play. Skins would be fortunate to make the playoffs and they definitely aren’t winning the Superbowl. They are rebuilding and Beck / Grossman are nothing more than place holders for a future QB. In a few months all of this will be an afterthought.

  3. dontbeskerritt says:

    What makes me upset is that we should have went through this last year instead of wasting picks trading for McNabb

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