Overreaction Monday: Week 6 Edition

Posted: October 17, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Well, well, it’s not just the fans that overreact to football.  Here are three thoughts from a rough-and-tumble Week 6.

1. The NFC Least

Let it be known I am an NFC East homer.  It will always be the most competitive division to me; maybe not the best, but the most competitive.  This year, the NFC East is definitely not the best division this year, but people are saying the division is as bad as than the NFC West last year.  Are you kidding me?  Shock tweeters have infiltrated the Monday Morning QBs.  On Sunday, we saw the Cowboys play the Patriots tough (and arguably should have won if Jason Garrett throws to Dez Bryant instead of running with Tashard Choice, wouldn’t you?).  The Giants hung on to beat a very real Bills team without their defensive captain Justin tuck.  The Eagles are back on track and I declared on Friday that I think this team will make the playoffs.  The Skins will be competitive and thanks to a down NFC, will be in the mix for the 6th playoff spot.  People overreact to the down swings all of the time, especially in this division.  But if you dissect these squads, at least half of the teams have the talent to be in the upper echelon of the NFC and Dallas has a chance to be a sneaky pick to come out of the mess and face Green Bay.  So calm down about the NFC; sure you probably won’t see an 11 or 12 win team this year.  But I think that speaks to the parity of the division with teams matching each other on the field.

2. Putting 5 Out to Pasture

You ever go to play ball and there is this one old man there?  He has the same 1 or 2 unstoppable moves, he is crafty around the boards and wily with his passes.  However, he ain’t running the fast break.  He ain’t switching on defense or setting any picks.  He has his game and will get you a set amount of points, but you probably aren’t going to win with this guy.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the 2011 Donovan McNabb.  Now I used to be a #5 fan, but I have been soured after I tasted the Chunky Soup for a year (actually 13 games) last year.  However, it is a crime that people are trying to put McNabb in the nursing home this year.  Hell, even McNabb’s mother has walked out on her son’s 13th season.

But let’s look at McNabb’s final numbers for the night yesterday; 19-24 for 177 yards.  Again, the old man game numbers.  Solid, but you can’t win with them.  More numbers; he actually has a 60.3% completion rate, which is not bad for a QB.  His team probably should be 4-2, if not 5-1.  I don’t know what the problem is with the Vikings, but I know McNabb isn’t one of them.  He gives them the best chance to win, even though his teammates are not responding to his old man game.  His best receiver option is Bernard Berrian, not Sidney Rice.  His coaches don’t give All-Day Adrian Peterson the pill for some reason.  But yet, McNabb takes the blame for everything even though I see him putting his team in a position to win more often than not.


I don’t know about you but I LOVED THAT COACH FIGHT on Sunday.  Captain Comeback Jim Harbaugh (one of my favorite players growing up) saw his boys the 49ers get a comeback of their own in the hostile environment that is Ford Field in Detroit.  Excited that his team legitimized its 5-1 record, he gave an overexuberant hand shake to coach Jim Schwartz.  I’m sorry I love my coach actually being happy that they won. I love Harbaugh’s response that gave “too hard of a handshake,” a tongue-and-cheek shot at Schwartz to suck it up and take your L.  Harbaugh has been a d-bag before; ask Pete Carroll when both were coaching at Stanford.  Look at the players when they were love tapping each other going to the locker room; they absolutely loved it that their coach was rumbling out there, just like they had been for 60 minutes.  I also love Schwartz going after Harbaugh and standing up for himself, even though Schwartz had been jawing at people all this year so he gets a taste of his own medicine.

This is my stance on over-emotional coaches; if you are smart and a winner, you can do whatever you want.  I’m running through brick walls for Rex Ryan and Jim Harbaugh right now.  Hell, someone in the AFC East (Dolphins cough, cough) needs to hire Rob Ryan to fire their franchise up and to stop Tom Brady every 2 games.  Coaches inspire you; they get you to take your game to another level.  That was the knock on Dungy for a while, he was to level-headed and laid back to get his team to elevate themselves for the big game.  Right now Harbaugh has his team elevated to heights that nobody expected this year.  Because of how his team is playing, we could get Coach Fight, Part 2 down in the bay in January.

  1. betroit says:

    Loved this post but the coach fight has to be my favorite thing from yesterday…I love the fire of my coach (Loyal Lions fan from WAY back in the day) and I love the fact that he stood up for himself after getting slapped in the back haha…the funniest part was watching him run down Harbaugh and turn beet red in the face…You are right though Skerr, more coaches need to have that fire to get their teams where they should be (Raheem Morris comes to mind as well, and Sean Payton coaching with a turn MCL and broken knee cap). #GoLions

  2. LBC says:

    *presses google +1 button* I loved that Schwartz was fired up like that. That type of actions let’s players know their coach will get in the trenches with and battle. It also gives the team some identity. This is a man’s game I don’t have time to be worried about your feelings. I am here to win! I like the animation of Harbaugh after the game and I like Schwartz response. Both coaches will gain even more support in their respective locker rooms. Look at what Rob Ryan has done in Dallas; the defensive side of the ball is completely different! (i will speak on the offense in my vlog. Belichick, Rex Ryan, Mike Tomlin, Raheem Morris, Gruden. Those hard nosed very vocal and ready to battle coaches get their players to play and support them. I can’t remember if they have a bye next week, but watch how hard the Lions play next week.

  3. arayegee says:

    NFC East weakest division top to bottom? In the NFC, id have to say yes. Outside of the Eagles, none of the teams have a real identity.

    DEF dig the coach fight. LOL

    and as far as McNabb, honestly, there werent many choices available for Frazier and that coaching staff. coming out of a lockout, putting your team in the hans of a young buck was pretty much admitting to your fan base (and ur franchise player AP) that youre chalking this season up as a loss. Hes servicable, and for now hes probably the best thing theyve got.

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